Financing of further education - with infographic: 7 Funding possibilities from the state

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Whoever rests, the rusts: Who wants to climb the career ladder, does not pass by further education. They can be expensive. However, the state offers various funding opportunities.Continuing Education Funding

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Are training courses too expensive?

Further education - yes, gladly. But the horror drives then interested in the limbs, when it comes to the price: "Too expensive," many further education interested in a look at the costs. So it makes sense to reject the idea of ​​continuing education.

However, a second thought is worthwhile: Finally, the state supports further professional development with numerous funding programs.

Which conveyors are suitable for which further training?

But be careful: diversity is the trump card, but the extent to which it can be reduced. If the funding requirements are met, the Federal Government's financial injection can save a lot of money.

  • But which program is suitable for committed newcomers?
  • Where can I get support as an older worker?
  • And what about unemployed and self-employed?

7 Funding possibilities from the Confederation

Recklessness in the jungle is not easy. An overview of what the individual promotion heads have and who profits from it.

  1. Educational Voucher - especially popular with retraining Is unemployment threatening? Or is this already happening? Is there a lack of a professional qualification? Anyone who makes further training in these cases can benefit from an educational voucher. If the agency responsible for the place of residence issues an educational voucher, the federal government will pay the full costs of continuing education - provided that the voucher with the agreed educational goal is redeemed within three months after issuance. It is even possible to cover the travel costs to the place of the seminar, as well as the cost of meals and accommodation.
  2. Premium voucher - ideal for young workers With the bonus voucher, training with a maximum of 1.000 Euro will be supported. It is part of the educational program. Three funding requirements must be met by applicants. On the one hand, they may be at most 500 years old, have to work at least 25 hours a week, or alternatively at parental or nursing time. In addition, the limit on the annual taxable income may not exceed 15 Euro.
  3. Savings Voucher - benefit early from VL Saving pays off: Anyone who has saved a savings account of assets (VL) can make use of the savings account, which is also part of the educational bonus. It allows money to be used to finance long-term and often more cost-intensive financing before expiration of the vesting period Further training. The allowance is retained. In addition, the savings coupon can also be used at the same time as the premium coupon.
  4. Ascent - Bafög - for cost-intensive advanced training courses Interest-rate loans and grants which do not need to be repaid are given to those who make a career advancement and who are seeking a degree, for example, to become a technician, master, company or specialist. Prerequisite: At least 400 teaching hours must include continuing education. 40 percent of the course and examination costs of up to 15.000 Euro is assumed by the state. If the participant carries out the examination, he must pay back only 60 per cent of the remaining loan.
  5. Advancement scholarship - develop further through first degree studies Education? Check! Now it's time for the next round: to develop professionally as a specialist with a degree. Those who opt for a full-time study receive a monthly fee of up to 815 Euro. One-time 2.400 Euro gets in the year, who studies in the course of studies. However, there are different prerequisites that are necessary to receive a promotion scholarship, for example, a grade score of 1,9 or better in the final examination of the education.
  6. Further education scholarship - ideal for young professionals Anyone who has completed his or her professional training, either as a specialist or as an interdisciplinary specialist, for example in the form of a language course, and who is aged under 25, will benefit from this scholarship. The condition is, however, that the scholarship holder has given special achievements in the profession or in the training. For continuing education, the state grants a maximum of 7.200 euros for a period of three years, provided that the participants receive ten percent of the training themselves.
  7. WeGeBau - for low-skilled and older workers The program "Training for low skilled and employed older workers in Company"(WeGeBau) aims to promote unskilled workers and employees in small and medium-sized businesses. They are supported in different ways: For 100 percent of the course costs, the state is for the low-skilled, provided that the training is accompanied by a professional degree. Older employees are supported by taking over 75 percent of the course costs, if the training time falls at least partially into the working time. The state will pay a maximum of 50 percent of the training costs in all other cases, provided that the employer spends at least half of the costs.

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