Future Mindset in 3 Steps: Digitization - Recognizing and Using Opportunities and Risks

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How do executives program theirs? Company on digital sustainability? Only when bosses and HR professionals review their own mindset and become acquainted with digitization can they change their hiring processes and leadership and advance change processes.

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All a question of attitude!

It's no secret: economic success stems from the inner attitude of the company manager. It also does it with a view to the budget Sensewhen executives review their attitudes before designing new strategies or products.

That this is currently about digitization, is not crucial. The decisive factor in 100 years will still be the view ahead.

In the future, companies that provide the best benefit will win

Companies that want to continue to deliver the best value to their customers and continue to do so should be open and honest with themselves on a regular basis. That's not always easy. At this point, sizes like Nokia, Kodak and Quelle have failed.

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Moving away inevitable topics and sticking to old products is understandable, but can be a risky game. The realization that one's own offer is no longer in demand tomorrow hurts first. However, in the long term, it prevents companies from being hived off.

Future Mindset: Leaders must observe their own behavior

The world has changed: it has become less secure, faster and more complex. Much is different today than previous generations have learned. To help managers understand whether they are adequately future-oriented or not, it helps to observe their behavior.

The following questions can give orientation as it is about your own inner attitude. The questions can be customized individually:

  • Which media do I consume - more news?
  • Trade media?
  • Newspaper?
  • E-Books?
  • Youtube?
  • When did I last learn?
  • With whom do I spend my time - with acquaintances, role models, strangers?
  • Where do I go on vacation?
  • Always in the same hotel or do I like to discover new countries?
  • What do I think about Siri or Instagram and Co.?
  • How do I stand with generation Y and Z or flat hierarchies?
  • How do I use new digital possibilities?
  • Can I still learn something from the Digital Natives or do I pass on such topics directly?

"Yes" to digitization: Leaders need to lead by example

We humans always fear the unknown. That is normal. But rejection destroys opportunities and lets potentials pass unused. However, leaders can easily prevent this by leading their team by example and gaining additional knowledge whenever they feel negative vibes against something new. As a result, an initial "no" often quickly turns into a "yes" to digitization.

To stay on the ball, it is also helpful when leaders are open to new things, regularly educate themselves, read books for professional development, interact with smart people and constantly expand their know-how. This is hard work and should become an integral part of your managerial responsibilities. This strategy of permanent development programs the attitude towards future success.

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Focus on the essentials: 3 success prospects for the future

When working on the mindset, it can be useful when bosses take a new perspective. One's own finances, the competition or market-regulating factors - all this often puts the company manager in such a hog, that the focus on essentials is lost.

Ultimately, it's all about the all-important question: "Why do customers buy from us?" At this point, three principles come into play:

1. Customer Centricity

An important key to success is customer focus. In doing so, the company puts the customer at the center of all its considerations. In all activities, top entrepreneurs have the following questions in mind:

  • "What does this mean for our customers?",
  • "What advantages does it offer you?",
  • "Do we solve such a problem?"
  • and "What is the added value we deliver to the customer?".

2. Simplicity

In the Simplicity principle, simplicity is the top priority. The products should have a maximum utility value for the customer and at the same time be uncomplicated in the application, that is intuitively operable.

However, not just the operation of the devices should be simple, but also any interaction with the company itself.

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3. scalability

Scalability is about unlocking new growth opportunities without taking much money.

Whether companies now want to gain new business areas, markets or new target groups - the concept, procedure and the use of resources remain unchanged. A big advantage of scaling is that this process always produces a steep learning curve.

Only hire highly qualified applicants: bathe in the spirit of the environment

Executives should also be brave when recruiting and selecting new employees. Until now, it was common for German HR managers to hire applicants who are less qualified than themselves and grow in the company.

In the course of dynamic and increasingly complex times, this system works less and less. The extreme examples Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Steve Jobs (Apple) consciously proclaim to give preference to highly specialized people from whom they can learn something for themselves.

Digitization skeptics must face changes with an open mindset

If digitization skeptics succeed in counteracting the changes of time less negatively, but with a neutral, open mindset, the most important thing is done. Then, as a leader, they will be able to take their employees along and establish a welcoming culture for digitization.

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This is achieved by executives underpinning clearly defined goals with concrete instructions and thus communicating them understandably to the employees. Owners will find the right goals by understanding why they are working on the future of their company, how to tackle this and what needs to be done.

Use the opportunity in digital transformation

Digital thinking is worth it! Because digitization can also be fun: The paperless office is more environmentally friendly, and digital communication is faster and easier. The work also changes away from routine work to creative, advisory and planning activities.

One thing is certain: the digital revolution is here and offers new opportunities for everyone - for companies, executives and even the individual employee. Never was the time so good to actively redesign your company.

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