What should I study: study health and care

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In various posts on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® We already have study programs like Business law or Marketing comprehensively described, today we will deal with the health care system in its various facets.

What should I study: health and care study health-care

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Milan Klesper 49Milan Klesper is a specialist with a focus on studying.


The different study possibilities


In the following you will find information about the study possibilities and contents, the professional perspectives after graduation, and finally a suitable link with a university and study program database.

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In the field of professions and courses of studies, which prepare for a job entry in the health sector, one can make different subdivisions. In the following, I would like to deal with three major fields of action and contrast their specific differences. The study offers described mostly have very different study contents, so it is strongly advised to inform themselves thoroughly before enrolling (eg in discussions with the study advisory services of the relevant universities). A first overview, for which employment fields the respective course of study is appropriate, I enclosed.

Health economics


The first area of ​​study is the field of health economics, also called health care or health management. Here, the students are prepared for a deployment, among other things, in the administration of hospitals, medical care centers or insurance companies through a combination of medical and business management lectures. In the course of studies on health economics, one of the following lectures will be held during the course of studies:

  • Economics and business economics
  • social law
  • Management principles in health care
  • Fundamental principles of the health economy and health policy
  • Medicine and economics
  • Quality management
  • Integrated supply

Furthermore, of course, foreign language skills or soft skills such as rhetoric taught.



The second area of ​​study is nursing. In courses such as nursing management or nursing sciences, the knowledge is taught so that students or graduates in nursing care facilities can work in the organizational as well as the operative part.

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This includes professional, methodical, personal and social competencies to maintain and support healthy or sick individuals, families or groups of all ages in different settings.

There may be minor overlaps and / or similarities with health economics / health management in the study content, especially if one chooses a focus on nursing management. In general, the following content will be encountered:

  • nursing research
  • Gerontology
  • Methods of diagnostics, therapy and care
  • Psychology
  • sociology
  • Pädagogik
  • New housing and care forms for the elderly
  • Business management and quality management
  • Human dignity, fundamental rights and patient rights

Particularly in the area of ​​nursing care, there are many fully trained nurses who are qualified for new tasks with the help of academic studies.

Health Sciences (Public Health)


The health sciences (New German public health) are another area within the abundance of health courses. The study provides competencies to develop, for example, contingency plans against epidemics (such as bird flu) or new approaches to obesity in children.

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  • Theories and foundations of prevention and health promotion
  • demography
  • Statistics, data analysis and evaluation
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Biopsychosocial foundations
  • Computer science, biometry, epidemiology
  • Occupational medicine / hygiene

A major employer for health care professionals are the public health institutions. In addition, there are also employment opportunities in health and care funds, hospital management, rehabilitation clinics and nursing care facilities, as well as in corporate consultancy.

Prospects after graduation


A study by the management consultancy McKinsey has pointed out that by the year 2020 alone in the healthcare system around 1 million new jobs can arise. The causes are manifold. On the one hand, it is due to the aging society and the resulting consequences. As a society grows older, it needs new care models and new approaches in areas such as care.

On the other hand, economic professionalization has entered the health care sector. Care institutions, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and many other actors need to be measured not only by their healing rates, but also by economic figures.

  • How well are the beds of a hospital?
  • How to save money when buying medical devices?
  • How do I improve care in an old people's home without the expense of the costs or the residents?

Many experts attest to the health sector becoming one of the job engines of the future with numerous safe jobs and good earning potentials. Those who are now preparing for an academic degree have very good career chances.

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