Tips from the memory world champion: So you remember difficult names

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To think of Sandra at Sand or at Ross on a horse is still easy. But how is that with difficult names like Mr. Kaczmarczyk or Mrs. Nguyen? What kind of pictures are there for such names? After all, pictures should make sure that we can remember the names.

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Here writes for you: Boris Nikolai Konrad is a speaker, memory trainer, memory world champion and multiple world record holder by name. Profile

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It is important that you realize that the pictures are just an impulse to remember the name. We must first understand the name consciously. For that you better say it yourself: "Hello Mr. Kaczmarczyk, nice to meet you."

Understand the name first


This will ensure that you have recorded the name. And is useful for two reasons:

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  1. They still know the name after the first conversation and can then take the necessary steps undertaketo memorize him permanently.
  2. Your brain picks up the correct name. Associated with an image, this image is enough to remind you of the name, even if the similarity is low.

So your memory is better than you think! My tip: First, think about what name you have in front of you. So there are a lot more Müllers and Webers than Kaczmarcyks. My tip: divide the names into one of the following categories:

Names through occupations


The first category are names that designate professions. Huber, Schmidt, Baker, King, Maier ... Especially the most frequent surnames belong to this. What is the picture? The activity! You can imagine what a miller does or a baker. This is, of course, your picture for the name.

Concrete names


Second, there are also many specific names. Stone, black, big. Here the picture is immediately clear. The stone. Something black. An over the top person. Sound-like names

More interesting are already names, which only contain something concrete. Seiffert, Biermann, and Dorniek. But as already learned, an impulse is enough! With the image soap, you will therefore automatically get the correct name Seiffert.

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Heavy and foreign names


And if all this does not fit? Then they are often foreign names. Did you know that Kowalski is derived from the Polish word for blacksmith, which roughly corresponds to the German "Schmidt"? Probably not.

So we have to find the pictures differently. Here is the trick: choose several pictures! They add to a small picture story. Co-Wal-ski. Imagine Mr. Kowalski walking KO because he was crossed by a whale on skis. Pretty crazy? Sure, of course! But just for this reason absolutely worthy.

Known names


Special case: I already know who .... Even people you already know are "pictures". Whether celebrities or from your circle of acquaintances. Meet Mr. Luther, think of Martin Luther. An image for the name would therefore also be the presentation of his theses. This way works well with surnames, which are also common as a first name.

If all this is difficult at first, it is normal. Overcome yourself and try. Go through your address book. You already know the people, but what pictures do they have for the names?

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And what do you think of the above names?

My idea: Mr. Kaczmarczyk. Pictures: "Katz" e and "Marzi" pan Mrs. Nguyen. Image: "N'Guten" appetite wish

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