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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Dr. Marion Bourgeois is a certified business coach, mediator and moderator Bourgeois brings people to personal responsibility and companies to cultural change with her lectures and practical training. Physicist at 28, mother of two at 33, widow at 39. Recalling your own strengths. With 43 management within a DAX group. Board member. Realignment on personal values. Self-employed at 49. One focus is on the topic of “women in leadership” with the aim of “increasing the quota without quota” through exclusive coaching. Dr. Marion Bourgeois - human. Happy. Her motto: shape your own life, train for success and see opportunities - because: "Success is when perception meets willingness."

Don't be afraid of change: the formula for happiness for success is E = WxV²

Sometimes life changes suddenly and demands everything from us. But there is an opportunity in every personal crisis.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Life always goes on

Like me, when I came back from my work at home in 2006 to meet my two small children: "Mom, mom, daddy is lying there." Dead. Heart attack. My entire world collapsed.

Physicist at 28, mother of two at 33, widow at 39. I felt alone, sad, and abandoned. Helpless and full of fear. What's next? Can it go on at all? Giving up wasn't an option. After all, I had two young sons. They were the reason to get up in the morning, to do new things every day - and to look ahead. And life went on.

3 questions about fear and change

At that time, three crucial questions helped me to make my way - again and again -:

  1. "What would you do if you weren't scared?". Imagine you have a volume control for fear and you turn it to zero. And you know nothing can go wrong. So what would you do, what do you think of?
  2. The second question immediately follows: "What would you do if you knew exactly: you are successful? ” So, no matter what you do, no matter what you start now, whether you quit your job to open a café, or whether you say: this life here in XY is not for me, I go to Z. No matter. If you know what you are doing will be successful: what would you do?
  3. And the third question, completely away from work and the patterns in which we always think, is: "What are you having fun with?" What could you do all day, from morning to night?

Life means constant change

Life has shown that not only to me in a dramatic way. People around the world experience this principle over and over again. Change is an absolutely natural and, even if sometimes full of pain, afterwards often a sensible process.

If life challenges you with unforeseen events and strokes of fate and you are affected, you will only really realize what is behind it later: get back on track and continue your own path without fear. That is the great art.

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Career is a very individual concept

When I was a managing director of a DAX group with 43 and held a position on the supervisory board, I actually did it. My career had reached its apparent peak and I obviously had achieved a lot in life. But was I satisfied and happy? No.

It was time to no longer block myself from the inner change this time and to realign my values ​​again. So it came about that at the age of 49 I took the plunge into self-employment. Since then, as a certified business coach, mediator and moderator, I have brought people into personal responsibility and companies to change their culture. One focus is on the topic of "women in leadership" with the aim of "increasing the quota without a quota".

Sense and passion

Change is more important than ever! Because leadership as we know it has had its day. Disciplinary instructions via hierarchy and power as well as the processing of orders have been replaced by guidance via Sense and passion.

As a result, many executives are phased out models - at least if they don't manage or don't want to break new ground as well.

Charismatic leaders

Managers need to be able to communicate openly, respectfully and inspiringly and to pick up their employees exactly where they are at the moment. Co-thinkers and the very latest co-designers are in demand and are needed more than ever in our everyday work.

In this way, lone fighters become teams that appreciate transparent cooperation and grow together. Because without continuous development - personally as well as professionally - nobody will get by in the future.

Success is when perception meets willingness

As a physicist, I love formulas that always reproducibly produce the same result. I am firmly convinced that Success then happens, so to speak, happens - you can't defend yourself - if perception on a clear Vision and on a good one Preparation meets. The formula E = WxV² has always proven to be particularly helpful for me personally.

What does that mean? If we want to achieve a goal, we have to ask the right questions. And so the most important thing is to first make it clear to us: How do we want to be? Who do we want to be? And what do we want to be? So to develop our vision of a fulfilling life. In addition, of course, good preparation is also part of the process, which means we have to develop appropriate skills.

Change course without fear: The question of happiness

I wish that for everyone who is at a very natural fork in life or has even been catapulted to a dangerous intersection. Even in difficult situations, we have to keep control over our lives, after all, we only have this one. Let's do it actively!

We should ask ourselves this question from time to time and answer it honestly. We often notice that we have strayed from our path. Then we have to get involved with the change and set our inner compass back to happiness. Because only when we are happy and no longer afraid can we do a really good job - no matter which, no matter where and with whom.

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