{Media partnership} Trends from the future Human resources and outlook for 2018: robot recruiting, corporate health and lifelong learning

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Last week was again future staff, at the Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Also media partner is: Prominent speakers, old and new trends were to be found. A review - and a preview on 2018.

{Media Partnership} Trends from the Future Personnel and Outlook for 2018: Robot Recruiting, Corporate Health and Lifelong Learning {Media Partnership} Trends from the Future Personnel and Outlook for 2018: Robot Recruiting, Corporate Health and Lifelong Learning

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Trends from Europe's largest personnel fair

The future of personnel in Cologne is Europe's largest trade fair for personnel management. The range of topics ranges from recruiting and personnel services through company training, leadership and labor law to personnel software and the future of the working world. And this is also reflected in the figures: Five percent growth was recorded both by trade visitors (17.809 this year) and by the exhibitors (770 this year).

And the potential for innovation also grows. Thus, the number of exhibiting start-ups this year has risen to 97, which is almost twice as many as in the previous year. And not only did the start-ups occupy more space this year, this spirit, one would almost call it hype, was suddenly felt everywhere on the otherwise sleepy fair.

Influencer hype in the HR

For example, in the Networking and Blogger Lounge. In the past year, it was rather on the verge of the trade fair, in a rather remote corner - and at least well suited for discussions. This year, she was right in the thick of things and so was the run on the lectures of the HR blogger scene - one would think, here was almost more going on than the official keywords. And unfortunately, the space was a little too small for such a rush. That's almost the same as the influencer hype that I only know from other industries.

But I found the lecture by Joachim Diercks exciting, which unfortunately I could not completely hear because of time constraints: He discussed with "bots, algorithms and matching in personnel recruitment. Can machines also offer soft skills? "Hot topics - and thus provides my perfect transition to this year's trend topics at the fair: Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Artificial intelligence in the working world of tomorrow

The fair itself had this year the motto "work: olution - moving minds" given - according to the working world 4.0 in 2016 was obviously an increase necessary. It is about the upheavals that the automation of the world of work by robots and Artificial Intelligence will experience - and the question of how we humans make these changes as active as possible.

No wonder that the IBM Watson workshops are particularly popular here: IBM Personality Insights uses few words to extract and analyze needs and values ​​to make recommendations on how to interact with a person individually. IBM Talent Insights, on the other hand, shows how very large amounts of HR data - so-called big data in HR - can be identified and forecasted. The workshops show: With Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, HR departments will not only be able to look more closely at personal data in the future, but will also have greater influence on corporate decisions through better predictable personnel decisions. This is a scenario that I personally can not stop feeling positive about.

Better see opportunities as risks

Despite this, the sometimes prominent keynote speakers saw opportunities rather than risks in the digital transformation. In her keynote, Futurist Thinker and Entrepreneur Nell Watson emphasized the advantages of such systems: Humans can give up monotonous tasks, have more time for creativity and can make their lives more self-determined and individual again - the machine serves humans, not the other way round.

This idea was underlined by Prof. Dr. Julian Nida-Rümelin. The philosopher and Minister of State spoke in the Keynote arena about his idea of ​​a "digital humanism", which clearly puts the well-being of man at the center of digitization. At the same time, he called for clear ethical standards for dealing with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, which developers must always keep in mind in order to become aware of the consequences of their actions.

Corporate Health, Integration of Refugees and Social Issues

The Initiative for New Quality of Work (INQA) of the Federal Ministry of Labor designed its own program on all three days of the fair with speakers such as the newly elected Member of the Bundestag Thomas Sattelberger, Dr. Jutta Rump (IBE Ludwigshafen), Dr. Natalie Lotzmann (SAP SE) and Rudolf Kast (ddn).

For example, they talked and discussed social aspects in the digital transformation of the working world, the integration of refugees into the job market, and the question of why employee health should also be a top priority. After all, corporate health is a topic that kept popping up at many stands and at many lectures - perhaps also a trend that should be kept in mind.

Man must pretend the direction of the march

"Politics meets practice" was the motto at Future Talk. Thorben Albrecht, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Dr. Bettina Volkens, Labor Director of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Margret Suckale, former Human Resources Manager of the chemicals group BASF, and Markus Köhler, personnel manager at Microsoft, agreed that man must set the direction for the digitalization process.

The employers' representatives called on politicians to use new initiatives to give people a more positive picture of 4.0's work and the opportunities offered by digitization. State Secretary Albrecht emphasized that Company would have to invest a lot in education and training to take the employees with the digital transformation. Both sides underlined that people must be afraid of the changes.

Views 2018

After all, this is the perfect view of the next 2018 trade fair. Of course, even if the final moth is not yet established, it does show where the journey is going. Moving minds - that means not only technical innovation but also constant learning of employees. Even more than before, eLearning, microlearning or gamification in further education could come to the fore.

And that makes it clear that lifelong learning can be considered a future trend topic. And the future staff wants, that has CEO Ralf Hocke already hint, 2018 for it to be the impulse generator.

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