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Application & job search: 7 tips for non-high-flyers

Why don't you be a high-flyer if you want to find a job in the future? Why is it great to do your own "thing"? And why does a colorful career offer more advantages?

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1. Better the Uschi from Herne than the Ulrike from Harvard

Many new jobs are created in the middle class crisis-proof Company , But there, the international CVs of modern young academics are often less viewed. Top applicants will not stay long anyway, many people seem to think (and may even be right).

That is why very well qualified applicants often receive more rejections than medium-good ones. With the surprising effect that the rate of invitations to applications from average qualified applicants is much better than that of high-flyers. Most companies do not need the best of the best, but normal employees.

2. DegreeCourses are behind

In marketing one sees it most clearly: What students learn at the university, is hardly needed in the current working life.

There are few jobs for product managers, but many for online users of all kinds. But only practitioners can really do online. Demand on the job market is changing rapidly - applicants should not rest once they have learned. Flexibility is required.

3. Storming the winning industries

The automotive industry is slowly but surely losing its appeal. Winners are sectors that have so far had little attraction, such as medical technology, hardly affected by crises.

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The alternative energies and also sectors that are largely independent of the global economy such as health, food or services promise a rapid upswing. Yesterday's boom industries are today's losers.

4. Newcomer instead of stars

Smart career makers are interested in companies that are only known to insiders. The keyword is hidden champions. You should plan the choice of the right employer like a clever move.

5. Colorful instead of red thread

Not every new job enables the famous common thread in the Curriculum vitae to keep. Major changes are often necessary, for example a change of industry.

This becomes completely normal - and the common thread is less a sequence of similar activities than rather logical steps. It is better to leave open how the curriculum vitae develops - there is hardly anything that can be planned anyway.

6. Mix and Kombijobs

The Institute for Labor Market Research knows that the number of part-time jobs is growing steadily. In the public sector, in small companies, in culture or in clubs / associations there are often only jobs for 20 hours.

These can usually be ideally combined with freelance work - for which there is also a growing market. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, the number of part-time start-ups is also growing. Often, two or more jobs are not only necessary, but often a good solution.

7. Do your own thing

The number of start-ups has been increasing for years. But a surprising number of new companies survive - also because there is increasing demand for special topics. Whether moving service for dogs or Coaching for speaking in plain language - a lot is possible.

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