Feedback management in your training: 2 X 4 tips for more motivation

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Whether they are newbies without any experience or leaders who have been in the business for years Company - they must identify among their employees those who benefit from training and professional development. And you have to make sure that your company benefits from investing in employee training. Feedback Management in Your Employee Training: 2 X 4 Tips for Motivating Employee Training Feedback

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"The only thing worse than training and pulling staff is not training and keeping them." (Henry Ford)


Well-trained employees work happier and more motivated, because appropriate training reduces frustration and worries in the workplace. In addition, trainings mobilize employees because they are empowered to understand their role and importance within the company.

Employee training has a positive impact on the service profit chain, resulting in better performance, greater productivity, loyal customers and higher profits. There is a mountain of data that shows all these effects across all industrial sectors. At the same time, you can give feedback on the training, optimize it and strengthen every element of the service profit chain.

There are competitive advantages


the world is changing rapidly. And the fundamental purpose of every employee training is to bring about change from within, so that Company can keep up in the competition.

You are worried that the failure of the above basic idea is predetermined, because it is in human nature to resist the change? That's not true. If you need proof of the opposite, then offer every coworker a rich salary increase and wait, how many are against it!

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Explaining instead of commanding


People accept change when they understand how it happens, why it has to happen, and what role they have been thinking about. Within a favorable working culture, your employees are always looking for ways to develop their full potential. They no longer have to explain to them the benefits of a training and to give the time to make the change to their cause.

But the development is an iterative process, and it should also be the training of employees: training, evaluating, adapting, training, evaluating, adapting. The shorter the feedback loop, the better. So keep your criteria short and simple. And get the feedback during the training process.

Start instead of waiting


Do not give your employees feedback until the end of the training. An orchestra does not agree with its instruments until after the performance. And do not wait until the end of the training to find out what your employees think of the whole thing.

The expectations of modern employees are shaped by the speed and immediacy of ordering and receiving goods and services today or voicing opinions on social media. For Generation Y, feedback must be fast, constant and smooth. And it has to flow in both directions.

Just not too confrontational


For older generations, however, feedback is linked to confrontation. Employees of older age also want to know how they are doing, and they want their views to be heard. But they need a way to handle feedback without fear and fear.

For companies with multiple employee generations, it is recommended to give and collect feedback, but in smaller quantities and through less formal interactions. Instead of making feedback on a particular event at a particular time, you should treat it as a continuous process.

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4 Main Indicators for good employee training


They need a holistic, integrated approach in real-time to measure and enhance the performance, dedication and passion of employees. It is not just about how much per cent of the employees have taken part in a training course. You need a whole bundle of metrics to help you recognize and evaluate the effects of your training programs.

To find out the effectiveness of your training, you need to monitor and measure four main indicators:

  1. Feedback from the trained,
  2. Learning performance,
  3. Changes in behavior and behavior
  4. Impact on business.

Trade fairs are decisive


For example, if your training does not prepare the employees for the reality, then you need to know. Your employees can provide you with appropriate feedback, so you have the opportunity to customize the training so that it is nearer to life.

If the training does not provide the learning results that you were hoping for, then it is time to examine individual learning objectives, the training program or the whole process.

If employees do well in the course, but do not use what they have learned later, this means that you have to motivate the employees better by explaining the benefits of the training and how to keep track of what has happened.

Review the strategy


If your business goals are not approaching after so many trainings, check how your employee programs are aligned with the company's strategic objectives. Training is useless if it does not produce the desired results.

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All these measurements and measures not only tell you whether your training is successful or not. You will also find out where and how you can continue with the employees.

4 Steps: Plan your actions


New abilities and behavior need to be strengthened, otherwise fade away within a few weeks after the training. If you want to achieve lasting effects, then you have to measure and evaluate basic indicators on a regular basis and derive actions that give your employees the attention and resources they need to make the most of the training.

Getting someone's opinion and then ignoring it can be more evil than not even asking. So, if you ask the employees to share their thoughts about the training program, then you should always have a plan of action in the back end:

  1. What do you do with the feedback you receive?
  2. How do you analyze the information? Link the data from the training with surveys to customer experience or sales figures to gain deeper insight?
  3. Whom do you report and what do you share? Do not forget to include trained employees.
  4. How do you decide what to do with your insights? Plan your answers right now to make later actions faster and easier.

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