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Female leadership skills in business: 3 tips for women

While business used to be almost exclusively a male domain, today it is becoming a lot Company and teams of women "governed". But do women really use their natural strengths in everyday work?

The female leadership style

The female potential is enormous! The question is: why do so many companies forego it? And how do they want to inspire their employees and customers today and in the future? A look at history helps in the search for answers.

Female quality - represented by women - has been suppressed for a long time. The freedom that many of our ancestors wished for at the time was associated with “being a man”. Men were allowed to decide, men were free and independent. Since femininity has led to immaturity and unhappiness rather than fulfillment over many generations, a collective rejection of femininity has become impressed.

In search of freedom and feminine quality

When our brave ancestors wanted to free themselves from oppression at some point, they fought to be allowed to live like a “free man” rather than like a “free woman”. Instead of making the value of femininity “socially acceptable” and strengthening its appreciation and recognition, women fought in a masculine way for masculine rights. Incidentally, this strategy is still being pursued today: women still fight injustice, sometimes with hard means. But that is exactly what does not help us!

Of course, female qualities can also be brought in by men. But just as a woman can live the strong masculine, but can never completely shed her soulful heart and feminine instincts, a man can only assume or even fulfill the feminine role to a certain extent.

Beware of the mental load trap

Whether at work or at home - the same picture everywhere: Many women suffer from constant pressure, but cannot find a way out. Especially when it comes to family and friends, women are often all alone at the front. Since everything seems to depend on them, most women are constantly hectic and planning or doing. But business life in Germany is also a tough, uninspired shark tank in many places.

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Something new is supposedly being done, but ultimately always in the same way - the masculine way. In many workplaces there is a lack of real feelings from the heart, inspiration and creativity. With the consequence that the work is hard and even companies can never reach their full potential - compared to what is possible. There is still a lack of female energy in business.

Rediscover natural strengths as a woman in 3 steps

So instead of “making equal” with men and trying to defeat them in the discipline of “masculinity”, we should rediscover our natural strengths as women and make them available to society. That requires three things:

1. We women ourselves must fully recognize the value of femininity again

We have to give up the hereditary and collectively passed on competition with men and allow them to regain their masculinity. We have to let go of the thought of having to prove ourselves strong as masculine.

2. We must finally leave the male concept of the "lone fighter" behind us

Instead, we should use the naturally feminine gift of building loving, trusting connections in order to be strong and stable in the community. Only through this inner security and stability can we gain the strength and courage to give femininity back its value in a feminine way.

3. We need strength

Not a male strength of perseverance and fighting, but the female strength that arises from basic trust and the connection with life. A wisdom to which women in particular have the very best access.

Female strengths create positive energies

If female qualities found more place in the business world, people would work much more as a close, mutually supportive and caring community than as an organic team. The work would be more enjoyable because success comes from individual self-expression and creative processes rather than from hard work.

With fulfilling work, employees would have more energy available in the evening than in the morning, even after a long day at work. For this we would have to pay the same attention to the two female levels in the job, i.e. the emotional and the intuitive, as we do to the male, i.e. the mental-logical and the material level.

The integration of female qualities into business would not only have personal advantages for us women, but also for companies. These could secure a real unique selling proposition due to the high energy and radiance.

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