Shortage of skilled workers - a fairytale: a job for the engineers Karen & Sandra

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Amongst staff members who work on the social web, studies are tweeted about skill shortages and the exodus of high potentials abroad. The practice looks obviously different: There is at least discussion and apparently also need action!

Shortage of skilled workers - a fairy tale: a job for the engineers Karen & Sandra Shortage of skilled workers - a fairy tale: a job for the engineers Karen & Sandra

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Engineers who do not find a job


May I introduce you to Karen? Karen studied engineering in Erlangen, is currently looking for a job - and yesterday I wrote a pretty rude comment in my blog.

In short, Karen is of the opinion that the matter of professional defenses in technical and scientific professions can only be a fairy tale; The lack could only be attended by experts who wanted to live permanently as H4-Aufstocker.

Why do high potentials migrate?


The tone, in which the commentary was made, made no desire for further dialogue at first - but when asked, the whole frustration of Karen came to light: Apparently, she has been looking for a job for some time and already has some unpleasant experiences behind her. Apparently, only 5 percent of their degree program are in permanent employment and many of them have gone abroad. Something Karen's up to. Another Hig potential less in Germany!

Later, too, has become Sandra reportedwho has a bachelor's degree in biotechnology from FH and has been looking for a job for half a year. Nobody found a job out of their year - and more than half went abroad.

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Also for engineers the jobs are obviously not on the street?


Contrary to what one would expect from various press reports and studies, the jobs in these subjects do not seem to be on the road. That surprised me, because first of all I only knew such stories from humanities scholars and secondly from me some Company are known, who are reportedly desperately looking for engineers.

Discussion urgently necessary!


So where does this discrepancy come from? Do the technical fields simply do not agree with the labor market needs? Is it a communication problem between companies and graduates? Expect the graduates of the company too much? Or is there actually not so many vacancies as is commonly claimed?

That would really be an interesting discussion. I would be really pleased about some statements, especially of companies and personnel mediators. And maybe someone has jobs for Karen and Sandra?

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  1. Benjamin

    Great post, great discussion - keep it up!

  2. Leonard

    Very exciting discussion, even if she is already a little older!

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you for your comment!

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  8. N.Lorenz

    I have studied one or two apprenticeship as a mechanic, an industrial master, and then an engineering degree in automation engineering. Before I was as a mechanic constantly handed over by time companies among other things also in companies in Airbus or Phillipps. And 2 years after the study had worked as an engineer in the development and still a Zusansqualifizierung in SPSprogramming.

    But at the moment I am unemployed and threaten to slip in Hartz V. I do not even think about the time work a job.Ironician me even the constant job change over the time work to the doom since I can do anything from anything, but nothing right by strangers). The high requirements that some companies have can only be acquired through expensive internal training or in companies directly by practice. Are there only interchangeable specialists who are no longer available on the market?

    I have to say that the Herr von Bayer speaks precisely that appeals to good grades and speedy studying. This is me however because of the background as I finance my studies have not always been possible. In addition, I have only a Hauptschulabschluss which I have a fluent English did not allow. I do a lot of what English is about to catch up, but the application of English is missing in practice. This is exactly what I complain about. An ideal engineer is so successful in an eien group learned professional experience collected in an area and then a study with very well completed. Unfortunately, it is always forgotten that behind the work is still a private life and not to whom you are studying self-reliant or in the circumstance in which I was.

    Well my credentials are not quite as bad and I also bring one with a passion for technology and now also for programming. And that is exactly what makes an engineer, understand technology and disassociate reference to practice. The knowledge to incorporate me in a software brings in any case with. And that is much more authentic in my opinion. Nevertheless, I could read but the selection criteria what, Not accepted "still much further.

    Unfortunately, arrogance and arrogance has established itself in such large conglomerates, where I actually question whether these have not been spoiled in recent years by interchangeable specialists through time work. I am talking not only by engineers but also by mechanics and electricians. Interchangeable specialists too little money also serves to counteract the influence of the trade unions in the right of co-determination as regards labor rights and wages, since there will be less and fewer permanent staff. And this can be confirmed by my own experiences and observations which I have made in some companies.

    But if we do not watch the freshly educated or graduates or even unemployed technicians come back to work, or in 7eitfirmen are used abroad or constantly changing. then know us lost anyway. At least it will no longer give the interchangeable specialists. At some point, however, this will benefit the foreign countries and leave behind German companies. Who cries to experts is, in my opinion, all the service providers the requested people no longer find. This can be observed when the job market is pursued a little.

    Only the rumge about unemployment statistics and my great export profits are sold as positive. We have very little of this as an employee. If companies on the one hand benefit from short cuts and other fiscal gifts from the state through subsidies, collective bargaining companies, then they have a damned social responsibility to bear.

    What I want is a workplace with a reasonable salary and more importantly with a perspective and opportunity for personal and professional development. This seems to me, has become more and more in Germany (but also in Europe) more and more. Sadly, some of them are still benefiting, and in proportion to the amount of their foes. Especially in Europe, the question arises when many people go abroad or where specialists from abroad are brought, whether the tolerance and the acceptance of European peoples is really given. But it is indispensable in my own eyes for a united Europe.

  9. AF

    Good morning Mrs. Janson, I had tried to write you on Xing, but this was not possible. Thank you for the critical article on the subject of professional defenses.

    What I can contribute to this comes from the perspective of a self-employed person who is now well-established, but also already employed in temporary employment, because unfortunately we live in a society that is on the decline - topic outsourcing and personnel reduction. The companies are on a spur and are hiring staff temporarily to close them down soon enough because they can no longer afford the responsibility and long-term salaries of older pensions. The temporary employment agencies in the engineering sector are multiplying like the rats, especially in the Nuremberg area and other conurbations around big companies. There is a tough fight for every euro - I see it every day, as I now have to do as a project manager with the mediated sheep and their wolves.

    A shortage exists only in very specific areas, where engineers are sought, who are willing to afford for relatively little money, unpleasant thing. And the engineering profession has become unpleasant in many places: time pressure, legal problems, documentation constraints and imminent dismantling with 50. Who wants to do it? Correct thinkers have long been no longer an engineer, but migrate to banks, IT, or the patent offices of lawyers. many also study BWM to go to the administration. The delicate stories are made by us self-employed, the broad masses of a few beginners, foreigners and temporary workers, who have to exploit themselves at the pressure of the ARGE.

