Dealing With Bad Bosses - 5 Tips: Get Rid Of Or Let Go?

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Text comes from: Der Arsch geht auch vorbei: Wie Sie sich gegen schlechte Chefs und andere Zumutungen des Arbeitsalltags wehren können (2018), Keinen Bock mehr? Mehr Spaß und Motivation im Management (2012), Der freche Vogel fängt den Wurm: 7 überraschende Führungsprinzipien für mutige Manager (2010), 11 Managementsünden, die Sie vermeiden sollten: Wie Führungskräfte sich um Karriere, Verstand, Ehepartner und Spaß bringen (2009) from Klaus Schuster, published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Fire your boss! "This works out?" pleas e ask your question? Of course you can. Even if differently than you might think. Here are some tips.

Dealing With Bad Bosses - 5 Tips: Get Rid Of Or Let Go?

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Klaus Schuster is a manager, management consultant, executive coach and management trainer.


From the author:





When the team says: The ass has to go!

Firing the boss - that actually will in many Company made. Not all the time, but quite often. You rarely find out about it because hardly anyone speaks about it. But when you work in companies in many industries, like me, you get something like that under the palm of your hand. For example, there is the eighteen-member sales team of a medium-sized company that at some point has the faxes thick and says to the boss of the boss: "Either him or us. If you don't recall our supervisor, we will quit our job. «That's an announcement! They dare to do something! For real? Not really. Because in times of galloping skilled labor shortages, employees no longer have to stoop, put up with everything or even prostitute themselves. Many people can now choose their job. Of course not all! But if someone is dependent on your job, I won't leave them out in the rain.

The boss of the boss doesn't believe that an entire department would quit as a whole, but he knows that if only the five top performers on this team leave the company, his turnover will collapse by 40 percent - he knows the personalized turnover figures. He hesitates for a few more weeks, but the team remains tough and repeats at every possible and impossible opportunity: "That ass has to go!" So his supervisor finally transfers him to another division, to another location of the company.

Chef Hack 1: Announce him!

Is it just you? Or do all or at least the majority of the team in your department consider the boss to be intolerable? Then bring it up with good reason and repeatedly to the boss by the boss: The chances are good that he or she will be (punished) transferred or praised away after a few months. If you are not familiar with the term "hack" (English, spoken: hack): The Internet is full of "life hacks", that is, great tricks and tricks that can be used much faster and easier than with the usual, official standard -Procedures achieved their goal. Chef hacks do the same with unbearable superiors: They create remedies and improvements quickly, effectively and in practice, often even a sustainable solution.

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In our example, the boss's boss is a good boss. When the old boss is finally gone, he admits to the team: “I also saw that it was an ass. But he brought his numbers, and you always tracked. ”Until they stopped. You can't do something like that? You don't manage to threaten with dismissal in a closed and credible way? It doesn't matter. There are other ways to "fire" the boss: Put him in the penalty box. Put the boss in the penalty box! At a süddeutschen A media company says a seven-person back office team to the boss of their own team leader: “We only come to your team meeting if our team leader is not there. He's just splitting up the meeting. ”The head of department doesn't take this seriously. Until the first meeting after this announcement.

When the upright seven see that the team leader is walking in, they stand up together and leave the meeting room (they had taken this possibility into account and agreed). Since then, every weekly meeting has taken place without the team leader. The department manager then always discusses the results with him in private. For the duration of the jour fixe - an average of two hours - the seven quasi quit their own boss. You and I naturally assume that the superiors concerned actually deserved the revolt in such uprisings. We would never use boss hacks on good bosses or bosses who just challenge us.

Boss hack 2: send the boss to the penalty box!

Tell the boss of the boss that in future you will come to his meetings without your boss. If the boss also predominantly bothers you at your own meetings: Before or after the official meetings, talk informally without him. In the coffee kitchen, in the material store, in the far corner of the courtyard. Just go!

