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Text comes from the book: “Think yourself rich! Prosperity is a matter of attitude ”(2017), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

Here writes for you:

104Ilja Grzeskowitz is an author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.Ilja Grzeskowitz was the youngest managing director in Germany of a large retail group and ran various department stores the size of medium-sized companies with over 500 employees and annual sales in the high double-digit million range. He is a speaker, author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. His clients include international corporations, successful entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, doctors, politicians and actors. More information at www.grzeskowitz.de

Getting rich and staying rich: a question of attitude?

Are rich and wealthy just a question of attitude? The spirits argue about that. Many say esoteric nonsense. Or is it about it?

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Life in a traffic jam - as always!

Friday evening in early 2008. Traffic jam. Another 175 kilometers to Berlin. I was on the freeway again. Home. On the way from my work place in Hamburg to Berlin, which I had traveled so often in the past months. Everything was as familiar as ever, and I had the feeling that I knew every street sign and every employee of the rest areas along the A 24 personally.

Until then, everything went as usual. Almost automated. I filled up my company car, bought a cold lemonade and had a short chat with the cashier. And yet something was different that day and differentiated this trip from the many before. Because on that particular day I made a decision.

Rough from the hamster wheel

I decided to break out. No, not from the traffic jam in which I found myself again, but from the hamster wheel that my life had become. I decided to listen to my gut feeling, to make my dream come true and finally to do what I always dreamed of on the long and numerous freeway journeys. Most of all, I decided to take my fate into my own hands and take responsibility for my life.

What I didn't know at the time: From that moment on, I started to "think richly". Because in the months and years after that I got rich. Richer than I ever would have been imagine can. The result of my journey can now be found in my success today.

Think rich - a collection of mental strategies

It is a collection of mental strategies with which I have reorganized my life in various areas and with which I have become rich. The good thing about these strategies is that they can be used by anyone.

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They are neither complicated nor wonderfully secret. They are very effective for this, and many of my seminar participants and coaching clients have also achieved their dream of financial freedom and a life full of opportunities and opportunities.

Everyone can think richly

And you can too. You can go the same way that I went. This path is not always easy to walk, and sometimes you have to remove a heavy stone that makes it difficult for you to continue walking. But it's worth it. Because at the end of this path you can finally lead the life you have only ever dreamed of. You can be rich too. Financially rich. Emotionally rich. Rich in fulfilling relationships. Rich in health. And rich in recurring moments of happiness in life.

If I did it, you can too. I want to show you how to do it. But a brief tip in advance is allowed. If you dream of getting rich quickly and overnight, if you hope for one crucial tip or expect the big secret, then this method will not be for you.

Just flip the switch for more wealth? It is not that easy!

If you hope to find the famous wealth switch in your life, you may want to use one of these programs that are popping up like mushrooms and promise the buyer "make a fortune from the couch" or Become a millionaire without spending a lot of time.

But I assume that you have long understood that there is nothing in life for free and that you also have to do something for your wealth. But now comes the good news: This "something" is not particularly complicated, and if you stick to a few strategies and tools, it will be easy to do and, above all, a lot of fun.

More than money: increasing the quality of life

As you will soon realize, dear reader, the topic of "think yourself rich" is not just about a well-stocked bank account or other material wealth. I will not give you any investment tips or other advice on how to invest your money so that it grows and increases your prosperity. Nevertheless, you will also be able to detect dramatic changes on a financial level with the "Think-Rich-Method".

Just as your quality of life, your health and your relationships become more valuable. After all, inner and outer wealth are two sides of the same coin, which are mutually dependent and mutually supportive. In the first step, you only have to do one thing: make the decision to really want to get rich. The rest, as you will see, is an exciting and wonderful path that will lead you to what you may not even dream of today.

Success starts in the head!

For me it also started with this decision. But how did it come about? I still remember exactly how I heard the following sentence in an audio book for the first time a few months before this decision in a traffic jam on the motorway: "Imagine that you come home in the evening and think to yourself: And I also get money for that!"

Even if I was not aware of it at the time, this sentence was an absolute turning point in my life. Sure, I had a great life at that time. I had a great job, great career opportunities, I drove a fast car, I traveled to the most beautiful places in the world, and I was able to afford almost every luxury I thought I needed. But was I really rich?

How problems become successes

In retrospect, it was probably one of the poorest times of my entire life, because an English man named Parkinson was giving me a hard time. And, as so often, the hardest part of this journey was the first step. I avoided him like the devil avoided holy water. Withheld from more “compensation for pain and suffering” (it was sold to me as a raise at the time), a new company car and of course from myself. Because I had made myself more than comfortable in my own comfort zone, which you could tell not only from the five kilos overweight that I carried around with me in the hip area.

But after I made the decision 175 kilometers before Berlin on Friday evening and took the first step, it suddenly became easy. It sometimes seemed to me that happiness was only flying towards me and that everything that happened to me on my way seemed exactly as it was. In short: I had a lot of fun and the right results came quickly and almost as a matter of course.

What should your life look like?

To be rich begins with rich thinking. To do this, you need to install the right, rich thinking strategies and beliefs that are so important that your personal path will also be full of wealth and moments of happiness. So I would like to ask you one thing: take a few minutes to think and then ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would your life be like if you were really rich?
  • Who would you spend it with?
  • Where would you live
  • What would you do all day?

Let your imagination run wild and dream with all your heart. And then you also make a decision! Decide for yourself that you will be rich. Really rich. That you will enjoy inner and outer wealth in abundance and thereby live the life of your dreams.

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