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Best of HR –®Norbert Nick is Head of Consulting, Training and Outsourcing at Fiducia and GAD IT AG, Karlsruhe. In the interview he tells how Company Employees really bind and why Germany's banks still need to improve the digitization.

Norbert Nick is a business economist (VWA) and a trained technician of data electronics. After many years of experience in the service business for banks, he is now Head of Consulting, Training and Outsourcing at Fiducia and GAD IT AG in Karlsruhe. His work focuses on process management in banks, optimization of production processes, mapping and controlling the sales processes in the banking application system, efficient use of IT systems, outsourcing offers for the optimal IT use of IT systems and implementation of the digitization of the banking business. Among others, Fiducia and GAD IT AG develops complete software for banks and has close to 4.500 employees.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb.


Mr. Nick, you advise banks on the introduction and / or optimal use of IT systems. What about digitalization in the industry?

Especially the banking sector is under immense pressure from the current low-interest rate policy. Simplification and acceleration of the processes through digitization is a lever to save costs and to continue to be active with the customer at high quality.

Especially in banks, we often notice that they need even more expertise in dealing with digital solutions in order to achieve rapid change.

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Why is skepticism so great?

Digitization challenges existing processes. And it is not one of these trends that will disappear from simply. This awareness awakens so slowly in the minds.

Nevertheless, many companies find it difficult to change established processes, even entire business models. This is a complex and sometimes painful process. The topic of digitization in banks is actually an old hat.

You have to explain that!

For banks, digitization has long been a topic - an account has been around since the beginning of computerization, and that was almost a 50 years ago with the punch card, a digital product. The technical possibilities that banks have nowadays are new: the former, for example, was a bank consultant and filled out a paper form, today the first customer contact is often digital. In short, all processes around the banking services are increasingly becoming digital implementation.

The Internet and the possibilities available there require a high degree of digital competence. A consultation on the computer or tablet can be much better than on paper, the processes can be efficiently and fully digital in the systems mapped. This means quality and speed, and thus banks are encouraging their customers. And this is exactly where we work with our consultants team to make the banks fit for the current requirements with a good view for the future.

How big is your advisor team?

We have 160 consultants with different qualifications, all specialists for bank-specific topics with at the same time excellent knowledge of the IT tools.

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They pass on their knowledge to the bank employees, optimize the processes with IT, digitize them and qualify the bank employees in dealing with the systems. The goal is to help banks quickly deliver solutions for digitization.

Overall, there are three different areas of responsibility in which we advise:

  • Training and training of bank employees in IT matters.
  • The classical consulting in which we accompany bank staff in IT practice.
  • And taking over the complete process administration in the IT systems, which we then introduce at banks and continually develop with new processes, functions and with all legal requirements.

What are your requirements for future consultants?

In the area of ​​consulting, training and outsourcing, we are looking for employees with good bank knowledge or a business studies, ideally both, and a basic knowledge in dealing with IT systems.

The majority of our consultants have accumulated bank training and practice experience in banking business. Some are also graduates of economics or business informatics. But not only: we have, for example, a psychologist with a high IT affinity, who oversees the internet appearances of banks. Our consultants are very heterogeneous.

Do employees complete a special training or a training period?

The incoming consultants acquire further detailed knowledge in their training period of six to nine months, sometimes even up to one year. This depends on the qualification of the employee and the intended tasks.

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For this we have developed a concept that offers the new colleagues information, support and personal support, but also relies on personal responsibility. Thus, the consultants are introduced to the task and qualified to carry out their own projects.

What is the fluctuation in your advisor team?

We have a fluctuation rate of 5-7%, which is very little for the consulting area. This shows us that our employees appreciate that we take care of them. Because we not only form, but also offer them a long-term perspective right from the start and discuss with them how their career should look for the next five to eight years.

To this end, we are jointly developing a development plan. In accordance with their strengths and abilities, they develop from simple topics to complex projects and assume responsibility for the development of new services.

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