    I have told my sons to become an engineer. With good reason. They study the law, economics and economics, and they make their electronics and software together, so they can get a bit of an idea when they are as 25 year-old young project managers, the 40 old engineers struggling, as I sometimes went.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello AF,
      Thank you for the story - and congratulations on your successful independence. If I publish something on the topic again in other media, I like to come to you.
      That an anti-VDI initiative was launched and new figures were released in the meantime, have you seen?

  10. Wolfgang

    The performance
    Am 52 J, male, ver., 2 adult children, 3 cats.
    should be soberichticht in job interviews.

    Clearly the age is important, gender, family status, number of children also.
    The naming of the three cats suggests what is really important to the applicant.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Wolfgang,
      You may not be wrong if you point to optimal self-marketing. The problem is probably more complex:
      Simone Janson

  11. Erwin

    I've landed on here
    What strikes me personally in the whole discussion is the, almost inadequate, hold on to a job in Germany.
    The idea of ​​the EU has probably not yet arrived.
    I work in Switzerland and Austria, for example, and live in Sweden (ABB)
    And I'm from Lower Saxony ............

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Erwin,
      since you are right, of course. On the other hand, it is also politically about how it can be that in times of alleged professional deficit, well-educated people have to emigrate abroad.

  12. Simone Janson

    @ SvenjaHofert jein .. I am after violent discussions in the blog is not sure whether one can see as a single case

  13. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Petzel,
    thank you for your report. I can not get a job for you, I'm afraid here in this blog. To exclude that someone is reading, but it is not. Surely your situation is not easy, but I dare to say that Hartz IV does not necessarily mean the end of life.

    Here are two examples:
    Someone I know personally:
    (below the third photo)

    Perhaps business start-up would be an alternative? In many cases, a Hartz-IV self-help group also helps to find new perspectives?
    Simone Janson

  14. Hoger Petzel

    Good day.
    Am 52 J, male, ver., 2 adult children, 3 cats.
    From training, mechanic and process engineer.

    In 3 months I have written "713" I repeat "713" applications and conducted 51 application interviews.

    I have neither a master nor any other exceptional features.

    In 2 weeks I fall into Hartz IV.

    Then life is over.

    There I will never get out again!

    The rule set does not provide an Internet connection.

    How should I apply?

    Please help!



    65232 Taunusstein

  15. Simone Janson

    Hello Karen,
    thank you for the hint. I just called at the DIW: Spiegel-Online had probably only an intermediate version of the weekly report, whose final version will be published Thursday. I'll get the pressure flag tomorrow and will see if that really is true. If so, this is of course a thing.
    In my opinion, this is not the only way to show that there is no big conspiracy theory on the topic, but above all a series of misunderstandings, also on the employer's side.
    Speaking of the study: Have you read that our co-author Monika also wants to commission a study on the subject and is still looking for suggestions:

    Greeting to Stockholm
    Simone Janson

  16. Karen


    I happened to read an article online in "Spiegel Online" earlier this morning, which refutes a shortage of skilled workers in Germany. It is based on a recent study by the DIW. That the DIW, an institution of the German economy, comes to this conclusion, I am very surprised. Politicians and trade associations have always talked about a blatant shortage of skilled workers. Unfortunately, the study itself is not reprinted. I have emailed the article to the press office (speak German) of my employer, who have also wondered about the DIW statement.

    Many greetings from Stockholm


  17. Simone Janson

    New study of the DIW doubts # lack of skilled workers - which I have been discussing in the blog for months

  18. Simone Janson

    I'm not sure if this is the case

  19. Marcus Marent

    Hi all,

    I would like to describe my path of pain. I completed my machine building in November 2009 and was on the job search until August 2010. My job search was partly offensive in which I had applied directly to certain positions and partly also defensive over personal mediators who had found my CV and other data for example on the sites and Unfortunately, I came across 50 applications and 4 unsuccessful talks, one of them at a Diplompsychologist's university, to the realization that graduates do not get a chance in Germany. In most cases the refusal was justified by the fact that my qualifications did not fully meet the requirements. Well, I finished the studies with 2,4, but I also have a technical training and I finished my practical training abroad.

    At the beginning of August, I had applied to a company in Switzerland and then had 2 introductory talks in early September. Both discussions were very positive, which I got from the side of the company also the pledge for the relevant post, which I also to the 1. November. Both conversations I felt as extremely pleasant in contrast to the 4 conversations in Germany. I had a conversation with an engineering service provider, where I had actually applied as a welding engineer, but it was then said in the discussion that the job as a welding engineer is no longer up to date, but I would nevertheless consider for some other places. The conversation ended with the fact that I still had not given a concrete job in the future and that I wanted to report back to me in a few weeks. After 8 weeks came an email with a further invitation to an interview with the prospect of an activity at Bosch in Feuerbach. Because the email contained no concrete job description and I had received the pledge for a master degree from a Fachhochschule in the meantime, I gave the engineering service provider a cancellation. When the prospects for a job as an engineer in Switzerland became more concrete in September, I gave up my study place.

    I just hope that the decision as an engineer to go abroad was the right one and wish everyone of his luck as an academician or skilled worker abroad is looking a lot.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Marcus,
      thank you for your history and good luck in Switzerland. It is really sad to hear that in some countries abroad everything works much better.
      For all the others, I have a nice story here on the subject of alternative applications - perhaps not necessarily so transferable for everyone, but shows that you can get into conversation with courage and self-initiative and even with such a traditional company like Daimler with unusual ideas can land:

  20. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Topp, You can also subscribe to the thread. In the meantime, I have suggested the topic to an editor, but first she has to clarify with the editor-in-chief whether and to what extent names can also be mentioned - for legal reasons. In this respect, I would like to get to one or the other as an interview partner.

