This is how good customer service works: no divas in support [+ checklist]

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Germany is regarded as a service desert - I always notice that especially abroad. But good customer service does not have to cost more, it just requires a rethink - then you would Company far fewer customers annoy.

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Divas in support

On many a support hotline you have to do with real divas. That happened to me recently, as mine eMailServer suddenly stopped working and I tried to solve the problem on the go with the help of a hotline.

For someone whose main means of communication eMails are a serious thing, but actually the problem was quite banal, it was about changing a setting, actually a matter of five minutes.

Company burn a lot of money

However, I was on the road and “on edge”, ie equipped with very lame internet. And so I tried my luck with the hotline, between other appointments. But one or the other employee didn't like my tone or he didn't hear me because of the dead spots - and the game had to start all over again.

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Companies burn a lot of money in this way: Customers in the servicehotline have already won them, they just have to hold them now. Instead, they worsen them with poor service and have to re-acquire expensive again.

How good customer service goes: checklist for companies

I do not want to lament the problem here. Through the incident, I have gained some insights, which could run better in the support case. Here is an overview:

  1. Solution-oriented action: Many companies only see their own point of view - that's probably human. In my case, the support has repeated the technical problem in a prayer-mill-like way - but without offering a solution in the specific case. Because the problem was not the technology, but that I had no way to access the system, but my service provider was not authorized. And I explained that again and again.
  2. Change the angle of view: I had appointments that day, but I tried to communicate with the hotline again and again. Only in the evening did I get a co-worker, who, after I had reassured him calmly (a diva!), Came with a solution-oriented proposal: I should authorize her with a photographed handwritten note to the changes. Here, after seven hours of discussion, the willingness was finally given to take the customer's angle of view.
  3. Helping people help themselves: You can also have that as a provider much easier - namely by giving the customer the opportunity to help themselves. But the technical requirements must be given and the customer must understand this. This in turn requires, especially in the field of technology, that one takes the perspective of the customer.
  4. First Mover: Many websites are still not optimized for mobile use. Have you ever tried to sell a book on Amazon with Amazon? Just. In times when the mobile use is more and more on the advance, this is a poor test. I had to listen to the excuse of an employee that such services are basically not mobile. This is the opportunity for companies: the competition does not make it? Be first mover and stand out so positively from competitors.
  5. Make it as easy as possible for the customer: Also a problem of operational blindness; For example, the customer is directed on the phone through a lengthy language selection process. He should bring the customer to the right employee, but for mobile situations in which one also has little time, such menus with several selection processes are more than unsuitable - also because one has the phone, for example on the ear. In addition, some support divas throw a funk holes also right back from the line. Such processes should be simplified.
  6. Please do not divas in the support! The customer is excited, has other dates and is in stress. Understandable, however, the support staff also reactively react to any non-friendly smiling complaint. Does it have to be that way? Here it would be necessary to train employees for appropriate situations.
  7. Give correct information: Unfortunately, I also experience this more often. For example, employees who have no idea. Employees who contradict each other. Employees who have lost track of the processes in the company. Or employees who simply forget important information. Such misinformation leads to wrong decisions by the customer, which could be avoided by correct information - and both sides would save a lot of time and thus money.

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  1. Simone Janson

    Hi Gerhard, That may be true for the typical outsourced service call center, but they usually have no overview at all - as the system is already a result of austerity measures. In this case, the company internally had a hotline that was not even so incompetent; However, here the technician problem came to fruition: people already knew, but they were so caught up in their view that they were passing the customer's needs. Here mE times would help a clever training and cost some companies again too much. Ergo a cost issue or in the end, I agree with you, again a question of attitude behind it.

  2. Gerhard Kenk

    All services related to “customer service” are already priced in by the companies: call centers, service mechanics, second-level support and as they are all called. Therefore, good or bad customer service is not a question of costs, but only a question of good or bad management.

  3. Achim

    Never give up hope and point to a book by 1997:
    "The Hostile Society" by Minoru Tominaga.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you for the Encouraging Words. I will look at the book. Also nice holidays!

  4. Harriet Lemcke

    No divas in support. And please also no divas in management. It is a question of the attitude and the culture of a company, whether customers are valued or merely as a sales factor and at the end of the chain also still bothersome. And it's also a matter of attitude, whether the management is willing to invest in a good training of support - so appreciates their own employees and their role in the overall success of the company understands.

    I have just learned how to make a company as bad as possible. And that is why I would like to point out here today my blog contribution, in which I deal with the topic of reputation.

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Mrs. Lemcke,
      many thanks for the good as always good comment. You are right, of course, the reasons lie deeper and deeper and I know from the company that there is an enormous cost pressure on the market - so for example my example with the First Mover: A good company would understand this opportunity. I have allowed to link your post correctly. Happy Holidays!

  5. Competencepartner

    Checklist for good customer service: No divas in support !: Germany is considered a service desert ... - Exciting contributionxlse5QAjIv #Profession # Education

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