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chatNatalie Schnack is an industrial engineer and visibility coach who supports self-employed and employees in getting out of camouflage and showing the world what they are made of. Her first book “30 Minutes Self-Assertion” was published in August 2013. Before that, the graduate industrial engineer (FH) worked for one of the largest media companies in Europe for more than ten years, most recently as project manager for customer orientation. Her career is anything but self-evident: Born in Kazakhstan, she had to start small as a child of German emigrants and pave her way. More information at www.natalieschnack.de

Get more respect: your standing

"To assert oneself" means to withstand, to preserve, to preserve, to withstand, to endure ... That means: Not from yourself Concept ABC School Joke Oud Let yourself be brought in, not be “shaken” by the behavior of others and not be tempted to give up respectful treatment of yourself and others. In short: the self-assertion is about standing and respect! convince

What is self-assertion?

In the improvisational theater, one speaks of the assertion when it comes to having the courage to bring their own ideas into the scene and to pursue them consistently. But of course you are dependent on the other players.

Because if they don't accept the idea, don't support it or even sabotage it, the idea fizzles out in the “no man's land”, no matter how great it was. You don't get very far with mere dominance. It's more about convincing others of your own idea.

How do you convince others?

In addition to the respect and the sympathy plays a major role. We find the people convincing, the

  • stand up for their cause,
  • Ideas and goals and still remain open,
  • act, control and stay on course.

Winning occur

You gain others more quickly for yourself and your own ideas, even if you are also winning. So if you want to assert yourself, you need to know what you want to achieve at all, and then commit yourself to it.

It is about taking responsibility for how other people deal with you, how you behave towards others, and that you are heard with your concerns and taken seriously.

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3 Tips for self-assertion

But now specifically. Are you facing a situation in which you want to assert yourself to others and at eye level? I have the following tips for you:

  1. Clarify your life role! Each of us fulfills different life roles in life. You can be a friend, a colleague, a superior or a sports mate, depending on the situation. There are also roll mixes. Each roll constellation carries a certain status relationship. If, for example, you are friends with your colleague, you will meet him differently than if you are a competitor.
  2. Claim yourself! If you want to assert yourself, then in which you meet every person concerned on the same level, respectfully and positively. If your relationship is clear, the basis for your further action is created. Place your prepared arguments on the table. Do not let yourself be carried away at any time to react irreverently, no matter how your contacts behave. You have your goal in mind and are convinced, so assert yourself! At eye level! With Win-Win!
  3. Create the feeling of eye level: - the following considerations are necessary:
  • How do you feel about yourself: How do you think about yourself? What do you think is good and what is not? How important do you feel in this situation?
  • How do you think about it? What do you think about this person? What do you find good at her, which is less good? How important do you consider this person in this situation? Feel superior or more inferior.
  • Be aware that in this particular situation, you are just as important as the other people. The same applies to your intended destination.
  • Prepare concrete arguments that speak for your goal.

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