    The with the increasing specialization and the exact fit is certainly a big problem - which, for example, graduates of other disciplines have even more. In that case, it may be advisable to not simply write applications, but to approach potential employers on their own - which may result in a completely new job profile. Here is an example (in 2 parts) - albeit from another field:
    So you are not just bad, you just have not found the right pot / lid yet.

    But of course I also understand the complaint about the short-sightedness of companies: So seen, it does not matter what you study and with what specialization - it may be that the employer then looking for exactly and two years later not again. What only helps is lifelong learning. But in Germany, I see a money (who finances that? Employer or employee), but also a mentality problem: In Germany you do an apprenticeship and then have to stay as closely as possible for a lifetime. The fact that you are developing, having new ideas, but that the job market also needs new specifications faster than the universities can "deliver" - this is still relatively new and comes first to rejection.

  21. John Topp

    Hello again,

    I do not have a link to the article in the Neue Westfälische Zeitung.

    Since there were two cancellations on Monday in the e-mailbox, I remembered this blog again. I think that nowadays employers are looking for a much more specialized workforce than before. It used to be when you were a mechanical engineer to be able to fill a technical position. Today, engineers are looking for mechanical engineering specializing in production technology with a machining department for the design of an 5-axis CNC milling machine, and this annoying development is also made clear by the fact that more and more universities of applied sciences are offering more and more specialized study programs. Employers today do not want to invest in human resources anymore but are looking for the right piece of the right piece of the puzzle, so it's no wonder they're screaming "Skills Shortage." And thousands of engineers are waiting to be shaped become.

    With a degree of 1,9 and a foreign semester in Australia, a Cambridge-English certificate and two other foreign languages, work and SHK activities, I seem to be too bad.

  22. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Topp, thank you for the link and the attribution: Would they possibly have a link to the article in the New Westphalian newspaper? This could then perhaps be exploited in an article.
    In addition, "packed in cotton" is the right keyword: My impression is that today no longer applies to any industry. Therefore, I find increasingly, you should just do the same, what you feel like.
    Simone Janson

  23. John Topp

    Hi all.

    As a student of industrial engineering graduate mechanical engineering, I felt for a long time through the contributions in the news regarding my career opportunities as "packed in cotton".

    In the last two months, when writing my applications, I feel that I have a job guarantee as a Wing, and I am increasingly blown away. Meanwhile, I am glad to receive any feedback on my applications.

    The more one deals with the subject of career entry as a (host) engineer and the subject of shortage of skilled workers, the more one becomes aware of the fairy tale. In keeping with this, I stumbled across a report on the chances of an industrial engineer writing that you could negotiate your salary up because you're supposed to be in such demand.

    The link to the article:

    ... I wonder in this regard, how unworldly the author of the article is or what data he bases on.

    The Neue Westfälische Zeitung recently reported a report on the company Böllhoff from Bielefeld, where it was reported that Böllhoff was stepping up again. At the same time, a study colleague in this company had a conversation in which he was offered a project manager assistance with one, and it was directly communicated, 60 hour week. However, over a personnel service provider for 38.000 € in the year, because Böllhoff itself had attitude stop.

    Employers are usually quite big in taking and often quite bad in giving.

  24. Simone Janson

    Thanks for the text in market & technology. As soon as I have some air, I will pursue the subject at last.
    After Latin America, I have a few contacts, but no good and not too German :-) But look here:

  25. Michael Brand

    Hello Mrs. Janson,
    I would like to address your reference to Wirtschaftswoche as follows: Already a few years ago in a similar situation an article written by me was published in the "Markt & Technik". I have attached this at the end of my post, su.
    So I want to leave it as well.
    Your question about Spain is not quite right. I do not intend to emigrate to the EU abroad. Way too expensive! On the other hand, I am interested in South America because of the low cost of living on the one hand and, on the other hand, on the various possibilities of building a new existence together with a milder climate. The stringent regulations in the EU are against me. There they have to bring a lot of money to realize anything at all.

    PS: It would be interesting to hear from people who have already lived abroad for a few years and said good-bye to their homeland.

    My published article in market & technology for the then study.
    "... I can not understand your article on the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises with regard to the lack of engineers - on the contrary, German industry seems to be doing extremely well in this regard." I am a graduate engineer in electrical engineering at the age of 43 After graduation of my company 1996 it has been almost impossible to find an adequate job, even with steadily stagnant or even declining incomes, even the attempt It is just as hopeless to change this situation through self-employment and autodidactic training: German companies are generally not willing to outsource development services.
    Since the beginning of this year, I have been searching the 3 months for the entire job market via the Internet from East to West, and from North to South Germany. Of the approximately 3500 searched vacancies for technical professions (half of all advertisements are no longer valid) just 3 dozens of potential tenders remained.
    Even the highly praised personnel brokerage firms are not even in a position to arrange a talk at all.
    On the basis of my own experience as well as my considerable number of contacts with personnel mediators, I can also give you the main reasons which have been expressed directly against me:
    - age max. 40 better under 35.
    - Self-employment is the killer criterion. Who was once independent, is not a team player.
    - Only employees from the region wanted.
    - complete lack of understanding in the companies concerned and society in general, if you are quasi unemployed and can not find a job.

    Once you have taken the hurdle of the personnel manager, the latest is after the discussions with the specialist department. No wonder, because there sit "so-called" executives, who are significantly younger and inexperienced, and fear the competence of an applicant.
    On the other hand, due to the personal interests of the business unit managers, entire functioning departments or companies are relocated, as I can show you in the example Blaupunkt (relocation from Berlin to Hildesheim).
    It does not come as a surprise that the employees concerned are not involved.
    Or, as in the case of Siemens in Salzgitter, engineers were recruited from other companies by means of extensive advertising campaigns (even leaflets underneath the windscreen wipers) in order to close down the entire development area after not even 1.

    It would be nice Mrs. XXXXXXX, if you could publish my reply. Not only me, but also other engineers of my circle of acquaintances would be grateful for this. It is finally time to present the true situation within Germany correctly, instead of joining the "media scramble" of missing professionals ... "

  26. Michael Brand

    still an addition to the timescale engineering deficiency. I just got an e-mail from the company i-bcs.
    I quote:
    "... We would like to thank you for sending us your application and the interest in our company.

