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You are usually awarded BAföG for a first, vocational qualification, if you are under 30 years old. With the 30. Birthday, it becomes more difficult to make a promising proposal, because you must justify your delay.


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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Reasons for the BAfög Office

From now on, you will have to provide the BAföG Office with a good explanation of why you are now starting to study. In essence, the following three justifications are accepted:

  • Personal reasons: You have been sick for a long time or are handicapped by a disability (you must, of course, submit a certificate), you want to study a numberus clausus subject and have been waiting for a study place, you have been performing war service for at least eight years but only if he started before the age of 25) or you have family reasons (the legislature is thinking about the education of children under 10 years).
  • Second educational path: You have earned your so-called university entrance qualification, usually the Abitur or the Fachhochschulreife, on the second educational path for example at an evening gymnasium, a Fachoberschule or a Kolleg acquired and then immediately began to study.
  • Study as further education: They are professional with no formal university entrance qualification and were able to enroll at a university because of their professional qualifications
  • Political persecution: By submitting a so - called rehabilitation certificate, they can prove that they were victims of political persecution in the GDR
  • Need: They had not yet finished a vocational qualification course when suddenly your life conditions deteriorated decisively, for example by the death of the partner, the parents, by a divorce, etc. Here too, evidence is necessary.


Caution: You must start your studies immediately, as soon as the stated reasons have ceased. If this is not the case, you must also provide a good reason (eg with an internship, which is prescribed by the regulations of study, with illness, etc.), if you want to get BAföG.

As you can see, these regulations leave a certain latitude - in the end it is also very dependent on the individual case and the person responsible, which justification is accepted. You can also clarify the situation by a preliminary ruling. By the way, all these subsidies are granted independent of parents.

Authorized groups of persons

BAföG you will not get automatically because you want to study in Germany, but only if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • You are a German national
  • You are married to a German citizen
  • They have parents with German citizenship, even if they live abroad. Of course, you only get BAföG if you want to study in Germany. In an international study, the corresponding regulations apply.
  • You come from an EU country and enjoy either a child's free movement or you have worked legally in Germany for at least six months before the start of your studies, you could support your education and can prove that this work was related to your studies.
  • You are not a German, but your father or / and your mother worked for at least three years in Germany for at least three years before beginning your studies. Or you yourself have been working in Germany for five years before starting your studies - of course also subject to social insurance, ie you have paid health, pension and unemployment insurance.
  • Even if you or your parents have received a pension or unemployment allowance for which you previously had a claim, the prerequisites have been fulfilled if you have worked for at least six months under social insurance.
  • They are asylum-seekers, refugees or homeless, and were admitted to Germany for humanitarian reasons.

Funding for studies in the EU

Within the European Union and Switzerland, you can start studying abroad with BAföG funding from the first semester onwards. However, one should first assure that the planned study is really recognized in the sense of BAföGs. Otherwise, there may be nasty surprises.

Otherwise, the conditions of funding are identical to those in the country, but the BAföG has to be applied for at the responsible foreign office of BAfög. In addition, it is now possible to change from a course of studies in the EU country to a master's degree, without the loss of the BAföG claim, provided that the previous degree is recognized as a bachelor's degree.


But be careful: You should check this very carefully and let yourself be confirmed in writing by all the agencies involved - ie, the future university and the BAföG office - in writing.

However, a permanent study program (longer than one year) outside of Germany is not promoted if the trainee has been permanently resident in Germany for less than three years.

foreign allowance

However, there are also disadvantages. This is no longer the case for the foreign bid awarded so far. The travel expenses are flat-rate, with 250 Euro being given for return travel within Europe and 500 Euro outside Europe. Further outward and return journeys, even in the case of a long stay, should be carried only in cases of hardship - ie only on special request and with good reason.

As before, unavoidable study fees can be borne up to an amount of 4600 Euro for a maximum of one year. Even more study fees are only taken into account in exceptional cases. For this purpose, a demand is always required from the competent office.

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