{Replica} Lenovo Round Table on the future of mobile work devices: tablet or emergencyebook? Think Bigger!

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Today Thinkpad manufacturer Lenovo invited to a “Media and Blogger Advisory Council” roundtable in Berlin, to exchange ideas about the tools of the future. An event you could have made more of. And where female needs were rather underrepresented. What would help: more courage to visions.

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Only one woman at the round table

In the Klartext, Lenovo Roundtable was called: 6 journalists and bloggers, two PR people and the developers: Peter Hortensius, SVP Think Product Group (to be admired in the video in full action), as well as Daryl Cromer from the VP PC Innovation Lab.

Amazingly, I was the only woman - no wonder that most of the new devices are very much geared to the needs of men and I always ask myself why nobody thinks of the feminine desires - and I do not mean the design, but the practicability!

That is precisely the reason for the event. Lenovo promised an outlook on strategy and products as well as information on upcoming products. In return, they wanted to discuss with us users openly in the round, as the PC of the future might look. And you probably also hoped for some good suggestions.

Ideas remained secret

Sound so far really interesting. But unfortunately only in theory! Because, to begin with, concrete ideas, where the journey with the next products goes, presented the developers hardly. Probably they are, but obviously you want to keep the information to yourself.

The future prospects more than vague. People prefer to philosophize in general about whether the tablet will be a necessity in the futureebook and seemed eager to hear our thoughts on the subject.

Exchange? Wrong!

But actually, Hortensius and Cromer had already answered the question: Of course, a tablet can never have the full functionality of an emergencyebookreplace s. Tablets are simply too inefficient and also too fragile - just think how difficult it is to use a tablet with an external keyboard on your knees.

And the stability is in the home of Lenovo very proud, as the above video also shows. Why did I always feel that Lenovo is constantly on the defensive against Apple (see also video)?

Lenovo on the defensive

It is not for nothing that communication experts criticize the fact that you should not go into defensive posture yourself, which is unsupportive. Especially if you really want to sell something. But futile, the Apple frustration is proverbially noted developers.

Unfortunately, you are otherwise completely convinced that you are on the right track. And user suggestions are welcome - but where they are not ins Concept ABC School Joke Oud fit, they are immediately ironed out by “yes but” arguments.

The Mary-Poppins bag for Christmas

Example: We should describe how we imagine our desired device, if tomorrow would be Christmas. So rather lighter and smaller or more powerful. It's very clear, I say, best of all.

And the best is a device that is so small that it fits into my handbag, but if necessary also has a hinged display, on which I can work better. A Mary Poppins bag is noted as slightly ironic.

What women Want!

But hey, I am a woman: When I have to carry a 5 Kg laptop with me in the handbag next to a few HighHeels for evening event, I have ruined my back after a few years. However, a backpack on the back looks elegant to an elegant evening gown.

I did not have time to go home between several appointments and leave everything. Cars, in which they can pack everything, will have fewer and fewer people in the future. No wonder I now prefer to do my work with the HTC Desire S.

And what about working mothers who, in addition to their implements, also carry their children around? Or are they simply not present in the corporate philosophy of Lenovo?

The future must be easier

The work tools of the future, with which you have to deal with as much as possible from the road, must become smaller and more practical, but the performance must not suffer.

At Lenovo, however, one loses oneself in details and is oriented on today's feasible as a requirement for the coming years, instead of the big whole as an objective in mind.

Haggle around every inch

There is need for every millimeterebook-Thickness haggled or for every kilogram of weight. Better a thinner emergencyebook, but can the customer do without a USB connection? And does the customer still need large hard drives in the age of cloud computing? An all-in-one device or would you prefer specialized devices for every task?

It may be that I have relatively little idea of ​​the technical details. But if all developers had thought that way throughout history, then today we would probably have to do without electricity or flying - because that too was considered impossible for a long time.

Think Bigger

I like the idea of Jean Spencer even better: it has to be possible and then I prophy around until I find a solution. This is exactly how I imagine the development of new tools: It must be possible to build small, lightweight, yet powerful and stable devices. You just have to find a solution!

Update: For example, it could be a large holographic screen - smartphone and keyboard.

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