    Reviewing and matching your vacancies with your vacancies will take some time, as current applicants are above average. In the meantime we ask for your patience, we will contact you as soon as possible. "

    Can anyone explain to me??????????????????????????????????????

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Brand,
      Thank you for your contribution and this last note including attribution of the company - so I can really start something for a change.
      The Wirtschaftswoche has also recently opened up with the specialists, which might be a contact person.
      Besides, I'm interested in why Spain should be? But only because of the weather or do you have concrete professional plans?
      Simone Janson

  27. Michael Brand

    I happen to come to this page and would also like to share my "objective" post.
    Engineering shortcomings in D? -> Absolute nonsense.
    I myself (electrical engineer and again released in late March) is 49 years old.
    Already years ago I "outed" in a trade magazine to this fairy tale under naming of well-known companies.
    My professional career after an above-average TU-degree followed in development / marketing and self-employment. I have a wide range of specialist knowledge, have trained myself and have the latest state of the art!
    After times again over 50 applications I now put my search into D!
    Reasons for this have been mentioned to me by some headhunters:
    - Age ideal 30 but max. 40. 50 yearlings will be sorted out immediately (nobody will say that openly and I do not know any active ones anymore ....)
    - Self-employment in between = Killer criterion. Better sit around at home and do nothing!
    - too expensive compared to young professionals = no comment

    I've twice given up my self-employment and could bite myself in the A ... for it. My last employer (for well 5 years) had lured me with a "pension job" over 700km distance to Bavaria. Now I was supposedly not needed anymore and away with it! Even before 2 years, I was given an extraordinary salary increase due to my performance. It was more likely that 20% left the company within a year. I can only be annoyed that I did not pursue a lucrative job offer for loyal reasons to the company ...
    I could now write a book about attitudes and lay-offs in my industry, but this would be beyond the scope!
    I am now starting to deal with emigration -> H4 is threatening and who wants it, after all, I have financed my studies myself!
    I can advise all young people only from a degree in engineering, no matter what kind !!!! What many do not know: only every 25. Ing. Reaches the 60 at all. Year of life in a German company, ... and then these are probably the CEO?! ...
    I would be happy if finally a real discussion got underway on this topic ... On the other hand I do not care anymore because I am disgusted by this mendacious society. After much hesitation, the decision has finally matured to migrate!

    PS: I am looking forward to my Spanish course and warmer climate!

  28. Karen


    a colleague has called me to a link:

    Here, too, opinions about life in the respective country of emigration are reproduced, not only for Sweden.

    Perhaps that helps someone who wants to leave Germany.

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Karen, Thanks for the really useful hint. I'm really going to write something on the subject - sorry it takes so long, unfortunately there are other topics that are pushing as well.
      Greeting to Sweden
      Simone Janson

  29. Karen


    I have followed the development of the specialist market in Germany on the Internet for some time. I must confess that I am very glad not to live in Germany anymore. According to the statements made by the business associations and the policy on subjects like the influx of skilled workers (especially Mr Brüderle and Mr Walther), I can understand the growing departure of specialists from Germany. Sweden does not understand the policy and the economy. Instead of holding the skilled workers in their own country and investing in education, they call for cheap specialists from abroad who are not coming to Germany. Germany has a very bad reputation abroad and is equated with a country with a country that acts very recklessly. This is a great pity, because the social market economy brought Germany a strong domestic economy and prosperity. Today, unfortunately, there is not much of this social market economy available, and countries that have adopted this model and are still practicing have a lot of power from Germany.
    I did not regret my decision to return to Germany for a minute and would always do it again.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Karen,
      It's nice to hear from you again. Yes, you can only shake your head over such a short-term perspective. The argument is always that money is scarce and therefore must be cut on the social - what do you think in Sweden because otherwise? I would really be interested in a comparison between Germany and Sweden.

    • Jemand

      Hello Karen, in southern Europe, Germany has an excellent reputation.
      But people do not understand that in their own way. Neither in Germany nor in Spain do the locals understand why their own specialists are not here. Well, that means, one understands it already: it is about job cuts and finished.

  30. michael

    Since then I have been working in the field of Information Technology (Informatics) and are no potential employeers. There is a shortage of skilled workers that is not enough to fill the holes.

    I am a student, and I am a student. It is depressing to see the world. I mean, it is hard to be. Oh well I guess it's my fault.

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you Micheal for your experience. For some mistake, I came out in the right way.
      Surely, it's another sad problem that it's less easy to be flexible having family. But that's a problem of all employeers. Maybee, in a few years, it dosn't matter anymore wher we live. But ok, for the moment ..

  31. Betti

    I'm female ; soon finished with my mechanical engineering and would like to work in Sweden right away. Would be nice if I could get a few tips, since I also have already noticed that in Sweden hardly places so are expelled. I also have an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, which is useful in Sweden

    greeting Betti

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Betti,
      Thank you for your constructive contribution - I think it's great to take the initiative right away. I think Karen will get this message. If you have provided your correct e-mail, I can also forward it and bring it into contact with each other.
      On the topic "Working in Sweden" I would like to write an article ...

  32. Simone Janson

    Hello Marek,
    Thank you for your very factual report. I can understand your frustration well, especially if you have studied the subject primarily because of the career prospects. Would you be interested in being interviewed about your experiences (albeit with your full name ..)? Then you could perhaps still accommodate the topic in one newspaper or another ...

    Simone Janson

  33. brands

    Hi all,

    I too have been looking for a job for several months after successfully completing my degree (1,3 in standard period of study). Have written many (including initiative) applications and received only cancellations. And ALWAYS on the grounds that at the moment there is no vacancy! How can that be, since there is a shortage of engineers and is being "sought after" for engineers? Some applications are still running, but I am increasingly pessimistic that I will get a reasonable offer. Slowly, in addition to disappointment, fear also spreads. Had I known that before, I would never have studied! The promises that you have very good job prospects with very good performance are completely misleading.

    Best regards,


  34. Simone Janson

    Hello Haha,
    Apart from the fact that I would really like real names, here's an interesting point: the universities that respond to the issue by creating new courses, expanding certain disciplines, and so on. Of course, this makes sense if the money is invested wisely. If not, of course, it is missing elsewhere ...

