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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Antje Heimsoeth is an expert in mental and emotional strength, motivation and self-management. As a mental coach, she trains international corporations and traditional medium-sized companies as well as numerous clients from the sports sector: Olympic and world champions, professional teams and national coaches.

Women's power in leadership: 3's typical misperceptions

Successful women demonstrate nerve strength, determination and self-confidence. In short, you are emotionally and mentally strong, calm and confident. But not all women think big enough for leadership positions.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Need for action exists!

The German Parliament has never been so male. The revolutionary gender change in the top management of German Company remained even after the introduction of the women's quota.

In the post-feminist era, there is still a great deal to be done to increase the proportion of women in management positions.

When your own attitude stands in the way

Not infrequently companies complain that they lack suitable candidates for management positions. But the reasons for the absence of women at the top of the business are not just external circumstances.

Much is based on the attitude of women on their own career path: they often struggle with blockages and lack self-confidence because they are unaware of their strengths. Men know that only those who believe in themselves believe and follow other people. Only those who trust themselves trust colleagues, partners or the boss.

When the faith in itself is lacking

But trusting yourself means building on your strengths. By contrast, women focus too much on weaknesses, shortcomings and failures - whether in a family environment, in business or in relation to their own self-image. They know exactly what they did when, where and how wrong.

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Faith in oneself and one's own ability is a deciding factor, on which we depend, whether we are successful with what we do or not. A critical look at frequently used arguments makes the mentality of many women clear - and shows the construction sites for further development for women in management positions:

3 Typical misjudgments

When it comes to leadership, many women who want to get on with their jobs still make typical mistakes in thinking of 3:

Misjudgment # 1: I do not need a network.

Women work intensively on problem solutions and tasks, but neglect to make contacts and exchange with others. It is important in the pursuit of leadership positions to be visible, to get to know possible sparring partners and to exchange experiences.

Unlike men, women do not naturally support each other. Often subliminal fears play a role:

  • Am I providing too much attack surface with openness?
  • What do others think of me?
  • Is every mistake made a weakness?
  • What do I have of my support for a colleague?

Misjudgment # 2: I do not like to be the focus.

Well educated and qualified, women want to be respected and promoted, but they are reluctant to be in the focus of attention. Each career step brings more attention to the front.

However, what is on the mills of self-marketing among male colleagues is still too often leading women to retreat on their way to leadership positions. They tend to mince their own achievements instead of being proud of it. The subliminal motive: Do not offend, arouse envy, bury colleagues.

Misjudgment # 3: I'm too private in my private life.

Being a leader means taking responsibility and investing time. Many women are worried about not being able to afford enough for their partner and family. Especially when resistance is to be expected or already exists, women refrain from taking the next step towards a career.

Many things could be organized - with a well-paid job, the range of possibilities also increases. But that requires the will - from all sides. The list goes on and on, the realization remains the same: there is a lack of the necessary mental strength of women to reach and succeed in leadership positions.

Looking for recognition

One of the female stumbling blocks on the way to the top is the desire to be loved by everyone and to please as many as possible. Always on the lookout for recognition and appreciation, women give everything - and sometimes to themselves and their original goals.

In addition, things and circumstances are changing rapidly today. And though change can mean new ways to improve quality of life, many women are afraid of it.

Let go of the old!

It is important to know that change begins in the mind. To get to know something new, it is sometimes necessary to let go of the old. But we humans are detainers. We stick to processes, habits or relationships because we think we've already invested too much in them.

This is exactly what slows down every form of development and progress. We must learn to say goodbye to things that burden us. Let go of what you have to let go, and focus exclusively on things that are in our own sphere of influence, including mental ones. In this way, we create capacities for our personal development and free ourselves from useless mental and emotional baggage.

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