Cooperation beats competition: share and trust

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With solidarity and concentration, we prepare the way for cooperative action. The two updates “Share” and “Trust” use this basis of cooperation and let it take concrete, growing forms. Cooperation beats competition: share and trust Give cooperation and share trust

Update 3: Share

Information is the most important piece of work today. So the central question is: how ready are we to share our knowledge? And do we consider this more as a collect or bring debt? Everyone has probably used the following sentences or heard: “Nobody asks me” or “You should only have asked me”. The exchange of information is viewed by most as a debt rather than a debt. Knowledge is hoarded as if it disappears when shared. But: sharing is the only way to increase it.

We activate the “Share” update by simply starting with it - starting to share our knowledge. We ask ourselves who our information could still be useful to and actively share it. This is where knowledge forums live - and cooperation.

Sharing is advancing

We often think we all know the truth. All the more we are surprised, if afterwards still further information emerge, of which we did not know at all. In doing so, the complexity and bandwidth of many topics almost automatically. Even for experts is much too complex.

Therefore, the sooner we share our information and give it away, the more we get more knowledge input. Do not forget: one hand washes the other. As soon as we do others a favor, the probability grows that they do us a favor. Caution: No obligations and dependencies can be derived from the principle of reciprocity.

Update 4: Trust

Certainly, we do not behave cooperatively because we think that our counterpart does not cooperate to the same extent as we would. This is all the more true if it is not a one-time, but a repetitive situation. Each time we let ourselves be guided by our bad experiences and fears. Numerous researchers in the game theory confirm that the best strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders is to trust. That is, acting as if one knew that the other party was cooperative.

In order to use the "trust" update, we initially assume the best possible behavior of our counterpart. And let us reinforce the awareness that in the long run we can lose more through struggle than through cooperation.

Trust is not a victim strategy

Trust is by no means a victim's strategy. If our trust is misused, this must be punished. After that: immediately back to the beginning and to the trust.

This is partly difficult because we are emotional beings. Often, however, a simple conversation can already resolve misunderstandings and provide a remedy.

Cooperation - a formula for success with exemplary character

Everything sounds fine and good, BUT “In my position that is not possible.” For real? We don't always have to be cooperative, we have to make a conscious choice.

By deliberately activating the updates of connectedness, concentration, sharing and trust, we will often choose the path of cooperation, achieve better results and perhaps become role models that our working world and society so desperately need.

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Ulrike Stahl Ulrike Stahl_Portrait quer_berufebilderUlrike Stahl is Businesscoach, trainer and speaker on the topic of success factor cooperation.


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