  35. Haha

    I've read the comments. My experience (e-technology> 10a BE various industries, living in a so-called high-tech region since> 1a without a viewpoint.
    1. Employer min. 100% fit, not even a small time to work (statement of personal mediator)
    2. high spatial flexibility
    3. Offers for partners with academic training with their own spatial flexibility: mostly misrepresentation
    4. Confirmation of the application or early cancellation: misrepresentation
    5. Competition under so-called service providers (at least 2DL with about 3-4 applicants)
    DL mostly without a clue what the customer wants and this will be with
    I am of the opinion, if the AG does not give a chance to the induction you need no specialists.
    The best example: The development of study programs in smaller and smaller specialization directions
    eg "designer fender Porsche 996 rear left" or similar.

  36. damaged

    "So where does this discrepancy come from?"
    Would say, "Or is not there actually as many vacancies as commonly claimed?"

    I've been through the days of "big engineering fanatics" in 2000. At that time, unlike my friend the law graduate, I did not feel like kissing my feet, but at least the companies were ACTIVELY looking after you. That was a window of 6 months, then the spook was over.

    In the engineering labor market, as in any market, there are intransparency, inappropriate "products", local deficiencies, etc. However, this is on average no reason to open a barrel regarding Ingi deficiency. IMHO has something else to do, but what?

    I guess, it's primarily about the salaries. They're supposed to be down, but engineers are not exactly well-paid industrial workers. I'm talking about generation <40, not 50's today. Those are - if they still have a job - rather well.

    A "advice" to the companies regarding the lack of engineering was always: use the older engineers. There are politicians who want to abolish the old-time part-time, so that not so many engineers "disappear" early. The funny: who knows an engineer, who went voluntarily and was not pushed out by the company? For us, there are quartalsweise calls: "goes, so that we can secure jobs for younger ones."

    Has anyone times the statements of the IW for the economic damage of the engineer deficiency observed? They range from 20 billion / year to (now) 1 billion. Bullshit bingo anyone?

  37. Simone Janson

    Thanks for the hint. I'll be back soon!

  38. E-Tech-Ing. graduate

    Good morning Mrs. Janson,
    I stumbled on this page by chance.
    When you first-hand information from the employee's side
    I can recommend the following forum:
    Almost weekly the reports on the
    "Lack of engineers" and the STEM crisis discussed.
    A registration is not necessary, it can also

  39. Simone Janson

    Dear co-authors,
    in our discussion, after a short break, there is again a very interesting contribution, this time by Jürgen Bühler, head of the Alma-Mater Personalvermittlung. His statement: There are different phases in which companies can choose to deliver a War of Talents or to save their programs.

    For reasons of clarity, the discussion would like to contract on this blog post. Also, for the sake of clarity, I've, by the way, multiple comments and tweets separated from each other, as you can now click on a button on a seperate page.

    I am looking forward to further stimulated discussion if there is still interest.
    Simone Janson

  40. Simone Janson

    Hi all,
    am just on vacation and therefore only sporadically online - only on 19. I'm fully back ... but in between two comments:
    @ Karen: That with the passion I find a very nice argument. It's just not that easy for everyone, it always depends on whether what you like doing is also needed. Therefore, one must, as they spell correctly, also Compresses. On the other hand, one is more convincing of what one likes to do - and can thus convince others ... a philosophical problem, with which I will certainly deal again demnbaechst ...
    @Jochen: There are unfortunately two threads and that from the beginning ... so far it was bloed to open this second post, but I wanted to make people aware of the issue. And then both threads ran at the same time and I did not want to write each time with my index finger raised "please post somewhere else .." That is then no discussion culture ... Now you have to read while reading just s.besten both threads ...
    I'll take another look at the tweets when I'm back home ...
    They are displayed automatically, but perhaps you can add a hint.
    Because it is really simple: You do not have to click on it, people twitter the post simply because they felted them and you can see in the blog, who in the discussion still read everything without comment. I think this is quite practical.
    So the discussion takes place only in this blog and not additionally on Twitter. If you still want to read what is written on Twitter, you can click on the word "Twitter" ...
    Many greetings to Germany
    Simone Janson

  41. Karen

    @ Injured:

    You can not make your life dependent on money. To work his whole life in a profession that is not necessarily fulfilling and which has only been chosen because of "high" earnings prospects is also not a solution. One should seize the profession that lies with one and then possibly also seize opportunities in another country. Satisfaction you can not buy.
    In Sweden, for example, German engineers are currently still open with open arms. It should be noted, however, that most of the posts are not publicly advertised in Sweden and that they should be addressed directly to the companies. But it's worth it.

  42. Jochen

    Oh, then I probably synonymous under an old discussion my contribution:

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I can not understand the whole discussion by the link to Twitter. When I click on the name of the person, I get to their Twitter page, but what contribution to this discussion does not reveal itself to me.
    I find the discussion about Twitter cumbersome, incomprehensible and superfluous. Where is the problem, not directly here in the blog his comment?
    It would be better in my opinion to run the discussion only on this blog and forget about Twitter. ;-)

  43. damaged

    Sorry, had posted under the older article, so here again (I could not link):

    So please! There is NO engineering deficiency. The demographic change will be eaten by the outsourcing of jobs abroad. Time work is the future of the remaining engineers. If any future still exists. At the same time, the engineers should work the first 5 years without payment. And from 50 please immediately go voluntarily. I have never seen an engineer retire regularly. And the part-time of the old days did not take my ex-colleagues voluntarily because they were so well cared for - but because it was very close to them ... alone who 5 years "too early" must go times should count how much the engineering profession against the banker's job. In fact, not only was the "fun" to spend the rest of his life on glowing coals to get the hardest job and to get NO praise, recognition, etc. - except for colleagues, who also know that the MINTler is oh so important in the world ,

    My polemics, by the way, are as good as those of the interests associations, industrialists, and those of the hopeless policy. If I again the Floskel "today is already to be seen the a professional deficit threatened" read I will puke.

    People, make you a beautiful life (or have a life at all) and study what is g'scheites, but not MINT. Chinese and Indian are already doing this for us (O-tone of a high manager of an international group).

