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Better work, information as desired: We give you the information you really need and are committed to a better and more ecological working environment. When Book Publisher Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® with Unique Book Concept and eCourses we offer over 20 years of experience in Corporate Publishing - with Clients like Samsung, Otto, Governmental Institutions. Publisher Simone Janson also heads the Institute Berufebilder Yourweb, which awards scholarships and belongs to one of the top 10 female German bloggers, referenced in ARD, FAZ, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia .

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Simone Janson is publisherConsultant and one of the 10 most important German bloggers Blogger Relevance Index. She is also head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb, with which she donates money for sustainable projects. According to ZEIT owns her trademarked blog Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® to the most important blogs for careers, professions and the world of work. More about her im Career.

{Press} The 10 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it

The Blogger Relevance Index has just announced the 10 most relevant bloggers in Germany: In addition to great, outstanding women, there is also Berufebilder.de with it. We feel honored and are happy about the important signal for the female blogosphere and the HR blogger scene.

Berufebilder.de is one of the 10 most important blogs

We are pleased that our publishing blog is one of the 10 most important blogs by women in Germany. Personally, I was particularly pleased to receive this award - for three reasons:

  1. On the one hand, there are definitely great, inspiring women in this ranking who do their job with a lot of passion and also act as role models for me personally. Therefore, I find this signal important and also correct for other bloggers and women: to raise their voice, to say their opinion is worthwhile.
  2. On the other hand, I think it is important and good that next to me also Wiwo editor Claudia Tödtmann with her management coverage on 1 is represented and thus shows: women write about a wide and wide range of topics, including the economy, politics, management and motorsport - and not just about the otherwise as shallow and typically feminine ridiculed topics such as fashion, lifestyle and travel, which are on a closer look just not so shallow but sometimes also very political and socially critical.
  3. Finally, I am pleased that the blog, which, like no other, combines the topics of careers and personnel, life support and better living, has received appropriate recognition. This shows that readers appreciate a broad range with a thematic central theme.

Identified by the dpa subsidiary as important multipliers

What is that anyway Blogger Relevance Index. It was created for the first time in September 2015 by the Hamburg communications consultancy Faktenkontor. Currently around 1.600 blogs are regularly and systematically examined.

These blogs were previously identified by news aktuell, a subsidiary of the news agency dpa, as important multipliers.

Which blogs are being investigated?

The blogs are examined across sectors and topics. The universe studied includes classic bloggers, journalists and corporate blogs. According to well-defined criteria, it is possible to compare these blogs with each other, but also to search specifically for the most important classic bloggers.

The Blogger Relevance Index was developed over several months and is a professional tool for communicators to get an overview of the most important blogs on the web. The index will continue to develop in the coming months. Help us with your constructive criticism and report blogs to us that you think should definitely be included in the Blogger Relevance Index!

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The method in detail: This was the rating

The Blogger Relevance Index reviews included five metrics:

  1. Visibility on the Internet: using the Sistrix index. The Sistrix index flows with it 20 percent: in the Blogger relevancy index.
  2. Number of links, that refer to the blog. This is also measured via Sistrix. This indicator serves as an indication of how third parties feel that the blog posts are so relevant that they link to them. This value makes 20 percent: of the blogger relevancy index.
  3. Social media networking: the blog was about the Page Performance Index for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus from Fanpage Karma determined and goes with 20 percent: in the index.
  4. The activity of the blog: is measured by the number of blog posts in the last three months. In order to determine this index number, the website of the blog was visited. The activity of the blog flows with 20 percent: in the index.
  5. Number of comments, on the blog posts of the last three months, which were also recorded when visiting the website, which is an indicator of the interaction with the readers. The intensity of interaction goes with it 20 percent: in the index.

Why a Blogger Relevance Index?

The aim of the Blogger Relevance Index is to bring more transparency to the blogosphere. The makers of Faktenkontor noticed that nobody really knows which bloggers are the most important for a particular topic.

And that many blogs are more likely to be valued for gut feelings - something that I use in everyday life Company experience more and more. Therefore, I welcome this measure of transparency all the more.

Conclusion and further information

In any case, I say - also on behalf of all my authors and those who helped to build this blog and stood by me with words and deeds - many thanks!

The overview of the most relevant bloggers in Germany, by the way here.

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37 responses to "{press} The 10 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with "

  1. Moma carpenter says:

    WOW - Congratulations !!!

  2. Barbara Ackermann says:

    Wow tip !!!!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thank you! Maybe 2018 will work with a meeting or perhaps a trip to Canada ;-)

    • Barbara Ackermann says:

      With pleasure :-)

  3. Roswitha van der Markt says:

    Dear Sabine, Congratulations, excellent and well deserved, and this with essential topics?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thank you for the great articles and the hopefully future good cooperation.

  4. Gudrun Krinzinger says:

    Excellent! I'm happy for you!

  5. Ulrike Anne says:

    Congratulations - really something special to be ranked so highly in this series of fashion, lifestyle and travel bloggers with the topic of HR. Chapeau! ???

    • Simone Janson says:

      Many Thanks! We have already discussed the general unpopularity of HR topics on Twitter and I have opened a new thread - if someone wants to join the discussion: https: //www.facebook.com / simone.janson.de / posts / 1979359665622214

  6. Baiba Soika says:

    Good job, Simone! :)

  7. Contact says:

    Congratulations! Front woman for HR! ??

    • Simone Janson says:

      ?Thank you. Front woman for the HR sounds good, I realize that! ?

  8. Dagmar Postel says:


  9. Marcus Fischer says:

    Congrats, Simone. + keep it up!

  10. Monika B. Paitl says:

    Congratulations !!!

  11. Siggi willow says:

    Sandra Becker

  12. REGIS GMBH says:

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it via @berufebilder - Recommended contribution yrKeAFykRE

  13. Thomas Eggert says:

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it via @berufebilder - Recommended contribution fszYn8KGIc

  14. Leena-Mari Laukkanen says:

    Woohooo, fantastic !! ?

  15. Gerhard Kenk says:

    Dear Simone, congratulations!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thanks Gerhard. As I also mention in the article, we could think about how to raise the image of the HR (blogger) scene a little bit - I would also have ideas. Even if I have the impression that most men are completely satisfied with the circulation in their field ;-)

  16. Catherine Zimmermann says:

    Congratulations !!!

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thank you. Nice to hear from you again! Let's see if I can make it to Austria again next year ...

    • Catherine Zimmermann says:

      Simone Janson Then just get in touch?

  17. Janett Schindler says:


  18. Sabine Mirbach says:

    Class - congratulations !!!

  19. Job college says:

    The 20 most relevant bloggers in Germany: Berufebilder.de with it - Recommended contribution SI577TUi18 - Recommended contribution vr1xH3KIJF

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