Good job prospects in online trading: job chances in eCommerce

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The Internet is an integral part of the information platform. But it also holds many job opportunities for interested parties. ecommerce

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Good job chances, little training

Because the World Wide Web also offers plenty of jobs that are very attractive. However, there is a downside, since there are hardly any training programs offered in this sector. However, there are distance learning and study courses.

The seminars and courses are quickly booked out and those who want to have a chance here must be very fast. Furthermore, there are good opportunities to gain such a job with a business or IT degree.

Why is international trade booming?

In particular, the online trade is booming and numerous employees are being sought. The times when buying in stores are definitely over. But this also has to do with the service desert of Germany, because anyone who needs advice in some shops is hopelessly lost.

The employees run practically in front of the customers and friendliness is often not available. Furthermore, the people have less and less money available and here the Internet offers of course a lot of advantages, since the prices are often many times lower. The variety is enormous and the selection would not be possible in a shop.

These jobs are available in online trading

The online trade offers a lot of possibilities as employees are searched for the most different areas. This starts at the warehouse, where the goods must be accepted, cleared, packaged and shipped, and should reach the Internet appearance, which should always be up-to-date.

Therefore, this area also offers a wide variety of jobs. The on-line shop has to be built up and needs IT specialists who take care of it. Furthermore, product descriptions have to be compiled, the news blog needs to be filled and creative copywriters are needed. But also

  • Store Manager
  • Marketing experts or
  • Specialists in IT security
  • Frontend developer
  • Designer Mobile Web

are searched for and do not deserve badly.


What are e-commerce providers looking for?

We therefore examined the current positions of an online retailer, in this case preis24.de:

Not only factory students are looked for here, but also employees in the area of ​​product management as well as senior product manager websites are in demand. Likewise, this seeks Company Front-end developers, junior system administrators, CRM and product managers. Thus, there are also many jobs to fill in the online trade, where not necessarily a study is needed. After all, with appropriate training or many years of experience, it is also possible to take up a job in online commerce without studying.

The salary of a product manager, depending on the state, is between 25.000 and 45.000 Euro, while a junior system administrator earns between 25.000 and 70.000 Euro per year. A front-end developer, on the other hand, hardly gets beyond the 30.000 Euromarket. Of course, there are also companies that pay more, but the average content of a front-end developer lies with 30.000 to 35.000 Euro. However, it is also the case here in the industry and one can assume that above all the pharmaceutical industry pays for its online access the highest salaries.

Professions without study

Of course, there are also many professions in the e-commerce sector, which can be entered without a study or as a career changer. This includes, for example, the product manager. This has a very interesting and varied task area. The product manager is, for example, responsible for the product idea and product selection.

Furthermore, they can be responsible for the design of the packaging or the logo or for the market and competition analysis so that the company always knows where it stands. Likewise, the product manager has to ensure the optimization of the assortment so that shopkeepers are sold out and strong products are further expanded. As a rule, commercial training is sufficient for this exciting profession. But an excellent background knowledge or many years of experience can already be sufficient for this profession.

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