Tips against Burnout: What to do about the stress?

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According to studies by German company health insurance companies, every second employee in our country is at risk of burnout. But burnout does not "attack" us out of the blue, but often announces itself with clues.

Tips against Burnout: What to do about the stress?

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Here writes for you:

Dr. Matthias HW Braun 36Dr. jur. Matthias HW Braun is a registered lawyer and independent mental trainer and coach.


How does burnout occur?

External influences, but also personal factors play a role in the development of burnout. Because everyone perceives their environment differently. What "stresses" one leaves another completely cold and vice versa. The good thing is that everyone can change something!

In the personal view of things - contrary to the popular opinion - lies a fundamental cause for every form of stress and thus also of burnout. This means that a lot of the stress is made by our own thoughts, feelings and evaluations.

Himself is the man!

At the same time, this also means that we are not helpless victims of our environment ourselves. Rather, one can practice consciously dealing with oneself and learn to look at one's own way of life at a distance. This means recognizing the personal motives and evaluations and making them identifiable and changeable.

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It also means looking for possible unconscious tax rates that cause you to be late again and again, to pile up piles of paper, to say “yes” instead of “no”, again and again…

Social media and burnout

For example, our day-to-day work is characterized by social media, permanent availability, constant “mixing”, another message that “only needs to be sent” quickly on Facebook or Twitter. How we deal with it and whether we really believe we have to be permanently available is up to us.

Anyone who wants to change his behavior should consider stress symptoms as a guide to the solution. Obviously, this behavior would have such great benefits for you that you built it into your life. Finding these benefits means that you can permanently change the desired behavioral change and thus prevent stress and burnout in the long term.

Act promptly

Burnout is a process that extends over weeks and months, sometimes for years and is triggered by continuous stress. Single-parent mothers with multiple burdens, self-employed without the possibility to delegate or housewives, the family, household, children and perhaps the care of the parents manage, at least to the same extent threatened.

Since this process is creeping, there is always the chance to react and to change one's own behavior. Especially at the beginning sufferers often have the chance to check their own lifestyle for their correctness.

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Follow the warning shots

It is important to draw the right conclusions from the "warning shots" of the first burnout phases, so that at the end of the process you do not develop an actual illness, which then mercilessly compels you to make long-term changes in daily life because it is binds you to your bed or makes you dependent on medication.

The problem is, however, that we are often largely insensitive to this kind of information, ignore it - again and again - and then “suddenly” nothing works.

Anti-Burnout Checklist

At the latest when physical symptoms occur, one should think about the following points:

  • Do I really have to work even more?
  • Is it true that I should never make mistakes?
  • Can I really neglect my own needs permanently?
  • Should I postpone my wishes to "later"?
  • Am I actually "selfish" if I take care of myself?

This is how Burnout comes about

Burnout is the result of constant stress. The results from external factors - but also your own attitude.

These two factors should be aware of when you want to fight the stress effectively. This is about the external factors!

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Our environment is an important factor

A factor for the development of stress and burnout is our environment, work and work environment, society and the family. In a time of increasing irritation overload and work overload, more and more people come to the limits of their resilience.

If the body and the psyche are neglected too long, the total collapse, the burnout, threatens creepily. There, the stress-triggering situations and factors must first be identified, in order to be able to modify and eliminate them as far as is possible.

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