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Education & Training (HR magazine)

Self-determined & motivated learning - 5 / 5: 12 tips for effective training

Effective training, which should really bring something, of course, requires a greater amount of time than just grafting something on to the employees or leaving the decision to themselves. Of course, individually tailored learning content costs more money than standard 08 / 15 seminars. 12 tips on how to find the perfect training. Read more
Best of HR - Professions
Success & Management (HR magazine)

Training during the holiday season: 7 tips for learning in the summer

Summer, sun, holiday season! For some, the holiday beckons. The others pull it to the quarry. And then there are people who use this time quite differently: namely for a further education. Because at no other time of the year is it as easy to learn as it is in summer. 7 tips on how best to succeed. Read more