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If you do not want to or can not make use of further education advice, you have the opportunity to search for suitable measures yourself - eg. B. over the Internet. Find further education on the Internet Find further education on the Internet

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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Results of the Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest has examined 150 databases of almost 25 databases, including ten national, new national and three regional and three topic-specific ones. The aim was to check exactly how well the user is informed about the existing offer.

It came to the result: 18 databases received the grade “very good” or “good”. The test winners were the national training databases in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania13 (VERY GOOD: 1,2) and the Hamburg portal Wisy1 (VERY GOOD: 1,4). Of the nationwide active providers, seminar: markt15 and seminus16 did best with a good (2,0). In the thematic databases, the WissWB-Portal17 comes first with the grade GOOD (1,9); the regional ones are led by the Rhein-Main18 training database (GOOD: 1,7).

By far the largest and most comprehensive database for export and distribution Further education is KURS the Federal Employment Agency with almost 600.000 events and around 6 million page views. There are even courses and training courses listed here. KURS did a little worse in the test, but still did well. In addition to a free text search, further search criteria are available here, such as for the "Funding with education voucher" as well as for "start" and "duration" of an educational event.

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What does COURSE bring?

In addition, you can search for a career with KURS from the initial position: Choose your profession and you will be presented with all the appropriate adaptation and promotion advancements. Of course, it is also possible for educational interests to narrow the search queries regionally and thematically.

Accordingly, in the test of the Stiftung Warentest “Search and Limit” and the “Usability” were given a special rating. Direct links within the educational offers to the homepages of the educational providers lead to additional information. The Stiftung Warentest's criticism from various providers was the lack of links between location and search term.

The search algorithm

In addition, spelling mistakes are often not tolerated in the search term and some databases are rather bad for the visually impaired. Therefore, you should enter search terms exactly and, if possible, narrow the search with additional criteria.

Particularly problematic the testers evaluated the lack of actuality of some offerers: Here data are simply obsolete or courses do not take place at all. Some other databases are either regionally or thematically restricted and therefore not suitable for everyone. WIS, the database of the chambers of industry, commerce and crafts, for example contains lots of information on IHK examinations, checklists, but hardly any offers from other areas.

Tip: If you are looking for further education on the Internet, you should use several databases - depending on your specifications. In addition, never rely on the information in the database, but make sure you additionally contact the course provider to clarify whether the offer is really up to date and the course takes place. An overview of various databases can be found in the metasearch engine, At Stiftung Warentest you will find an infodocument with detailed information on various databases.

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If you are looking for further training abroad right away, Ploetus der EU is the right place for you: In addition to the links to public and private educational institutions, adult education centers and universities, this section also contains helpful information on funding opportunities and European exchange programs.

In addition, Ploteus shows the online route to introductions to the different education systems in the European countries and also knows where there is basic country information - for example the cost of living, taxes and social contributions or the legal framework for studying and working remotely.

IHK further education

The IHK is one of the best known and most recognized training institutions on the job market. The importance of further IHK training is also shown by the fact that readers repeatedly appeal to it - most recently, for example, by our reader Irene for my assessment of an IHK business economist. Your reasoning:

“I ask at this point because I am currently still considering the IHK for me personally. The IHK is well known to everyone nationwide. ”

The chambers offer a clear advantage: the consultants usually know quite well about the labor market situation in their region and have many tips for newcomers. The downside: they often recommend their own training programs and are not completely objective.

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However, trends such as common social media training do not leave the IHK without a trace. Our author Katharina Antonia Heder has dealt with the selection of the right social media training and the differentiation of social media professions in several articles. In the discussion of their not uncontroversial contribution “Why the social media industry needs to specialize”The quality of IHK social media training is also specifically addressed. Finally, Hedder also sits down in her much-discussed contribution Is social media the new nageldesign? also critically discuss the quality and cost of an IHK continuing education. She writes:

For example, if it is important to have been audited by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), it should always calculate a few Euros based on examination fees, etc., which will raise the actual training price. In general, one should expect around 1.000 € for a good seminar.

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