How to find the right employer branding strategy: 4 steps to the perfect employee

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Make sudden staff departures Company often a big challenge. With the help of the right employer branding strategy, it will be possible to close this gap and become a desirable employer for suitable candidates. How to find the right employer branding strategy: 4 steps to the perfect employee

Here writes for you: Gunther Wolf is a graduate economist and graduate psychologist. He has been a management and strategy consultant since 1984.

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Finding the right employees is competitive

The ability of a company to provide itself with the necessary manpower at all times is becoming a factor of existence and competition.

Through vacancies and company growth, vacancies are created. If these gaps in the personnel ceilings are not immediately and accurately closed, incoming orders can often not be realized in a timely manner. You may have to do without some sales.

What is the goal of Employer Branding?

Employer branding is defined as the process of creating, building and positioning an employer brand. Just as marketing uses the Product Brands (product brands) or the Corporate Brand (company brand) to specifically control the product or corporate image, HR marketing uses the Employer Brand to influence the image of the employer. A brand combines the characteristics that the target audience associates with it. An employer brand is strong when the target audience is at the Company can name the appropriate employer characteristics - and vice versa, if the target group recognizes the company based on the employer brand characteristics.

Employer branding includes veracity and authenticity: a high rate of fluctuation of the new employees would be the unintentional consequence if the company does not keep what it promises in its branding messages. The basis for employer branding is therefore in the area of ​​emotional employee involvement. First check whether this identification is given as the basis. If not, you must take immediate steps to increase employee loyalty.

What are the fire characteristics

The aim of an employer's fire is to influence the target group in their application decisions. As a future employer, the company wants to be more attractive to the target candidates than other companies. Crucial, as with all brands and all human choices, is the emotional level.

Therefore, only long-lived, emotionally effective attributes of the employer can be considered as brand characteristics: values, goals and other corporate cultural aspects. The Unique Employer Value Proposition (UEVP) - comparable to the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the product brand - provides for an employment-setting individual adjustment against competitors on the labor market.

This is how you convince your boss

An Employer Brand is an instrument of strategic management. Therefore, involve the top decision makers at an early stage. Do you have any convincing work to do? Provide information on the labor market situation and its development:

  1. If in 15 years in Germany instead of currently 42 million employees only 30 million are available - what does this mean for our company?
  2. If only five entries will be made in the future, only two entries will be made - what effect does this have on the probability of realization of the company's strategies and objectives, the planning of sales, costs and income?

How to find the right strategy in 4 levels

In order to avoid such losses in earnings and the subsequent migration of customers, more and more company and personnel trainings are giving the starting shot for an employer branding project.

A carefully developed, strategically structured and well-positioned employer brand (employer brand) represents a viable path to the goal of becoming the ideal employer for precisely matching target candidates. Four stages should be taken into account:

  1. The analysis phase forms the first stage. Here, you will find the starting points, objectives and framework conditions of the upcoming Employer Branding project.
  2. The strategic cornerstones for the implementation of the company-specific Employer Brand are established during the concept phase.
  3. At the third stage, implementation, activities are being undertaken to implement strategic brand positioning.
  4. It culminates in the 4 stage, the strategic leadership of Employer Brand. You will be able to find solutions for possible problems following the representation of the method.

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