The Future of Mobility & Autonomous Driving: Digital Car 2030?

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New mobility concepts, electric drive, autonomous vehicles and business models like Uber's will transform our lives and our cities. Is there 2030 still cars?

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The German automotive industry and its future

Dr. Mario Herger has been living in Silicon Valley for many years. A place where evil clutches together over the German automotive industry. Herger takes us on an exciting journey of discovery through the latest technological developments. What he describes would have gone through a few years ago as science fiction.

But his exciting analysis shows that the last driver newcomer is probably already born. For in the age of autonomously driving and networked vehicles, the human factor will only unnecessarily endanger safety on the roads.

Time to resignation?

What the numerous start-ups in sunny California are developing is nothing but the end of the classic car as we know it. And with it the end of an entire industry. The Germans are emotionally attached to that.

But the revolution we are witnessing is also releasing power and energies that can flow into innovation. But this requires not only a dose of radical thinking, but also the courage not to see digitization as a threat, but to recognize the opportunities in it. The fascinating descriptions of Mario Herger offer ample opportunity.

Conclusion: insight into the future

Provocative, knowledgeable, exciting: The book by Mario Herger should be required reading for every manager. Not only in the automotive industry. Properly read, the title appeals to many industries to awaken from lethargy and seize new opportunities.

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