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Fritzi Roth_GlassdoorDACH Fritzi Roth is Product Specialist at Glassdoor DA-CH. She has been with Glassdoor in California since January 2016 and is the Product Specialist responsible for the German-speaking markets. Born in Berlin, she has lived in the USA since 2014. There she previously worked as a consultant for market entry strategies at the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta and at the German Society for Foreign Trade and Location Marketing in Washington DC. More information at www.glassdoor.de

{Study} The most popular managers in Germany: Lead like BMW MHP Accenture

What is good leadership? How does she not work? And how does it affect employer branding? A recent survey shows who are the most popular managers in Germany and what they do better than others.

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What distinguishes popular executives?

Good leadership is not only positive for employees: too Company benefit from popular executives in the course of employer branding, which they can use to convince coveted professionals.

But to understand what makes the most popular CEOs better than others, one has to look closely at how the ranking is achieved.

How does the ranking come about?

The Glassdoor job portal has selected 10's most popular managers in Germany based on employee reviews. BMW CEO Harald Krüger is in the lead, followed by the CEOs of MHP and Accenture.

Unlike other awards, the award is based solely on voluntary and anonymous feedback from employees who post an employer rating on the Glassdon job and career platform and answer the question whether they are in favor of their CEO or not.

The methodology

The most popular executives were determined on the basis of their general approval rate - in Germany for the fourth time. In addition to the quantity, the content of all verified reviews submitted by employees employed in Germany between May 2, 2017 and May 1, 2018 were taken into account.

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Companies with at least 20 ratings for management attributes by employees based in Germany were considered. For the sake of clarity, the managing director ratings are rounded up. However, the calculations to determine the rankings take into account values ​​in excess of the thousandth.

The employees have decided

CEOs are the ultimate decision-makers, strategists and visionaries. Not only to investors and stakeholders, but also to their employees, they have an enormous responsibility. Managers should act as role models for their employees.

A good CEO inspires his employees, helps them achieve their full potential and enables breakthrough innovation. Good leadership is therefore largely based on the expectations of employees.

Representing companies from different industries

The most popular managers of German employees come from a wide range of sectors: the automotive industry, software and hardware companies, management consultancy, the furniture industry, online mail order companies and research.

Six of the companies were already in the ranking last year. Noteworthy: Despite the crisis in the automotive industry, another CEO of a car company is at the top of the ranking.

The 10 most popular manager of Germany 2018

Harald Krüger, CEO of BMW, is especially valued by his employees. From 8 last year and the 2. Rank 2016 was voted the most popular manager in Germany for the first time this year.

Dieter Zetsche (CEO of Daimler) was still in the lead in the previous year. Now he is still in the top 10 and occupies the 2018 8. Space.

German managers also internationally popular

Ralf Hofmann, co-founder of MHP and last year still on the 9. Rank, this year reaches the 2. Place. Frenchman Pierre Nanterme, who has been CEO of Accenture since 3, has also made it into the Top 2011. He was last elected 2015 by his employees on rank 4.

Internationally, Microsoft and SAP's executives are not only popular with German employees - Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella was a top performer in all five countries where Glassdoor was ranked.

These are the top 10's most popular managers at a glance:

  1. Harald Krüger of BMW (99% approval rate)
  2. Ralf Hofmann of MHP - A Porsche Company (97%)
  3. Pierre Nanterme of Accenture (97%)
  4. Satya Nadella of Microsoft (96%)
  5. Patrik Kiesow by mömax (96%)
  6. Volkmar Denner of Robert Bosch (95%)
  7. Reimund Neugebauer of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (95%)
  8. Dieter Zetsche of Daimler (94%)
  9. Bill McDermott of SAP (94%)
  10. Jeff Bezos of Amazon (94%)

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