    • Simone Janson

      No problem, anyone interested in this topic, should read both threads anyway.
      As the discussion reappears, I will pass this on to a few colleagues.
      While I meanwhile - although not an engineer - make a nice life and leave tomorrow for a few days :-) (but you can continue to discuss in the meantime).

  44. Simone Janson

    Hello Harald,
    I have full understanding that people will want to remain unrecognized, for fear of getting problems with the next application.
    What I criticize, however, is that one can not both be: remain undetected and change something in the situation. And expect others to take the unpleasant for you. In the process, I am also concerned here with people who, on the other hand, want to be ready for an interview, but also want to remain unrecognized.
    There may be colleagues who do not interfere with anonymous interviewees, maybe I know someone as well, but for my work is a problem.

  45. Harald

    Hello Simone,

    many may not want to give their full name, because they fear the employer (possibly future) might know about it and they could get problems etc.
    On the other hand, who guarantees that the full name also corresponds to the truth?
    I think this kind of discussion will always be on a trust basis. However, in order to substantiate the facts, only a private contacting (eg email) of the person concerned remains. For example, the interview with Christian.

  46. Simone Janson

    Hello Karen,
    thanks for the link!

  47. Karen


    I have just listened to the recording of a broadcast by SWR2 on the Internet on the subject of standardized work and uncertain perspectives - highly qualified people under pressure.

    The broadcast was from the 17. April 2010, 12: 40: 00 | (Roling Bernd)

    The content is quite informative and also very objective.


  48. Simone Janson

    Thank you Karl for your experiences.

    I must unfortunately get rid of something from the current occasion for the discussion here: If I ask for an interview partner, then I assume, of course, that the people also have no problem to be named by name!

    Otherwise, I could just write your own reviews - but what would that be for a journalism? This is done in certain tabloid media with a corresponding rapturous presentation - but who takes them seriously? At least not the people you care about.

    Using the clam is also a problem of credibility and authenticity: you want to draw the world's attention to a problem. But if you do not take the responsibility for what is being said and you want to push someone else into the shoes, you will not be taken seriously. People say then: Oh yes, again a few complaints from some forums, which are upset about something.

    Apart from this, the only one who has so far named his full name and position in the discussion was Bernd Schmitz from Bayer.

    I realize that this is a great deal - but you also demand something from the other side.

    Incidentally, there are blogs that simply delete all the comments of stealth names ... frankly, I'm just wondering if I'm going to introduce that too!

    Simone Janson

  49. Karl

    I will soon be finished with my vehicle engineering studies, and I know a lot of people who have finished their studies in the last couple of semesters and the situation looks VERY BAD, at all engineering courses.

    Most of the diploma graduates then have to go on with their masters because there are no jobs for graduates at all.

    As a graduate you do not have many options at the moment:

    - If you are lucky you will be taken over by the company where you wrote your diploma thesis

    - Try to use family contacts or companies where you worked as an intern

    - Continue to study

    Applying for positions "coldly" is useless at the moment, unless you really belong to the best 1% of the program. An average student like me (2 foreign languages, internships, student work experience, international experience but unfortunately average in 2, x area and standard study time exceeded) currently have no chance.

    What I will do when I am done and what I would recommend to every graduate: 1-2 months apply and if it does not work abroad!

    Abroad, you are a qualified engineer. I know a lot of graduates who have emigrated because they are much more appreciated abroad, so after a few initiative applications, they have come to a job.

    I think the problem has to do not only with the economic situation, but also with the DEUTSCHE DENKWEISE.

    In Germany, the personnel always work with the assumption that most of the applicants tend to be a RISK for the company if one does not meet 100% of the (partly unrealistic) requirements. Abroad, you are much more relaxed and you also give the people a chance.

    So in the end nothing like away from Germany!

  50. Christian

    Yesterday on the transmitter of the Bavarian broadcasting a program discovered "money & life". The homepage of yesterday's broadcast:

    You can watch this show in the media library:

    Click on all programs on the left, on the letter "G" and then on "Money & Life" to watch the show from yesterday. Topic was:
    "Heuer und Feuer - Jobs without Guarantee". Especially interesting for graduates the fate of a business administration student who now works as a waiter from the 7. Minute.

    Hurry is announced I believe the have this broadcast only 2 weeks online since no archive!

    It's an impertinence what's happening here in Germany right now!

  51. Christian

    Oh, I'm not in such a hurry. Just thought that I can adjust to it. Just let me know. That fits then;)

  52. Simone Janson

    Hi Christian,
    Please be patient. I have just moved, a lot of work has been left.
    Then I have to clarify with the editors.
    Of course I also like to send questions by e-mail and you answer the written - then it's faster ...

  53. Christian

    I'm still waiting for a date for the interview, I wanted to say by the way;)

  54. Simone Janson

    Fit but somehow well ... if you still know what it was, you could link it yes .. would fit well ...

  55. Christian

    What else is not yours. I was still open in the tab in the browser and thought that would be the article :)

  56. Simone Janson

    And what article did you comment on?

  57. Christian

    ups wrong article clicked :)

    The comment above referred to another article.
    On the right article I can only underline what you can not find in Germany, you get cheap elsewhere. Unfortunately!

  58. Christian

    I mean that their job is to give as a media person hope even if none is. What would tomorrow be in every newspaper would she tell the truth? I guess the politicians know they know what's going on. Only, as already mentioned they would admit that many party-sending friends should jump off one should call them. Therefore, always keep the face beautiful, because what the citizen does not know does not make him hot and also does not harm the party.
    On the other hand, Germany would really happen what is constantly in the media here with regard to a shortage of skilled workers before they invest here in training or further education, the foreign countries abgrasen after cheap low-budget workers. This is already the case in the software industry. Currently in India (which are already too expensive) high in Romania ...

  59. Simone Janson

    Your opinion?

  60. Christian

    I will make it so, a report I write after the interview gladly in the forum of course because of the really many experiences would be too large and therefore somewhat more compressed the key points.

