How do you start a GmbH? 5 current guides in the test {Review}

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A GmbH is usually founded when several people work together Company but also for individuals, the effort can pay off. We tested current guides on the topic.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


The perfect advice to the founding of the company

Who wants a GmbH or even GmbH and Co KG reasons, needs one thing above all: good advice. It can be expensive if it comes from a lawyer or accountant. Can current advisers remedy this situation? I have read 5 play - from cheap to expensive, for lawyers and dummies.

First of all, the ideal book does not exist. And the books can provide entry, but not replace advice. This is mainly because they can not handle isolated cases and peculiarities - which books never actually do. Nevertheless, there are differences.

Good value, simple, good

The smallest, simplest and cheapest book is also the best for me at the same time - and that's not just because of that Best of HR –®-Author Reinhard Schinkel, according to Handelsblatt one of Germany's best tax consultants, is the author; indirectly this is of course an argument, because the quality of his blog contributions continues in the book:

But the title “The taxation of the GmbH made easy” does what it promises: on 220 pages, the book deals with the most important tax questions on the subject of founding a GmbH in a handy DIN A5 format - and always from a practical perspective and from (potential ) Questions from the reader. Despite the compact presentation, the author manages to deal with the subject amazingly precisely. Square, practical, good.

How to found a GmbH and Co. KG?

In second place on this small hit list, if you want to call it that, the most expensive and thickest of the five books: “Die GmbH und Co. KG” by Heidemarie Wagner and Hans-Joachim Rux covers practically all aspects of GmbH and Co. KG from the foundation up to the dissolution systematically under corporate and tax law aspects.

These include the changes made by the "GmbH-Reform" (MoMiG) with the introduction of the limited liability company (Mini-GmbH), the simplification of standard foundations, the easier division, merging and transferring of business shares, as well as all changes to the company tax reform, including the reform of the corporation tax and the Trade tax and finally the most important changes to the inheritance tax reform.

From detailed to superficial

A very detailed book, but no light fare: It is built rather as a legal reference work with numerous patterns, judgments and laws (also as a CD-ROM) and is therefore aimed primarily at specialists in commercial and corporate law as well as law-savvy laymen. Nevertheless, if you want to deal extensively with the topic of GmbH and Co. KG, this book is recommended. After all, starting up a business also has a lot to do with legal issues that a business owner should also address in Spe.

In the same price range, but a bit more superficial "Die KG und die GmbH und Co. KG: Law, Taxation, Design Practice" by Michael Preißer and Matthias Rönn. It deals with aspects similar to those of Wagner's competition, but much more generally. Thus, questions of tax law are touched upon, but are not deepened by the current jurisprudence. A plus point: the language is much simpler and less subject-specific.

The perspective of the CEO

The "GmbH CEO" by Christian Kühn is similar in general: The book deals with the rights and obligations of a GmbH manager such as requirements and appointment of the manager, employment contract, social security and pension, the recall, termination, etc as well as liability and avoidance of liability up to criminal liability.

Especially the liability risks are certainly a very important aspect for many of the founding members of the company. However, this book focuses on more detailed explanations on tax aspects. However, it is of course important to take into account the special requirements of the managing director. The language is quite dry.

GmbH for Dummies?

“GmbH CEO” for dummies is much more relaxed - that's what the title promises. Claudia Ossola-Haring covers 360 pages of a complex topic in a simple, easy and understandable way. Checklists and icons make reading easier.

Great, that you can also address a legal specialist. Manko is for me again that the topic of tax law is largely spared.


It turns out that each of the presented books deals with the topic for a different target group and with a different focus. Therefore, a comparison is probably difficult and purely subjective.

Especially since it is the perfect guide for everyone simply does not exist. This is likely to be an individual, albeit much more expensive, consultation.

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