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jens_korzJens Korz is a personality trainer. Korz, born in 1969, is one of the most booked experts in Germany on the subject of external impact. He has a degree in business administration, actor and psychologist and is a Reiki master and has many years of experience in middle management as a sales manager. He also has a teaching position at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. More information at thekoach.de/

Achieve goals with stress and pressure: thinking mistakes overmotivation

It's hard to believe that you can block yourself not only with negative thoughts, but also with overly positive thoughts. Over-motivation and pressure can be a problem.pressure-stress personalized management

Pressure to achieve goals

This mind-killer is one of my favorite thinking mistakes, because it corresponds to the standards of today's performance society and is therefore very widespread. Managers in particular believe that they have to keep putting pressure on themselves and their employees in order to achieve the company's goals. Due to its widespread use, this mistake is one of the worst mistake, because it is not perceived as a mind killer.

One of the most popular phrases in this mistake is the if-then phrase. "If you can't do it, you're a loser." Or "If you don't take this opportunity, it was your career." Or also “If you can't get this done then and then, I'll look for someone else to do it!” and so on.

Pressure leads to burnout

Unfortunately, these mono- and dialogues are part of everyday life in our business world and are partly responsible for the fact that the burn-out syndrome is becoming more common. The most extreme form of printing is blind actionism and hectic bustle, without knowing the exact reason for it.

Although it would often be better to just calm down and think carefully about what is most useful in the current situation. But sadly, the pressure-making thought-mistake occurs before we manage to question the basic assumptions of our previous, perhaps not more-voiced, decision.

If basic needs are not satisfied

How grotesque this thought-failure is is also shown by the fact that the people who come to me expect the famous kick in the ass from me, although they are already quite sick of the pressure on them.

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I then question this pressure and try to get together with the client behind what is actually behind the pressure. Often several of the five basic psychological needs are not satisfied. Thus, the client does not realize that it is a question of satisfying a need, because he tries to extinguish the need himself with the pressure.

Motivation can lead to pressure

The reason is: excessive self-motivation, the constant self-assertion puts us just as much under pressure as self-criticism and self-abuse. In the mind killer of overmotivation, people demand that they always have to be happy, optimistic, self-assured and positive.

It's like walking around with the credo "There are no problems, only solutions." Even with this mistake in thinking, we lose sight of reality and run after the fallacy of control and orientation.

Beware of extreme euphoria

The mind killer overmotivation is, however, very difficult to recognize, since it is often associated with the feeling of extreme euphoria. We see our life as a single success story and feel great and invulnerable.

There is a lack of balance between failure and success as we completely hide the failure. The highest manifestation of this overmotivation is dealing with mourning due to the loss of a close-knit human being.

Overmotivation as a social trend

Thirty years ago, it was still customary to wear a year of mourning and to commemorate the death of every family feast. Today one is already struck by his fellow-men when one is saddened a week after the funeral and can not go back to the agenda.

Quite often you hear sentences like: “Don't act like that. The dead man would not have wanted you to mourn for so long. You have to look ahead now. ” This shows that over-motivation now seems to have become a social trend.

Overmotivation conceals misalignment

However, in the course of their lives, most people come to the point where they no longer have the strength to maintain their overmotivity denunciator. Often new mind-killer are created, such as the pressure-thinking mistake or an excessive self-denial.

Overexploitation often has the function of concealing a different imbalance in life, and arranging for a longer period of time with a thing that we have to change than it does us well.

Something to prove

We always motivate ourselves to persevere and continue. This mind-killer is not a discovery of success.

Rather, he comes from those people who have the feeling to always step in the spot and not to escape the hamster wheel. They over-motivate themselves with the intention to prove something to their surroundings.

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