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OPINION! Horst Maiwald, Vice President Group HR at Media-Saturn: Dual study programs help to find the managers of tomorrow

Horst Maiwald, Vice President Group HR Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, reports on the experiences that his Company has done dual degree programs and explains how they help with leadership training.

Maiwald, born 1961, completed 1979 High School, graduated from 1980-83 Business Administration at the Hamburg Business Academy. In addition, he made an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk (IHK), later to the personnel specialist merchant (IHK). 1984-93 held various positions in HR, 1994-2007 in various senior positions at US and UK companies, with stays in the US, UK and Austria. Since 2007 he is Vice President Group HR of Media-Saturn.

Mr. Maiwald, how many dual courses do you offer and which?

Overall, Media-Saturn offers three dual courses: International Retail Management (English), International Business Management (German-language) and Business Informatics.

At which locations and in cooperation with which universities?

The programs are offered by the Media-Saturn Group in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt. The practical phases during the study take place within the Media-Saturn group of companies.

Since when do you offer dual study programs - and with which objective?

Five years ago, in the 2005/2006 winter semester, Media-Saturn started studying international retail management. Objective It was and is to train young people according to the needs of Media-Saturn in order to employ them as junior staff in the company after successful completion.

What are the requirements for someone who wants to study with you?

The prerequisites for starting a dual course of study at Media-Saturn are a (technical) university entrance qualification and a good command of English. Ideally, applicants should have gained initial experience in retail or IT, in the form of internships or part-time / vacation jobs. Those interested can then apply for the dual study programs every winter semester apply.

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For international retail management, we are looking for candidates with an international background, since all theCourses in this course are in English.

Are there difficulties with the recognition of foreign school diplomas?

Recognition of foreign school diplomas is, in fact, quite complicated, but we have experienced staff who take care of formal matters.

Do the students also enter into contractual obligations with you?

Yes, the students must also complete an internship contract with us as a prerequisite for their studies: this is the basis for the dual study program, it regulates practical training throughout the course of study.

What happens to a study place if this internship contract has to be terminated (eg during the probationary period)? What happens conversely with the education, who has to stop studying?

The study place and study contract are reciprocal, ie without a study place and vice versa. Thus the contract is also null and void if, for example, studies are not provided, that is to say, as a consequence, funding is no longer required.

And what are you doing to avoid such problems?

In the selection process, we are already making sure that the expectations of the applicants match the requirements of Media-Saturn. In addition, of course, we communicate openly what we expect from our students.

This means that you have a correspondingly large selection of applicants: How many applicants are there per year as many study places?

This varies depending on the course of study: For example, up to 35 places are available each year for the English-language International Retail Management degree program. There are 40 places for the German counterpart, International Trade Management, and 10 places for the Business Informatics degree program. The number of applicants also varies depending on the degree program.

How are the dual study programs structured? How long does a study take? How much time is spent on studying, how much is spent on practical training?

After seven semesters, the course is concluded with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in all threeCourses. The lectures are held at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, during the semester breaks and the practical semester, internships are held at the Media-Saturn company group.

Compared to a normal course, this sounds like a little leisure: Is there a break between the training sessions?

Yes, during the non-lecture period such as the Whitsun, Christmas, or Easter holidays. In addition, every student has holiday entitlement during his internships.

Since the students work in your company during the practical phases - do they get money for it?

Students of the international degree program receive 1.000 Euro monthly support. A scholarship from the Erich-Kellerhals Foundation amounting to 700 Euro per month, get the students of the German-speaking counterpart International 3 trade management. In addition, they are paid in the practice phase with 500 Euro per month. The financial support for graduates is staggered: from the first to the third semester there are 700 Euro monthly and from the fourth semester 800 Euro.

And how good are the takeover chances and / or how many percent of the students were usually taken per training year?

The goal is to attract our students to the company after graduation. Over the course of 3,5 years, Media-Saturn finances the study and practical training, of course, in order to offer the junior staff interesting perspectives within the group of companies. Almost all graduates recognize this opportunity. However, there are no contractual obligations for the students to continue working with us - but no guarantees from Media-Saturn.

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