Knowledge of foreign languages ​​as a springboard for career: How to learn languages?

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The opening of new markets around the world offers companies numerous growth opportunities. As a result of globalization and internationalization, foreign language skills are now indispensable. But it is best to learn them in their own country!

Language skills as a stepping stone to the career: How to learn languages? Courses

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Claudio Cesarano is Business Economist & Vice CEO of Media Tourism AG, a subsidiary of Globetrotter Group.


International competences are indispensable

Not only large companies such as Siemens, Google, Apple or Zalando look beyond their own borders. The world is growing together, and medium-sized companies have understood this as well.

Who wants to beat his competitors out of the race, will usually need more then a foreign language. International competence is now an indispensable skill.

Stays abroad as a key to language competence

School education certainly provides basic knowledge. However, you quickly come across its linguistic boundaries as soon as it comes to profound conversations. Basically, intensive training is the key to success.

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In the meantime, there are numerous interesting possibilities, which have nothing to do with dusty school books. It is best to learn a language by speaking it. Since this is relatively difficult in your own country, it is a good time to spend abroad. There are quite different possibilities for this.

Backpacking is never too late

Get out of the office and into the nature. Backpacking is never too late. One of the most wonderful ways to get to know a country is to work there and to live with the locals, to laugh and to cry.

In the normal everyday life one learns the language almost by itself and by the way sees and experiences things one would never have thought possible before. One of the most uncomplicated countries when it comes to work and travel is probably Australia.

Work and Travel and Farm Stay

The visa can be requested in advance for about 150 € on the Internet, hostels are available all over the country and work is with some patience and the willingness to try something completely different too relatively quickly.

So you end up quickly on a cattle farm or a shrimp cutter. If you want to be more organized, there are many organizations that will help you, especially during the first days and weeks, to provide you with accommodation and a lot of organizational support.

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Au Pair, Demi-Pair or Internship abroad

To experience the culture of a country and learn all the intricacies of the language, a year as an au pair is probably the best option. There are different ways of doing this.

  • A full-time au pair takes care of a maximum of 45 hours around the next generation in the host family.
  • While a demi-pair is half-dayly attending a language school and by the way still 20 hours per week the childcare takes over.

Au-Pair and Demi-Pair are especially suitable after the Abitur and usually form a good orientation phase for future students.


If you are older and prefer to gain practical experience, an internship abroad is certainly more suitable. These are available in various areas.

From architecture to construction, to IT, marketing and tourism, there are numerous offers in every industry. Internships are mostly unpaid and include 35 to 40 working hours per week. The duration is of course dependent on the personal situation, but can take between 4 and 24 months.


Anyone who is socially engaged and wants to gain new experience in this field should register as a volunteer in an aid project. Basically, the bet is not paid, but the experience is in no way with money to settle.

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There are a variety of tasks: teaching primary school children, providing assistance in the orphanage, nature conservation or women's projects, and building new infrastructure in developing countries - so many opportunities to test its capabilities and its limitations.

There are now numerous organizations that offer projects in China, Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, but also Canada or Australia.


Unfortunately one does not always have the possibility to go abroad for a longer period of time. In order to combine the useful with the pleasant, language travel offers a good alternative.

Whether you choose a language course in England, learn Japanese in the country of the rising sun or attend an intensive business language course. Numerous providers offer infinitely many offers in almost all countries of the world.

You can determine the length of the course and the different requirements for your own performance. What you choose depends solely on your personal circumstances and preferences.

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  1. Christine Edelmann

    Au-Pair and Demi-Pair are especially suitable after the Abitur and usually form a good orientation phase for future students.

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Ms Edelmann,
      thank you for pointing,

  2. Martina

    Especially when you're backpacking, you should really pay attention to which organization you trust your money (and that is usually not a little). A friend of mine wanted to help with her organization, for example, in the search for jobs in Australia and stated that physical work (because of being underweight) is out of the question. This was not considered at the beginning, and so she stood there for a while without work and money. But such incidents are certainly not the rule.
    By the way, at least for the acquisition of basic knowledge one can certainly do something at home. Multimedia languageCourses, in addition to the pure droning of vocabulary and grammar and listening comprehension and pronunciation are trained, are on the rise and in my opinion also very effective.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Martina,
      Thank you. Just from Australia I have heard similar stories. If you want, you can write a guest contribution to your experiences.

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