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The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it

Top20 German bloggers, referenced inZEIT, Wikipedia &Blogger Relevance Index, Since 15 years change of the working world: Consulting, Books, News service Best of HR,Seminars&Locations.
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The blogger relevance index has just announced the 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: In addition to great, outstanding women is also Berufebilder.de with it. We are honored and happy about the important message for the female blogosphere & the HR blogger scene.

The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it

Berufebilder.de belongs to the 20 most important female blogs

Recently Berufebilder.de already belongs to the 100 most important German blogs- and the methodology of the ranking will be explained in this post - but the award as one of 20 most relevant German bloggers I personally was particularly happy - for three reasons:

  1. On the one hand, there are definitely great, inspiring women in this ranking who do their job with a lot of passion and also act as role models for me personally. Therefore, I find this signal important and also correct for other bloggers and women: to raise their voice, to say their opinion is worthwhile.
  2. On the other hand, I think it is important and good that next to me also Wiwo editor Claudia Tödtmann with her management coverage on 5 is represented and thus shows: women write about a wide and wide range of topics, including the economy, politics, management and motorsport - and not just about the otherwise as shallow and typically female ridiculed topics such as fashion, lifestyle and travel, which are on closer inspection not so shallow but sometimes also very political and socially critical.
  3. Finally, I am pleased about an increased perception of the HR blogger-Sezen, who often discuss their exciting, forward-looking topics on social change, unfortunately, more often in the blogger blog corner and maybe through such rankings also learns something more perception.

Top 20: The Most Relevant Bloggers in Germany

And these are the 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany:

  1. Xenia van der Woodsen, xeniaoverdose - Lifestyle, Fashion
  2. Gudrun Hirsch, Picture Press 2015's Blog - Motor Racing and Motorsport
  3. Ingrid Newkirk, VeganBlog.de - Vegetarianism
  4. Christine Neder, Lilies Diary - Travel, Lifestyle
  5. Claudia Tödtmann, Wiwo Management Blog - Management
  6. Julia Richter, German dinner - cooking
  7. Katja Hentschel (and others) travelettes, topics: Travel
  8. Lea Becker, Lingerie Diary - Underwear
  9. Sarah Eichhorn, Josie loves - topics: lifestyle, fashion, travel
  10. Milena Heißerer, amazed - topics: lifestyle, fashion, travel
  11. Kathrin Bierling, fashion pilot - fashion
  12. Luciana Blümlein, Lu attracts - Lifestyle, fashion
  13. Jessica White, Journelles - Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel
  14. Nike van Dinthem, This is Jane Wayne - Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture
  15. Palina Kozyrava, palinapralina - Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel
  16. Ji-Young Kim, the classy cloud - lifestyle, fashion, travel
  17. Susanne Ackstaller, Texterella - Lifestyle, Fashion
  18. Simone Janson, Berufebilder.de - Labor market
  19. Elke Weiler, MEERBLOG - Travel, Lifestyle
  20. Anja Beckmann, Travel on Toast - Travel

Conclusion & further information

In any case, I say - also on behalf of all my authors and those who helped to build this blog and stood by me with words and deeds - many thanks!

The overview of the most relevant bloggers in Germany, by the way here.

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  1. Moma carpenter
    Moma carpenter

    WOW - Super congratulations !!!

  2. Barbara Ackermann
    Barbara Ackermann

    Wow tip !!!!

  3. Roswitha van der Markt
    Roswitha van der Markt

    Dear Sabine, Congratulations, excellent and well deserved, and this on essential topics

  4. Gudrun Krinzinger
    Gudrun Krinzinger

    Excellent! I'm happy for you!

  5. Ulrike Anne
    Ulrike Anne

    Congratulations - really something special in this series of fashion, lifestyle, travel agents with the topic of HR so high placed. Chapeau!

    • Simone Janson
      Simone Janson

      Many Thanks! For the general unpopularity of HR topics, we have already discussed on Twitter and I've opened a neune thread - if anyone wants to join in discussion: https://www.facebook.com/simone.janson.de/posts/1979359665622214

  6. Baiba Soika
    Baiba Soika

    Good job, Simone! :)

  7. Contact

    Congratulations! Front woman for HR!

  8. Dagmar Postel
    Dagmar Postel


  9. Marcus Fischer
    Marcus Fischer

    Congrats, Simone. + keep it up!

  10. Monika B. Paitl
    Monika B. Paitl

    Congratulations !!!

  11. Siggi willow
    Siggi willow

    Sandra Becker


    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it via @berufebilder (Contribution via Twitter) yrKeAFykRE

  13. Thomas Eggert
    Thomas Eggert

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it via @berufebilder (Contribution via Twitter) fszYn8KGIc

  14. Leena-Mari Laukkanen
    Leena-Mari Laukkanen

    Woohooo, fantastic !!

  15. Gerhard Kenk
    Gerhard Kenk

    Dear Simone, congratulations!

    • Simone Janson
      Simone Janson

      Thank you Gerhard. As I mention in the article, we could think about how to raise the image of the HR (blogger) scene to the outside a little bit - I also have ideas. Although I have the impression that most gentlemen are fully satisfied with circulating in their area of ​​expertise ;-)

  16. Catherine Zimmermann
    Catherine Zimmermann

    Congratulations !!!

  17. Janett Schindler
    Janett Schindler


  18. Sabine Mirbach
    Sabine Mirbach

    Class - Congratulations !!!

  19. Job college
    Job college

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it (Contribution via Twitter) SI577TUi18 (Contribution via Twitter) vr1xH3KIJF

  20. Ulrich Goldschmidt
    Ulrich Goldschmidt

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  21. Simone Janson
    Simone Janson

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it (Contribution via Twitter) hSLqBYHyBx # About #Uns

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