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In the past few years, I have been dealing with further training and recognition on the labor market. The IHK is one of the best-known and most recognized training institutions on the labor market. The reason for a small overview of current trends and developments. Chamber of Industry Education and Training: Current Trends & Developments further education

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IHKFurther education strongly in demand

How important the IHK further education is, is also reflected in the fact that one is repeatedly talked into by readers on it - recently, for example, by our reader Irene decided to my assessment of a IHK-Betriebswirts. Your reason:

"I ask at this point because at the moment I am still considering the IHK for myself personally, because the Chamber of Commerce is well known to everyone nationwide."

Criteria for selecting the right training

In our 18-series on the topic of further education We have dealt with the many different criteria according to which you should choose a training step by step - not by the IHK, by the way, but also by many other providers.

This includes, for example, the question of the purpose and purpose of further education, Quality seals for quality assurance, the finding of the appropriate further education in Internet databases or even the question the costs and appropriate financing.

Consulting by the IHK

Also the Advisory services offered by various training providers were treated. The Stiftung Warentest has tested various counseling centers for further education.

The chambers offer a clear advantage: the consultants usually know quite well about the labor market situation in their region and have many tips for newcomers. The downside: they often recommend their own training programs and are not completely objective.

Current trends in IHK trainings

However, current trends such as current social media training do not go unnoticed at the IHK. Our author Katharina Antonia Heder has appeared in several contributions with the selection of the right social media training and the Differentiation of the social media professions apart.

In the discussion on her not undisputed contribution "Why the social media industry needs to specialize"The quality of IHK social media training is specifically addressed.

A word about the cost of IHK-continuing education

Finally, Hedder is also involved in her equally far-reaching contribution Is social media the new nageldesign? also critically discuss the quality and cost of an IHK continuing education. She writes:

For example, if it is important to have been audited by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), it should always calculate a few Euros based on examination fees, etc., which will raise the actual training price. In general, one should expect around 1.000 € for a good seminar.

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