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Good Leader - 5 Features: The Leadership 1 × 1

Already Napoleon Bonaparte told his Marshal that there were no bad men, there were only poor officers. In other words, executives are critical to the success of a company and the quality of the workforce, which is why the appointment of the management position must be well chosen.

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What makes good leadership?

To one Company Successful leadership requires a sovereign manager. Because often this decides between success and failure of a company. With uncertainty, dishonesty and disloyalty, executives fail not only towards customers, but also to their employees.

A management culture that motivates and promotes the opposite creates a stable framework and a pleasant working environment - essential for the success of a company. But what does a leader have to bring with him? Certainly there is no pattern answer and a multitude of possible answers, but characteristics and values ​​that are demanded daily by an executive and that characterize the company.

The ideal leadership: The Top 5 features

  1. decisiveness: Within a company, decisions of varying difficulty and importance occur every day. It is important at this point to have a decisive but authentic appearance of leadership, in order to send self-confident signals to the employees. If the executive is unmasked as a decision-making and hesitant, there is a risk that the employees begin to feel responsible. Not least, an incompetent and weak impression emerges, degrading a leader and worsening their status in the team.
  2. Ability to motivate: Pronounced social skills of the manager are an important factor and decisive for the working culture of a company. The person in a leading position must be able to motivate his employees: the more motivated the team, the more efficiently it works. It is therefore important to clearly communicate the appreciation of the individual employee and his work. This can happen, for example, through bonuses, promotions and prizes such as “Employee of the Month”. It is important to express appreciation. It is just as important to encourage and challenge employees, for example to express appreciation, such as by transferring more personal responsibility.
  3. self-reflexive:  Closely related to the social competences are the personal competencies. It is particularly important for an executive to be able to reflect on himself in order to control his own impulses and personal concerns. For this purpose, the manager can also seek feedback from his employees, for example through regular meetings in which both the employees and the manager are given the opportunity to provide feedback. This capability comes along with the learning ability that a leader should possess, that is, ideally should be in a constant learning process, acquire new skills, and learn from lessons learned and feedback to optimize the work climate in the company and eliminate possible vulnerabilities.
  4. Responsibility: A leader should always be aware of his / her social responsibility. This includes, in particular, the responsibility towards its employees. Even though the company has a very high number of employees, executives should retain their responsibilities against each of them in the back of their minds and consider them in crisis situations. In addition, it is part of a management's skill set to admit their own mistakes and never to defer them to their employees. Leadership means making decisions and standing towards them. Done mistake, the executive carries the responsibility of failure.
  5. Efficient time management: In order to lead the company efficiently and profitably, conceptual competences are necessary. In particular, management should have good time management, as managers can not make decisions without time, or assign different priorities to individual tasks, let alone delegate them to employees efficiently. A stressed leadership is neither effective for the company nor for the employees.

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    5 Features of Good Leadership: The Leadership 1 × 1 by
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    5 Features of Good Leadership: The Leadership 1 × 1 by
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