    Wait therefore now for an appointment for the interview :)

  61. Simone Janson

    Hello Harald,
    No, the Twitter links go to this page here. If you click on the respective commentator in the Twitter links, you get out at Twitter.
    You will then see that the comments show only what is displayed here in the blog, so you do not have to click around. Roger that?
    Sorry for the confusion.
    @Christian: You can do as you want. I also like to publish my experiences here in the blog. But if you like to do an interview, maybe 1-2 media is also interesting.

  62. Harald


    You can also write down your experiences in this forum:
    It would be very helpful for other affected people who are facing a similar fate or already sharing it.


    Sorry, but for me, the Twitter links lead to the "void". Either I'm too clueless or it's the system.

  63. Christian

    As I said it would be even right to report about ignorant about how to go as a graduate on job search.

  64. Simone Janson

    Hello Christian,
    thank you for your offer: if you like, I will do an interview with you on the subject: Experiences of a university graduate / a specialist on job search. I would like to send you an email to the given address.
    Simone Janson

  65. Christian

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I would be interested to know if you can write a very detailed account of the situation as a university graduate on this subject. I have one year of professional experience (dismissal because of the economic situation), I am a graduate computer scientist (with 1,7 not that someone thinks has ne 4 in the diploma) also have a commercial training, SAP certificate (one should look beyond the box is always called) and apply for 2009 since February - unsuccessful. So neither a fairy tale study as a city musician or such, but I am probably one of the MINT professionals in these yes alleged lack prevails. During this time, I've already experienced a lot, which makes me believe in the healthy mind of the people and therefore almost lost the hope that the peronals and executives have this. I'm now forced to become a student again to graduate to my diploma, the master I really do not need and really want. But I hope so the time to escape something and finally get into professional life afterwards.

    I am glad for an interview (Skype eg) because it is really very much what I have to report what both my first workplace and the treatment there concerns as well as the search for it. It is important for me to show people like companies (I like to call some big companies by name) to treat young, committed people without thinking about how their counterpart feels or what impact their actions have.

    You can contact me at the e-mail address provided.


  66. Harald

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I think it is good that they have opened this new discussion. However, I do not understand why I can not read some comments. Why are they linked with Twitter & Co.?
    I would be very interested in these comments, but I certainly do not sign up for these platforms. ;-)

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Harald,
      It will automatically be displayed next to the commentaries and the so-called retweets of Twitter to the article in question. You do not need to sign in to read them - what you see are the full comments, which should not be longer than 140 characters on Twitter. I wanted to show that my articles are also being discussed on Twitter and other platforms.
      By the way: To read Tweets, you do not have to sign up to Twitter at all, those are public.
      Simone Janson

  67. Mark Brandis

    Then the probate antidote:

    1.) Investing much more in education (still being made too little by politics)
    2.) A more forward-looking staff policy (not done by many companies, only the next quarterly result, especially for stock corporations).

  68. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Brandis,
    this is presumably the whole misunderstanding: It is emanated from a future skilled labor deficit, which want to prevent politics and economy by now preemptively preempt the skilled labor defiance.
    Simone Janson

  69. Mark Brandis

    It came in the news:

    "16 clock, Stuttgart.

    More and more university graduates and academics leave Baden-Württemberg and go abroad. Every year, it is 2200, according to a study by the Tübingen Institute for Applied Economic Research. Economics minister Pfister fears that Baden-Wuerttemberg until 2015 around 250.000 skilled workers will be missing. The minister has said that the state government wants to support people willing to return. One of the reasons for the brain drain is income. It's often 20 percent higher abroad. "

    My opinion: Pay the people reasonable wages, then they stay in the country!

    SWR news from the 24.03.2010, as MP3 for download:

  70. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Brandis,
    I thought we were already a step ahead in the other thread: Namely that companies should have a real advantage in keeping skilled workers in the country - which seems not to be the case right now.

    By the way, if you are interested in this blog, there are other contributions to the working conditions of academics - namely a whole series of articles:

    Simone Janson

  71. Mark Brandis

    You hear everywhere that a non-trivial number of German academics go abroad to work there. You have to ask yourself what the reasons are. If the working conditions in this country were the best in the world and everyone in Germany would find an adequate job, why should one emigrate then ...

  72. Simone Janson

    My congratulations, I am glad for you!
    I will certainly take up the subject again journalistically - but I need some time for it.
    Good luck with the restart in Stockholm!
    Simone Janson

  73. Karen

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    I'm back from Stockholm and have a permanent job with 6 months of probation in the suitcase. I was very pleasantly surprised by the presentation date. There was a factual but pleasant atmosphere. I am assisting with the accommodation and the formalities and takes part in the cost of accommodation during the probationary period. I am also offered a Swedish course because I have to learn the scheduling language. During the tour of the company they showed me some German colleagues who were very satisfied. I have the impression that the Swedish industry likes to go back to German specialists. One also praised the training of the German engineers. From my experience and the conversation with the German engineers working at this company I can recommend German MINT specialists Sweden as a pleasant country.



  74. Karen

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    Last night, I came across an objective study on the subject "Lack of MINT experts" on the Internet. I think the study could be interesting.

    Many greetings from Stockholm


    • Simone Janson

      Thanks for the hint. So you can start what already!
      Greeting and thumb-pressing to Stockholm
      Simone Janson

  75. Mark Brandis

    Soooo much polemic / emotionality was not here at all ... that has been experienced on the Internet quite different;)

  76. Simone Janson

    On the Internet already ... on my blog so far :-)
    Seriously, this Niedermach discussion culture annoys me, as it occasionally (more often than occasionally) prevails on the Internet and in the media. Often enough this ends in a wild verbal brawl and every reasonable word seems a waste of time ...
    Fortunately this is not degenerated here.

    For companies, many of whom still have a problem with the open communication culture on the Internet, for example because every statement has to be approved by the PR department, something like that is then a bit harder. In this respect, I have a certain understanding for the individual employees that no one would lean unfavorably out of the window.

  77. Simone Janson

    #Fachkrafftemangel or not? 2 really great, factual comments by Bernd @ schmitz by Bayer #fb Thanks!

  78. Karen

    @ Simone Jansen:

    Hello Mrs. Jansen,

    I am very pleasantly surprised and must revise my opinion. I believe it was probably because of my application strategy. My compliment for your discussion and use.



