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Stefan Häseli Portrait 1_quadrStefan Häseli is a consultant for organizational development. For over 10 years, the University of St. Gallen-certified coach and trainer for management, communication and marketing issues has accompanied well-known companies such as Omega, Swatch, Reader's Digest and the Swiss Post. Awarded the International German Training Prize in Gold, the former cabaret artist and book author is also in demand as a moderator and keynote speaker in German-speaking countries. More information at www.atelier-ct.ch and www.stefanhaeseli.ch

Leadership satire: bikers for self-marketing

Hannes is worried. A member of the executive board has just been elected who is a few years younger than him. When he is in the morning in the Spiegel considered, it can no longer be denied that it is gradually approaching the 50th anniversary of its birth. And now? Leadership management-leadership-satiere2

Die Entscheidung

You can smile away from wrinkles, darken hair with color if necessary, but the steadily growing circumference just above the waistline can no longer be talked away. After reading a relevant specialist article on the mid-life crisis, it is clear to Hannes: before he slips in, it is important to develop effective and sustainable countermeasures.

For hours he consults advice and blogs on the Internet. Then he decides to do sports. That is good for mental and physical health. Now it's time to look for the right sport. After further research in mens health and life style magazines the result is: Hannes becomes a biker. Not just profane “cycling”, no, that's for tourists in the lowlands. Hannes opts for proper and sporty cycling. Biking is sport for the modern man!

The goal setting phase

As a manager, Hannes knows that no project can do without a goal. "Goals are not to be set too modestly" is Hannes' experience from his practice. And what has proven itself there should also be right for his bike project. It is clear to him that he also wants to strive for ambitious targets here.

For example, the Alpine Bikeathlon is held annually, which separates the Fitten from the top Fitten. In five days across the Swiss mountains and peppered with a few thousand meters of altitude. This is an announcement and a challenge at the same time. To get a tad more concrete, Hannes plans to participate in the Alpen-Bikeathlon next summer and aims for the first quarter of the ranking.

The planning phase

A solid project must be planned cleanly. Here time and money to save would be wrong. First, it is about material procurement. Hannes travels from specialist dealers to specialist dealers, is able to advise on the quality of the basic materials and translation technology, as well as the refinements in the braking systems of modern bikes, and drives about ten models to the test. He finally decides for a Roadrunner Ultimate with carbon frame and high-end braking system.

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The right outfit should not be missing. With the gymnastics pants from your studies and an old promotional T-shirt from the 90s, you can no longer make a state. So he buys a racing bike passion with an integrated ventilation system in fashionable colors. The DVD “Efficiency in Pedal Printing” impressively shows Hannes on his PC which movements he should internalize in detail.

Flanking marketing measures

Basically Hannes is aware that he does the sport for himself and his health. But as in any area, sport is not just about doing good, but talking about it. The environment should perceive that you (s) are with the people. He screws his luggage bike carrier on the car roof. Of course, not a cheap model from the hardware store, but the right quality product.

This carrier remains on the roof, so that everyone in the underground car park of his company understands that Hannes is so intensely biking that it is not worth removing the carrier in each case. For this it seems absolutely important that he inaugurates the colleagues about his project during the breaks. And of course, “by the way” sometimes leaves a PC printout about “XXL bike tours” in the printer. He is looking forward to answering the question "Who does this expression belong to?" In the open-plan office. Can answer "me". Well, marketing is not everything - but without marketing everything is nothing.

The implementation

After the week-long goal setting and planning phase, the time is there to subject your bike to a field test, including the whole equipment. Hannes puts the bike on the car, pulls the figurbetonten Renndress and goes to the country. As soon as he had parked at the edge of the forest, a barking, sharp dog approached with strollers in the tow.

The dog looks as if he was thinking: "ah, another biker, great calves, I'm looking forward to biting into it". Hannes stays in the car. He doesn't like the prospect of a closer meeting with the dog. He did not think through this scenario. He immediately stops the exercise and goes home to look for an internet article about “dogs and bikers living together”. He is happy to close this gap in planning and consolingly says: "Especially with such important projects you really don't have to rush."

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