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TALK | Heinz Patzelt from Starting a business with affiliate programs TALK | Heinz Patzelt from Starting a business with affiliate programs

Affiliate programs have become one of the most important marketing tools in recent years. They are based on the principle of mediation, whereby the affiliate acts as an interface between the product provider and potential customers. In the following interview, entrepreneur Heinz Patzelt explains how this works.

Heinz Patzel is founder of, a comparison portal for sportsbook providers. He has a 25 year of experience in the sports betting industry and has grown from a simple cashier to the CEO of a large and internationally operating betting provider. In 2008, he has changed sides and since then has been soliciting potential betting operators' customers with test reports, helpful information and news on the activities of various providers. In this activity he benefits from his technical background knowledge, since he is at a Company the industry has gone through all the stations.

Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


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Mr. Patzelt, you see yourself as an advisor of people who are interested in sports betting but are paid as an affiliate by the betting providers for the mediation of customers. How is this compatible with each other?

I see no contradiction. See if there are five department stores in your town, and I will tell you all about the advantages and disadvantages of these department stores, which product is more expensive and cheaper to buy, which department store has a customer car park and which department store accepts credit cards, then you have acquired a knowledge that will help you decide which store you want to go to.

So you have a benefit. If everything is still true, which I have told you, and you are completely satisfied with the shopping experience in this department store, we have a win-win situation. You as a customer are satisfied and the department store has generated sales. What would you prefer now? That the department store paid me for my services or that you have to pay for the consultation?

This is, of course, a matter of opinion. But they have not specialized in the testing of department stores, but in a sector as sensitive as sports betting providers. Why?

This is related to my career. Of course I can only advise you sensibly if I know what I am talking about. Of course Affiliate programs a business model that enables the individual to earn a livelihood.

However, this only works if the highest seriousness and neutrality are displayed. Our portal is not the only one of its kind on the internet. Any false information that I provide would be known immediately because of the nature of the Internet. The consequence would be a breach of trust between me and the users who would not be able to kitten.

So, based on my experience and my knowledge of the sports betting industry, I will only pass on facts. If I preferred dubious providers for lucrative commissions, I would be happy to receive the commission just once - never again afterwards. That's not my intention. I strive for the above-mentioned win-win situation.

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What exactly does your site do? provides on the one hand extensive reviews of the biggest sports betting providers, which are represented in the German market. Each individual competitor is thoroughly tested and evaluated in all categories relevant to the customer, such as ease-of-use, deposit and withdrawal modalities, bonus programs, customer service, betting and many more.

On the other hand, we provide our users with the latest news, previews on games and background knowledge. Last but not least, we also provide information on know-how, such as betting strategies, a betting glossary in which relevant terms are explained or explain how quotas actually come about.

Why is such a site necessary?

For the same reason, why you do not know in which of the five department stores in your city you should shop to stay with that comparison. With a variety of providers, it is always difficult for the consumer to make the right choice. We take away the tedious research and eliminate at the same time the most important uncertainty factor, which is: Is this provider really serious?

We are the authority that the user can refer to in the networks of the Internet, according to the motto: “ said that the provider is reputable. So it has to be right. ” And that is the point: It must also prove true in practice.

Do you think your site makes sports betting more transparent?

I think so. Sports betting and the like still have a negative connotation in society. The opinion "This is all rip-off" is not widespread among many people. There is no denying that there are black sheep in this branch too. We filter out these black sheep and introduce those providers who work seriously.

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Do you think the industry is serious? Not a few people think differently. How do you justify your opinion?

If you look at the betting scandal around the referee Robert Hoyzer, you could easily come to the conclusion that it is a criminals industry. Nevertheless, this scandal is one of the few in a more than 50-year history. There is therefore no above-average scandal in the sports betting industry than in other sectors.

That just means that not everything is known ...

The conditions for the bookmakers are very high. Not everyone can offer sports betting so easily. Licenses and permits are required. In addition, all relevant data of the provider must be disclosed. Some sportsbook providers are even public limited companies subject to even more stringent regulations.

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