Bert is a clerk and a real doer. He works to the full satisfaction of his superior. What's the thanks for that? Of course: none. On the contrary. Because Bert removes everything that his boss bombs into him, the boss keeps bombing him even more. Of course, also lavishly on the weekends - which the boss explains in an absolutely logical way: "If Bert works on this over the weekend, it's always finished when I come to the office on Monday morning: We don't waste any time!" What does "we" mean here ? And what about Bert's family, weekend and private time that is wasted? Doesn't interest the boss. Bert has been working this way for a good three years. So practically without family life. He used to have friends too. With the emphasis on "had". Because he constantly had to cancel appointments due to his 24/7 availability, his buddies no longer contact him.

He is socially isolated, exploited, frustrated, and a loss of personal life. But he lets do that to himself because he's used to it, and because it's hard to get out of the shit when you're in it. As is so often the case in such cases, an “aha” experience comes to his aid: a shock in everyday life opens his eyes. The shock comes when he lies in bed with a fever and chills two days before Christmas and the boss - by email! - wants "something very urgent" from him without even inquiring about his health. That's the straw that broke the camel's back, say the Americans. That was the last nail in the coffin. After the holidays, Bert quits. “For me,” he says, “it was like finally showing the boss the finger. That was good! ”Now the boss is standing there. He'll never get someone like Bert again. Bert, on the other hand, did everything right: he's in a better place now.

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Chef Hack 3: Just Go!

90 percent of all chief victims hold out too long. Many think: »But I need the job!« Subject these thoughts to a reality check: Really? That one job? You have zero chance of another or even better? Have you ever seriously tried job applications? And you want to endure this stupid boss for how many years? In coaching or do-it-yourself, most people come to the conclusion after this check: Looking for something new is not half as torturous as this boss ... Bert is now working in a company in which he - shocked! - actually has to work occasionally on weekends. If, for example, a market analysis has to be created very quickly for a surprising development, which his supervisor then discusses with the board of directors on Monday at eight. The difference: In this company, the grandees from the carpet floor not only complain about the shortage of skilled workers; they do something about it. They issued the official regulation: "If you work for the job on the weekend, you don't have to come to the office until 13pm on Monday!"

Bert uses that. Bert likes that. You too? But you are not allowed to? Who says that? To be more precise: who banned it? That's a big hit, isn't it? This is almost never banned because most bosses don't even think about it. But for example me. I've done it my whole professional life. Whenever I had to spend weekend and therefore family time on work, I would call my boss - from my weekend to his weekend, of course - and say: “You have the analysis on your computer on Monday at 8:XNUMX am. I don't come to the office until the afternoon. If you need anything else, give me a call. "

Chef Hack 4: Weekend Work? Short Monday!

Did you sacrifice X hours for the company on the weekend? Then come on Monday X hours later. Announce this in advance by email and offer the boss that he can reach you by phone if he needs something beforehand. Even if the boss is a dumbass and forbids it: You tried it, stood up for yourself.

That strengthens your self-esteem more intensely than a rear spoiler on the car or a visit to the hairdresser. I've had a lot of bosses, but not one yet who would have said: "What do you think of!" When colleagues had asked me how I could afford to wait until Monday afternoon after a work weekend at the To show up at the office, I told them the boss hack. Some dared to use it. Others don't. Those who didn't trust each other were always very frustrated: "But the boss has to offer me that of his own accord!" He doesn't have to. He only does so in the rarest of cases. I wouldn't wait for it.

Chef Hack 5: Train Chef Treatment!

Are you hesitant to tell the boss that you will be back later on Monday? That is normal! Everyone has. But one thing helps with everything that's new: practice. Before the Spiegel. Or with your partner. Do a role play: "Boss, if I work for the company on the weekend, I'll come later on Monday!" You would never say that? Then change the wording until it »fits« for you - and you all alone -. And practice loud, self-confident pronouncing until the formulation comes out of your lips fluently and convincingly. Practice makes the chief hacker.

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If you use Chef Hack 5 often enough, the boss will grant the short Monday at some point when the work is handed over and on his own initiative. Because you raised him to do it. Because he has learned something. Can bosses do that at all? Are bad bosses capable of learning? Can a notorious ass become a normal, good boss? Yes. I say this from my own experience.

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