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Feedback & Flexibility Desired: The Most Attractive Employers for Young Professionals

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The automotive industry remains in demand, but other employers are also talking about it. And: Most of their young workers are satisfied with their job, but want to change. Why, the Universum Young Professional Survey shows 2016.


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Stefan LakeStefan Lake was 2011 Country Manager Germany for the employer branding consulting firm Universum from February 2017 until March.


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Bosch - and other success stories

The automotive industry remains the German favorite employer - this is confirmed by this year's rankings. Even in spite of a negative press, Volkswagen is still able to maintain its position well. In the ranking of the engineers, the Wolfsburg runners lose only three positions. This shows what a good employer communication is!

The top newcomers in the Top 50 are EDEKA, REWE Group and Deloitte (Economics), European Patent Office (plus 62 positions with the engineers) and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (IT / Computer Science). These are the results of the now released Universum Young Professional Survey 2016. 8.375 took part in this process, with a maximum of 40 years, with a work experience of one to eight years.

A true success story this year is written by Bosch. In three rankings, the Company place in the top ten. Bosch made good jobs everywhere and made it possible to jump up to eight positions - which, incidentally, is not least a success of employer communication, which makes Bosch particularly authentic and innovative.

Satisfied, but on the go

The satisfaction with the current employer is an average of 7 of possible 10 points and is thus to be described as "good". Nevertheless, almost every third party wants to change jobs - and this already within the coming year! The main reason for the job change is a better remuneration and additional benefits.

Speaking of salary: The fact that women still earn much less than men is covered once again by the Universum Young Professional Survey 2016. While women on average have an annual salary of almost 40.000 Euro, it is almost 51.000 Euro among the men. The salaries of engineers are highest.

May it be a little bit more?

If you ask the young employees what extra services they want, a good old acquaintance is named most often: the occupational pension - which is by no means an obsolete model! A renaissance of values ​​...

While occupational retirement provision is equally high for women and men, other desires are gender-specific: women attach particular importance to opportunities for further training and overtime; Men prefer a company car and a profit participation.

A praise, please!

But back to the high readiness for change. What can employers do to keep young talent in the company? The management team plays a key role here. For example, "executives who promote my development" are now regarded as the second most important "driver of employer tract", directly behind an attractive basic salary.

The expectations of young workers on their superiors are high. In particular, open communication and frequent feedback are required. What simply sounds is often difficult in practice. Not everyone has the new openness - and in many a company a regular cultural change is necessary.

The word "flexibility"

For the long-term career goals, a balanced work-life balance remains at 1. But "work-life balance" is, of course, a wide field. The study shows what the young workers actually understand.

In addition to a positive working climate, they also want flexibility, ie flexible working hours and flexible working conditions. Employers who are able to offer both will increase their market value in their own as well as in the case of potential new employees - a good communication provided.

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