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Text comes from the book: “Healthy communication: For a successful, appreciative and humane togetherness” (2016), published by BusinessVillage Verlag, reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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angela_dietzAngela Dietz is the expert for healthy communication and leadership. Dietz studied biology, sport and educational psychology. She is the founder of MENSCHLICH ERFOLGREICH - the consulting company for developing a new way of working together. For over twelve years she has been advising well-known companies and training managers, employees, teachers, doctors and private individuals in healthy communication and leadership based on non-violent communication. All texts by Angela Dietz.

Lead Communicate Self-Love: Learning from Google

Company like Google have long been leading the way: healthy communication and leadership also means working together to find the way to "power with one another".

Google Docks Office, Dublin, Ireland

The key to better leadership

The standard of living of healthy communication and leadership, based on the ideas of the nonviolent Communication According to Marshall B. Rosenberg and her four steps, the key is:

The key to a transparent, trustworthy and innovative culture in companies, organizations, families and schools. They are useful in every difficult situation in everyday life.

The first step to the realization: the sincere self-clarification

Healthy communication - based on nonviolent communication - assumes that everything people do is based on the attempt to meet a need. Most people, however, do not consciously react in a conversation out of this need, because they do not even see this connection clear is.

Even the feeling that the situation triggers with regard to their need is not realized by most. Rather, they react immediately, impulsively, partly as remote-controlled.

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Why we often communicate unconsciously unclear

As long as we can not clarify ourselves, we often communicate unconsciously and unclearly, which can be irritating or hurtful for others. Even then, we are often offended or angry, which separates us from others.

In the long run, unconscious communication leads to disturbed relationships. Self-enlightenment is a simple method that allows us to make the chain aware of the perception (our own, often imaginative, head-cinema) about the feeling and the underlying need, up to the concrete request. Afterwards, we can address precisely, honestly and purposefully without reproaches what is happening in us and clarify what needs to be clarified.

Good solutions for the individual

They enable lighter, more individual solutions for individuals. Leadership considerations and decisions can thus be communicated in a much more transparent and comprehensible manner.

Positive developments as well as unpopular measures (TerminationShort-time work, separation, crisis) are disclosed clearly and sensitively.

What makes us resilient

In a simplified form, it is always a matter of wanting to understand and to be understood instead of commanding and promoting obedience or counter-pressure. This is a waste of resources, weakens the organism and leads in nature to an early death.

Let us use the opportunity as early as possible to cultivate a conscious approach to our most valuable asset, our health resilience the individual.

The addressees perceive

The goal is that the addressees perceive that the leaders want to involve them and strive for a trusting culture with all their actions. This craft kit gives employees and executives more ease and the opportunity to stand out in a much more effective way.

In short, self-efficacy increases satisfaction. Changing attitudes and language means that teams and departments of a company are easier to pull together instead of dealing with unresolved conflicts.

Know and communicate goals

The following factors are necessary for a healthy leadership culture:

  • Klare objectiveseveryone knows
  • the development of a need consciousness,
  • a willingness to take on one hundred percent responsibility for one's own feelings,
  • new voice and hearing facilities as well
  • the conviction that every employee, member of the club or family has special skills that are valuable to the community.

These conditions lead to an attitude that is open to other opinions and approaches.

Which makes Google and Co better

Companies such as Google, BSO / Origin IT Consulting in the Netherlands, Patagonia, Gore, Morningstar in the USA or the Great Place to Work Companies in Germany, as well as the ESBZ School in Berlin make extraordinary successes and innovative structures Attract attention to each other.

They want to offer a conscious and responsible business or educational offer and attach importance to holistic, networking and equality of all. The responsible persons know:

A culture of potential development

It is not a decision between profit and efficiency versus man and his needs or values, but rather a humanly successful way to achieve an integrated both-as well as to achieve efficiency, profit with, for and through the people.

This path produces special results. In an effort to develop a culture of potential development in schools, partnerships and companies, the burn and bore-out rates will certainly fall.

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