The future of continuing education: where are the providers?

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Where is the continuing education industry currently? Where will she move in the next few months? Is in the face of increasing digitization in Company to expect a growth of the training market? The online portal wanted to know and started to search for industry trends.

The future of continuing education: where are the providers? Survey training

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International survey in five countries


An international survey conducted among training providers in Germany, France, the UK, Sweden and Finland conducted the end of 2016 / beginning 2017 via online survey and in which 436 training providers participated.

With mixed feelings, the surveyed European providers look back on the past year. The survey participants from Germany show themselves the most satisfied: 54% have the impression that the expenditure on further education and training rose in the past year.

Investment in training


The fact that investment in continuing education has remained the same or has declined, is less than half the respondents. The judgment of the other nations is not quite as rosy as the majority of the suppliers outside Germany expect a decline or a stagnation of investment in the area of ​​further education. A clear signal is set by the French: 76% of the survey participants in the neighboring country deny that the expenditure on further education has increased.

However, the survey participants are optimistic about their future forecasts: that 2017 sales can be maintained at the level of the previous year, so expect half of the surveyed German suppliers. An increase in sales even exceeds 48%. The other European training providers are similarly confident about the coming months. 50% of Finns expect an increase in sales, 34% on steady. In France, 47% of providers expect rising investment in education and training, 41% of stable. The British are the most optimistic: Here, 72% expect an increase in sales compared to the previous year, only 6% anticipate a decline in sales.

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eLearning does not matter much


But which form of continuing education is most popular in Europe? Contrary to the trend towards digitization, eLearning does not play a major role in the countries that took part in the survey. Only 4% of German providers consider this type of course to be the most successful form of continuing education; in Scandinavia it is even less. All countries, on the other hand, focus on open seminars and in-house trainings. In Germany (48%), Great Britain (50%) and Sweden (52%), open seminars ranked among the most successful continuing education courses, with in-house courses being the most popular in France (50%) and Finland (51,5%).

That the continuing education market is highly competitive is nothing new. But how can the seminar providers successfully position themselves in the market despite the great competition? There are three main factors on which the European providers rely: on the one hand, the quality of the continuing education content plays an immense role, on the other hand the quality of the lecturers, but also the reputation and brand image of the providers. The majority of respondents in Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom see their quality as the highest quality success, Reputation and brand image take first place in Sweden, which comes in third place among the German providers.

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    The future of continuing education: Where are the suppliers 2017? from
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