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{Study} Change in the world of work: coworking - future trend or hype?

Since 2006 founded the first coworking space in San Francisco, a lot has happened: there are now 2498 Coworking Spaces worldwide in 80 countries. A recent global study shows that the world of work is evidently undergoing a fundamental change. Or is the trend just a hype?

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Who is behind the study?

The Global Coworking Survey was created in February 2013 by Deskwanted.com. Not only because I was quoted as an expert in the press release of the study, I found this study interesting

Deskwanted is a global network of coworking spaces and community offices. People can find a job in the short or long term around the world. In addition to a search and booking system, Deskwanted also provides a web-based management tool for managing workstations.

Where did the study come from?

The data for Deskwanted is therefore first-hand: they come from their own booking system, as well as from social media and news articles. Coworking Spaces, which offer flexible memberships, were counted.

Not counted were companies or individuals who offer vacant space or seminar rooms. The data of the survey publishes Deskwanted.com under a Creative Commons license

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Facts at a glance

An overview of the study:

  • the first Coworking Space opened 2006 in San Francisco.
  • Coworking Spaces are communal offices and rooms used by various independently working people and companies as the main workplace. They are linked by shared values ​​and complementary abilities.
  • Coworkers are self-responsible in changing projects and are mainly self-employed or entrepreneurs.
  • Internet, work desk, coffee machine, conference room, telephone and printer belong to the basic equipment of most Coworking Spaces.
  • According to their own statement, coworkers work more productively, more creatively and profit from diverse contacts and networks in coworking spaces.
  • There are 2498 Coworking Spaces worldwide in 80 countries.
  • In Germany, there are 222 Coworking Spaces, most of them exist in Berlin (68).
  • The price for a desk in Germany starts at ten euros per day and is on average at 191 Euro per month.
  • The latest coworking spaces opened 2013 in Senegal and Jordan.

Coworking - Future Trend or Hype?

It all sounds great - but I'm a little skeptical. It is true - as I am also quoted in the press release - the general trend is towards changing employment histories, especially for young people Company The order situation is often still too uncertain to rent an expensive office or hire permanent employees. And of course it sounds logical to see coworking as a flexible alternative to traditional office work.

But now, when I look at the coworking spaces that I've been looking at for years around the world, it shows: Whether in New Zealand, Canada, Latvia or France, I've always found that coworking spaces were founded because of the owners , usually freelancers, home the ceiling had fallen on its head.

Productive and Inspirational?

Not a single owner of a coworking space called me the basic idea that he was more productive with others or needed more inspiration. These aspects have usually only emerged over time, or they have been a marketing argument from the outset to attract customers.

I suppose now simply that the common, more productive work is not the ultimate purpose of these collaborative forms of work. For many, it's just about being with others. And that raises the question: Is co-working perhaps just a hype that comes to a standstill after some time - for example, because people prefer solid office space and forms of work?

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