{Replica} Inexpensive studies for social media strategy: How good is the slogan “study Facebook and Twitter”?

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Anyone who has already dealt with the different degree programs in the field of e-commerce will have taken note of the different forms of the individual offers. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is currently advertising with the slogan “Study Facebook and Twitter”. What is behind it?

{Replica} Inexpensive study for social media strategy: How much is the slogan good

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Here writes for you:

Katharina A. Heder Katharina A. HederKatharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


Strategic consulting as a focus of study

Whoever thinks that this course of study is fascinating through seminars, which deals with the use of social networks, has deceived itself. Because the focus is a little different:

A look at the curriculum goes far beyond the expectations that are fueled by expectations. In addition to the practical examination of networks, the main aim is to meaningfully complement economic knowledge through targeted (self-selected) focus modules.

Social media becomes an independent discipline

Social media is thus no longer understood as part of marketing, but rather as an independent discipline within a company. This is how it is also explained that all areas of the company are covered up from the company's foundation to the core economic issues.

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This is clearly more than the application of Facebook and Co. in the focus of this study: It makes the claim to train experts for everyday business and comes to this goal with a thoughtful Concept opposite.

Expensive does not always have to be better

While other offers especially at the Fernhochschule are particularly noticeable due to the high fees, this offer of a public university is not least due to the low costs:

Instead of 20.000 Euro, there is not much more to pay than the semester fee of around 60 Euro. This leaves young students just enough budget to actively use the mobility semester to deepen their knowledge abroad.

Re-entry or student?

As a result, this presence study also differs from many offers because these foreign experience, internships or similar are not the focus of the training.

For returnees, other offers may be the more appropriate concept, whereas students should certainly prefer this model.

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Presence studies and work are not mutually exclusive

Anyone who is now considering whether and to what extent such a course of study is useful should take a look at the semester plan: This means that there is no utilization over five days, but rather a wise combination of one's own interests and obligatory seminars accompanying studies.

In this respect, HS Anhalt's offer is a truly worthwhile option for those who are currently thinking about the appropriate qualification to deepen their own knowledge in the social media world.

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  1. Read

    Do you also offer individual coaching? That would really interest me.

  2. Kim

    Great article, Today there are so many study types there is for everyone what. Of course I find the study fees much too expensive. Best regards. Kim

    • Simone Janson

      In this offer, the study fees are not expensive.

    • Katharina Heder

      Hello Kim,

      First of all, a short note: Your link is missing the imprint. Please get this fast in your interest.

      The study fees you mentioned are so-called semester contributions. These are due and payable at each university. the work of the pending student works, the maintenance of the university, and the like. These apply to every university.

      They are supplemented by contributions for semester ticks and the like. In order to get a picture of what is studying, an example from me from my own experience: At the HS Anhalt the described 60 euro. At the HU Berlin 10 and / or 240 Euro already accrued around 250 years, of which about 150 Euro accounted for the semester ticket and 90 and 100 Euro were to be paid.

      In this respect I think that you can live with 60 Euro. Quotation: Quotation: Quotation of johnson Contribution by the following: Many modernized partly new buildings, a university, the excursions, praxisprojekte and co, work in the seminar on iMacs etc. In this respect, I think that the price / performance ratio more than true.


  3. Katharina Heder

    The costs are for one semester. This includes the semester fee + student contribution. In fact, one can argue about the teaching form. From my point of view, I think there are good reasons for a student study.

    One such reason would be, for example, the intensity of learning. If, for example, the interaction parts are often too short for webinars, the requirement of a university entrance study is still a different one. Each week, a lecturer, who questions knowledge, presents theories and develops new theses in a common discourse.

    Especially those who work a lot - here I speak from my own experience - find it harder to get up to reading a textbook. In the classroom study you are just not asked - and thus the result is simply higher in comparison.

    Anyone who decides for a sound education should not only have heard webinars, but this modern form of teaching would certainly be conceivable for one or the other topic complex.

  4. Pascal

    only 60 Eur per semester? or per month? such a course of studies should also be offered as a Fernstudium via Weimar ... come from Berlin

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