Graduates looking for a job in vain: Do not give up!

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Many graduates have lofty, idealistic plans for their future career - and then fail very quickly in finding a job in reality. It is therefore advisable to approach the job search in a very pragmatic way. Complaining does not help, action is required.


Here writes for you:


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Plus work experience

Work experience is a plus in the Casting: It usually shows that you are able to profitably translate your skills into business. And any experience that seems so insignificant can be further qualified - for example, a waitress job shows that you can work hard, under pressure and in a team and deal with customers.

However, it makes no sense to line up any work experiences indiscriminately; Rather, the jobs should show a red line in the curriculum vitae and progress, as potential employers would soon get the impression that the candidate was undecided and unambitious. After graduation, precarious jobs such as unpaid internships and student jobs should be avoided. Because these are also difficult from a social security point of view.

In the right place at the right time

Often the job search is also the luck to be in the right place at the right time or to know the right people. After all, many companies are looking for their employees in the short term and are happy to save lengthy selection procedures.

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Of course such happy coincidences can not be planned, and yet they can systematically be helped by establishing a network of good contacts in time. As a result, the chances are good to learn of vacancies before they are published.


There are plenty of opportunities to make such contacts: Internships and student jobs, temporary work, trade fairs, recruiting events, regulars' tables or online networks such as our Xing group of humanities and social scientists in business. But networking does not mean making a lot of contacts of any kind.

Many situations require only a few contacts, but the right ones. In order to achieve this, you have to show initiative and make an advance. Because it is about building trust. There is a need for fingertips. Who, on the other hand, expresses hasty expectations, is only too easy to lose his chance.

The method: Life Work Planning

A method that is ideal for job search, application, and networking is the US-based life-work planning, which runs in three steps and can be learned through seminars or self-study through books.

The most important thing is that graduates no longer need to be satisfied with the available vacancies, but can systematically develop their own profile and then look for an employer that suits them. Supposedly, on average, 86% of all participants have a fulfilling job one year after an LWP seminar.

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Career finding step by step

  1. In step 1, the job seeker is to be clear about his goals, wishes and abilities, eg by writing them down. Because the more precisely someone knows what he wants, the sooner he finds it.
  2. Step 2 considers how personal interests can be brought into a profession. Who asks himself "What can I do with my subject?" automatically limits the selection. The better question is: What kind of work do I want to do? - because there are more options than many think.
  3. Step 3 is finally the most difficult: now actively looking for contacts, specifically by targeting people who have a place that would interest you. But this phase is not about the actual job search, but about the gathering of information and the comparison between reality and personal ideas. Whoever is open to others without too many hindrances will make the astonishing discovery that most people are looking forward to honest interest in their person or work and are happy to provide information.

Honest interest and self-titled

Life Work Planning is also so successful because graduates who know what they want bring with them honest application and self-initiative. This is what the personnel decision makers often determine by the external form of the application. Therefore, standardized applications are taboo, not to mention masseMails, which give the impression of arbitrariness.

It is better to emphasize that you have dealt intensively with the company and know what awaits you there - and that as briefly and concisely as possible: on average, a personnel manager takes 30 seconds for an application and sorts out everything that does not fit immediately . And: The frequently asked question: "Why do you want to work with us?" is clearly aimed at the benefits the company could have from the applicant's cooperation - and an applicant should consider this in advance.

Expand competences

In the case of the job search, the question of the possibilities offered by a degree in the humanities is also too short, because existing competencies can be expanded at any time by means of further training courses and postgraduateCourses. Financing is not the main problem here, since scholarships, loans and government grants exist.

It is much more difficult to find the right content and conclusion in the offer jungle. In addition to numerous internationally recognized offers (such as the Master of Business Administration in various variations), there are also certificates from individual institutes which are completely unknown in the labor market.

Is the degree also recognized?

However, those who want to invest time and money in further education should pay close attention to how potential employers accept graduation.

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This is ensured, for example, if a course of study has been accredited and appears in relevant rankings. In addition, the content of the training program is only useful if it is also prepared in a concrete and practical manner for a specific professional activity, eg by means of practical units within the course.

Do not give up!

However, the most important thing seems to me: despite all the frustrating experiences, keep going and do not give up. Failure is part of life, even if this is something that hardly anyone in our success-obsessed society admits.

The art is, get up again and continue.

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    Nice article! Unfortunately, failure is always associated with failure today! External demands from society aggravate the spiral! Experience shows that, contrary to all advice, they follow your will, are satisfied and happier!

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      Thanks for the great comment!

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    Very helpful article with new impulses, especially the lifework planning approach I like! Many Thanks!

    • Simone Janson

      I am glad to hear that. I also want to encourage new thinking, away from "I studied XY, what can I do" to "what I WANT to do." I'm happy when I can get thought processes going.
      Good luck.

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