Graduates looking for a job in vain: What goes wrong in education?

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Over the years we have written a lot about the difficult career entry of humanities and social scientists - for example Gianna Reich's call to leave your own comfort zone, Now I find: The problem also affects other many other graduate groups. A plea for perseverance! graduate

Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


On the hard ground of reality

At Best of HR –® schreibt a graduate, frustrated by hundreds of applications with cancellation: “I have often asked myself why I studied at all. You come out of the university so motivated and euphoric after completing your studies to find that Company would like to hire the specialists with the longest professional experience. "

For a long time I believed that the problem was primarily that of humanities and social scientists, ie those graduates whose degrees on the labor market have the lowest usability. It turns out not only with this comment outthat the problem has long been concerned with graduates of other disciplines, including those who are supposed to be so highly motivated. What's wrong?

Do the universities blame?

Maybe it is simply the universities that are responsible for the dilemma, our educational system, the Professorwho do not know what they should teach the students? Perhaps there are also historical reasons such as our ideal of education, which despite the changeover to the Bachelor still has Humboldt's “learning in loneliness and freedom”

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I recently talked to a manager in tourism who, by the way, had completed vocational training and not a university. There is actually a shortage of skilled workers in the industry, also because the pay is poor and the working hours are rather irregular.

Too much academicisation?

For him, the academy's education was the culprit of the dilemma. He said sensibly:

“For some time now, the universities, even looking for students, have discovered the industry for themselves. And they often instill unrealistic ideas into the students, for example regarding salary. And with these exaggerated ideas, the graduates then come to the job market. ”

So are the ProfessorThose who often have little idea of ​​the realities of the job market are responsible for the fact that graduates enter the job market with a lot of high-spirited, idealized ideas and despair of reality.

The thinking of employers

Or are employers also complicit in the dilemma - eg because they are unaware of their social responsibility.

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Because, as in the example above, they are often not themselves academics and may give the graduates prejudices according to the motto "He should work first."

Prejudice against women?

Or because they often have different values ​​in their mind, such as a more retrospective female image. The graduate also reports:

I once had a very negative discussion talk, in which I was patterned from top to bottom and I noticed at the men's eyes that they would see me in other areas.

Fear of the cost factor of pregnancy may play a role in such prejudices, spitting around in many bosses despite AGG and anti-discrimination. You can actually congratulate yourself on the fact that you did not even get such a job and you do not have to deal with such prejudices on a daily basis.

Power relations and return

On the other hand, one should keep in mind two basic, banal insights:

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  1. The power conditions: The more applicants on the market, the more choice the company has.
  2. Consideration: If you are looking for a job with a corresponding imbalance, you have to provide a consideration that corresponds to the needs of the employer. Conversely, if the company's needs are high, the applicant has more “freedom”

Cancel cancellations better

That sounds banal and hard at the same time, but it helps to “put away” cancellations better. Because if you consider the motivations of the employer, you will quickly notice that these are often not meant personally and are only so unfriendly and standardized due to lack of time.

Not good for employer branding, but often sad reality. But what can graduates do concretely to improve that?

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  1. the

    I study myself and find it not only frightening to study without a possible future, but also the universities are way too crowded! In the first semester you think “well, many will say goodbye by themselves”, but that is not necessarily the case. Double year etc. thanks. I find it incredibly exhausting not to know what you're studying for! I could have taken an apprenticeship path straight away.
    Nevertheless, great contribution, which reflects the sensations exactly!
    Greeting Dennis

  2. Martin Salwiczek

    I just can approve that too. Frightening especially as many scientists do. We find this in the LVQ quite crass firmly. Even the graduation helps little, is partly even more counterproductive.

    • Simone Janson

      yes, I can imagine, such a promotion is still much more theorielastiger. And if graduates ask why they have actually studied.

  3. Karista

    #Graduates looking for a #job in vain - what's wrong?
    - Exciting contributionRqM5zSDSYl

  4. Competencepartner

    Graduates looking for a job in vain 1/2: What goes wrong in training ?: We have a lot ... - Exciting contributionIct6dPd7At #Profile #Production

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