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Text comes from the book: “The handbook for digital nomads: Self-determined living - work independent of location” (2016), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

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Author Photo_Sebastian Kühn_ (c) ShanghainFocus Photography 2Sebastian Kühn is an entrepreneur and digital nomad who has lived and worked in Shanghai and around the world since 2012. As a location-independent entrepreneur, he supports people through his blog, an online community and local events to embark on their own self-determined life. More information at All texts by Sebastian Kühn.

Workation & work on the go: flexible, self-determined & agile living

Wenn Du über Deine Dir zur Verfügung stehende Zeit, Deinen Wohnort und Deinen gesamten Lebensweg frei entscheiden möchtest, dann musst Du Dich von all den Dingen trennen, die Dich fremd bestimmen.

anchor-scan-life self-determined-

What is firmly anchored?

The epitome of foreign control in your life are things
that we call anchors. In the English speaking
The term “anchored” is used for space, among other things
Used by people who are fully committed to life.

They have moored in the harbor and have several heavy anchors in front of possible
Storm protected. However, the anchors have sunk so deep into the seabed that the ship can no longer leave the safe harbor.

Is it normative or self-determined?

Enough of metaphors. You know what I'm getting at. A feeling of security, trained consumerism and certain expectations of society ensure that, as you get older, you bind yourself more and more to things and obligations that you are bound to
ultimately external control.

Standing with both legs in life has a positive association. Having a career, owning property, accumulating status symbols and protecting yourself in the best possible way is considered to conform to the norms, even though these are the anchors of a self-determined person
Can hold off life.

Whenever something holds you - be it contractual obligations, emotional ties or financial restrictions - you give up a small amount of self-determination and leave the decision-making power to a third party. By catching some anchors and taking on more responsibility for your life, you're taking that freedom back.

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Minimalism as a life setting

The minimalism approach is very helpful in reducing anchors. Under the motto "Declutter your life" ("Simplify your life"), minimalists try to counteract overloading with things. It is about much more than clearing out the apartment and renouncing consumption.

The basic idea of ​​minimalism is to make the really important one
To give more importance to things in your life and to you
to get rid of everything superfluous. This is exactly what your self-determined life is all about - you take control instead of being controlled by all the influences and things in your life.

Which anchors really improve your life?

Look at the following list of anchors and consider exactly which of these things put more strain on you than they give you pleasure and make your life better:

  • Financial anchor: Dependency on a source of income, debt, insurance and pension, recurring payments for rent, utilities and service providers, as well as minor contracts such as subscriptions or memberships.
  • Material anchor: Statics symbols or expensive hobbies, possessions such as cars or real estate, home furnishings and clothing, gadgets, televisions, memorabilia and paper documents.
  • Social anchor: Family, relationships and friendships, club memberships, voluntary activities, social commitments and expectations, such as family celebrations or family tables.
  • Emotional anchor: Self-doubt, conventional ways of thinking,
    Fears and harmful habits.

Relationships are not static

Far too often we take long-term relationships for granted, even when they burden us more than we enjoy them. We hold on to old school friends, although interests change
have completely shifted decades ago. We make new friendships based only on local proximity, not on common ground.

It is time to admit that relationships are not static. We are changing as much as the people around us. As soon as our values, interests and needs do not come to a common denominator, such relationships can and should be questioned.

Like in the crab basket

Do you know the story of the crabs that mercilessly withdraw anyone who wants to escape captivity in the basket? This is exactly how your environment - family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances - usually reacts when you tell them about your plans for a self-determined life and the planned independence.

It pulls you back down for fear that something will happen to you in freedom or - even worse - you are better off there than those who stay in the bucket.
Instead of getting upset about your friends' lack of understanding
or arguing with them, accept the fact that you
simply have different ideas about life.

Which anchors burden your life?

Of course, there are anchors that are not bad for you. Relationships, certain possessions and responsibility towards your social environment can add value.

These are the anchors that burden you, bind you to a place, make you financially dependent and take your time without enriching your life at the same time.

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