Glassdoor Award shows what makes employees happy: The top 10 employers

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The Glassdoor Award for Employee Satisfaction was also awarded for the first time in Germany. The results do not just show which ones Company belong to the best employers for 2016, but also what employees pay particular attention to.

Glassdoor Award Shows Employee Satisfaction: The Top 10 Employers The Best Employers - Rated Anonymously

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Here writes for you: Sonja Perry is Product Manager of Glassdoor Germany. Profile

Best Places To Work goes Germany


For the first time, Glassdoor honored the 10 Best Employer of the Year in Germany. The Company The list has been awarded the Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction Award. The special thing about this ranking? The list is based solely on the voluntary and anonymous feedback from those who know their employer best: the employees.

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Consequently, companies can not nominate themselves. Only reviews published on the platform last year serve as the basis for the evaluation. For Germany, more than 12.000 reviews have met the criteria. Known as "Best Places To Work," the award has been presented in other countries, such as the home of Glassdoor (USA), for up to eight years.

The Top 10 of the best employers in Germany for 2016:


  1. Infineon Technologies
  2. Continental
  3. Robert Bosch
  4. BMW
  5. Allianz
  6. SAP
  7. Accenture
  8. Daimler
  9. adidas Group
  10. Women's society

As a glance at the Top 3 shows, employees from the classical manufacturing industry particularly value their employers here. The top three and half of all top 10 employers come from this area. Two German automotive manufacturers are represented with BMW and Daimler. Added to this are automotive supplier Continental, engineering company Robert Bosch, and the first-place semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies.

Southern Germany to the north and Berlin


Accordingly, it is not surprising that most of the most popular employers are more likely to come from the south of the republic, which dominates in this sector of the economy, not from hip Berlin. Eight out of ten companies in the list are either in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg. Accenture's international advice in seventh place is the only foreign employer from this year's Top 10.

Comparing the results for Germany with those from the Anglo-American area, it becomes clear that there are less classical industrial groups than technology companies in the market. In the United States and the UK, last year's Google (2016: eighth place) was replaced, the new number one in the United States for Airbnb and in the UK Expedia.

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What makes a top employer?


If you take a closer look at the evaluations of the employees, you will find recurring impressions that are perceived as positive. Emphasized are often good or deemed appropriate salaries, additional benefits and training opportunities. But workers are not exclusively concerned with these "hard facts": all the companies in the list are often given less easily measurable and comparable reasons.

Thus, a good employer is characterized by a positive working environment in the office, flexible working hours and a balanced work-life balance. In addition, there is a corporate culture and pre-existing values ​​that are expressed, for example, by social commitment from the employer. The findings from the study show that these factors help employees identify with their company and are proud to work there.

The methodology: How employees evaluate companies


When an employee submits a company assessment to Glassdoor, he or she is asked to mention the advantages and disadvantages of the work at the company. In addition, the employee is encouraged to give a council to management and ask how satisfied he or she is generally with the employer.

It is possible to assess the manager and five key attributes of the workplace: career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, leadership and work-life balance. In addition, employees are asked if they would recommend their employer to a friend and how they assess the business outlook for the next six months.

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This is how the winners are determined


The winners were determined by a Glassdoor-based algorithm and are based on ratings that employees have shared with the community over the past year on the platform. The rating is based on an 5 point scale: 1,51 to 2,50 = dissatisfied, 2,51 to 3,50 = OK, 3,51 to 4,00 = satisfied, 4,01 to 5,00 = very satisfied.

Only companies that have received at least 20 public ratings, an employer rating of at least 3,00, and workplace ratings of at least 2,50 during the nomination period (3 November 2014 to 1 November 2015) have been considered. In doing so, evaluations by trainees were not included in the overall evaluation. For reasons of clarity, the evaluations for the respective employers were specified exactly one decimal place. However, in calculating the rank order, these values ​​were taken into account to one thousandths. All evaluations are voluntary and without prior request. Therefore, no estimates for a theoretical sampling can be calculated.

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