Business account for start-ups and self-employed: 5 tips to choose from [+ checklist]

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Who one Company to start up and self-employment, must think a lot. Among other things, every entrepreneur needs a business account. What should be considered? A checklist with 5 tips on the topic. geschaeft account-finance-existenzgruender

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Susanne Kleimst is an analyst and specialist journalist for German-speaking countries.


Finance for the self-employed: Why is choosing the right account important?

Already yesterday we have reported in our small series on finance of independent about the right insurance for business start-ups. Today is now about the choice of the right business account. For he who establishes does not get around the same.

Entries and receipts of a company are posted via the account. Various banks offer a business account. But a business account is not always the right thing to do. It depends on the type of your company, eg whether you are a freelancer or a company. Other criteria are also important.

5 Tips for choosing the right business account

  1. The right account for every corporate form: For corporations such as the GmbH or UG the business account is part of the company foundation. The business account is the place where the capital of a limited company is paid. Individuals and freelancers can continue to use their current account.
  2. Separate account also for freelancers and sole traders: However, it is more advisable to set up an extra account as it is always advantageous to separate private and professional income. In general, you can create a business account with a branch bank as a company or a giro account for freelancers. In addition, a modern online business account is available, which in most cases is free.
  3. Business account with a branch bank or an online bank: There are a few important differences to consider when choosing between setting up the business account at a branch bank or an online bank. In the case of regular cash transactions and the establishment of a current account frame, a business account with a branch bank is more advantageous than with an online bank. Here, the direct approach of a customer service provider is worth gold. If you are on the road and manage your business expenses primarily through the account, you are in good hands with an online bank. Often very cheap offers of online banks are made here. You will find further information on the topic on the page
  4. Free Girokonto yes or no? If you are self-employed as a sole trader or freelancer, you can also use a free checking account that you can, for example here can be found. Individuals and corporations are forced to establish a corresponding business account. If you have access to the free Girokonto account should ensure that the private and business expenses and revenues are always separated, otherwise an accurate billing becomes impossible and additional expenditure means.
  5. The online business account: Many online banks advertise with a free business account. A suitable business account can be found, for example, via KontoRat, However, you should check whether the account is really free. There are often high fees for additional services. Therefore, a previous check is always worthwhile. In addition, the UK Limited is often excluded from this service. Therefore, all provisions and offers should be examined in advance.

Conclusion: Compare correctly!

Business accounts are almost always a must for entrepreneurs. Almost all banks offer this service. For the review of the various services and offers, you should take considerable time to find the optimal offer for your own Company to find.

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Whoever decides for a bank and an offer should have thoroughly examined this. This bank is usually their home bank and ideally a long-term partner of their businesses and businesses.

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  1. Randolf Dieckmann

    I'm sorry, but anyone who calls GmbH and UG a partnership (right in the first “tip”) is not exactly characterized by competence.

    • Berufebilder

      Thanks for the hint, we have the author the error on the error and the tip error improved: Of course, the corporations are called.

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