  79. Karen

    @Bernd Schmitz:

    Hello Mr. Schmitz,

    thanks for your offer.
    I have an interview on Tuesday, 16.03, in Stockholm. The company has already sent me my e-ticket and the hotel reservation. I hope it will be successful.



  80. Simone Janson

    Mr Schmitz, thank you for the detailed opinion on the late hour!

    Love Karen,
    good luck with the job interview - maybe you also like to report (like also afterwards, the topic "Working in Sweden" would be very exciting for my blog as a separate post office).
    Otherwise you have a plan B!

    To everyone: I am glad that we could raise the discussion to a more objective level. I have received from the staffers also the feedback that the discussion is so too emotional led to speak, which I am of course a pity. I am glad, therefore, when constructive discussions emerge instead of polemics.
    Simone Janson

  81. View Profile

    Oh, and Bayer Technologie Service (a provider of high-quality technology solutions for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry) and the first entry-level in the Bayer Group for Engineers, this year announced an increase in personnel requirements for engineers (about 100 positions).

  82. View Profile

    I can say for Bayer that we are constantly hiring new employees (in 2009 via 300 "Young Professionals / Academics" for Germany). A large proportion are graduates with an engineering degree. Personally, I would only speak of a lack if open vacancies can not be filled within a reasonable time.

    We are constantly looking for engineers from all disciplines: chemical and process engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, construction engineers and architects, energy and supply technicians, biotechnologists, automation technicians and industrial engineers.
    University graduates with or without a doctorate as well as Fachhochschulingenieure (Bachelor / Master) are offered an entrance. We expect to be able to study quickly, with good grades and knowledge of English. In addition, we expect high operational readiness, self-initiative and good team and communication skills.

    Well, this should not be surprising.

    At Bayer, we have been able to fill all available vacancies with new employees. Maybe that's sometimes due to good HR marketing ;-)

  83. Mark Brandis

    Bayer currently lists about 20 jobs for engineers in Germany. That is praiseworthy. Of course, I would be surprised if such a big and well-known company does not receive thousands of applications a year altogether. There should be a few suitable people;)

  84. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Schmitz,
    thank you for the offer to Karen.
    Your statement that you currently have vacancies for engineers contradicts a little of Mr Bachmann's statement, according to which the specialists are currently being held down or there is a different definition of lack.
    Can you say something about it?
    Simone Janson

  85. Dominik Schwaab

    RT @SimoneJanson: Now Bayer has entered into the discussion about the specialist deficit #fb

  86. BitBoutique®

    Interesting commentary discussion about specialists, companies, self-employed, BrainDrain etc. @SimoneJanson

  87. Simone Janson

    Now, Bayer has joined the discussion about the professional deficit #fb

  88. View Profile

    Hello Karen, with regret I read here by chance from your desperate search for a job entry. I am the head of university marketing for Bayer in Germany. Bayer, as well as many other well-known companies, currently have vacancies for engineers. If you like send me your CV. I would be happy to give you a feedback. My contact details are:

    Mail: Bernd.Schmitz (ät)

    or in Facebook easy

    or Twitter :-)

  89. Simone Janson

    Dear Discussants,
    after first feedback I ask for a few weeks patience, then maybe something. Unfortunately, everyone, including myself, has a lot to do at the moment.
    If you have provided your correct e-mail addresses, I will be happy to write to you. Of course you can also send them to me.
    Otherwise, just take a look.
    Simone Janson

  90. Mark Brandis

    If studies financed by the employers claim what fits in best with the employer, it should not surprise anyone :-)

  91. Karen

    It is a pity. There is only silence in the ranks of the employers on this subject. It seems that the topic of "skilled workers" is completely uninteresting for the AG or should the silence document approval of the MINT-Fachmetzemagellüge.

  92. Simone Janson

    Interesting & well-founded comments & reviews z. Discussion about #search shortage - more opinions welcome! #fb

  93. Simone Janson

    The problem I see as a journalist is that there are no well-founded studies that substantiate your information. So far, I have here four "individual fates" that describe their personal experiences - which, of course, nobody wants to deny you. Only the facts seem to me still thin.

    Sandra has expressed this very well in her comment: The problem is that, for example, graduates who do something else do not appear in the statistics (see.
    However, I will still consider whether and how the topic can be pursued, possibly also elsewhere.

  94. Simone Janson

    OK thank you for the info. Sorry for the submission. The problem with this discussion was from the beginning that some things became very generalized. Only by asking the core gradually peels off. Polemic, however, reduces the readiness of the "other side" to have a say in what I still hope. Besides, it's always nice to know who you're dealing with.

  95. Mark Brandis

    I do not suppose - I am an engineer myself on short-time work ;-)

  96. Simone Janson

    Mr. Bachmann, many thanks for this detailed insiderreport! Me, or the readers, but would still be interested, where the information comes from: you are engineer I accept?

  97. Paul Bachmann

    No, what Mark Brandis says are not presumptions, but reality. Even before the crisis, the engineering sector was an ultra-hard business, only the high performers could make the real career and unfold. However, besides their talent, they have to give everything, in the engineering field there is no Vertun. Let's take the mechanical engineering, the most important industrial group for Germany's prosperity. Prior to the crisis, especially 2007 was at the Fachkräfttemangerede, actually always the mechanical engineering was first mentioned. And it is true, there were engineers tight, but there was never a shortage. There was always a prototype of mechanical engineers, if only a light one. It should also be borne in mind that many engineers have looked for a loophole after studying for lack of opportunities or other reasons. Nevertheless, there was a considerable number of unemployed mechanical engineers who the market did not want. Either too old, no knowledge required, no professional experience, etc. With the training on the part of employers it looks bad there, especially in middle class. Due to the export orientation and competition with the low-wage countries no expensive training is possible. The new employee has to run no later than 4 weeks and bring a return, otherwise the shift is in the shaft. Now through the crisis, the cottage is really burning. In the vehicle supply industry kitty whips and special machine construction has collapsed as never before in history.
    Both one of the largest fields of activity for engineers.
    And the bottom is still not reached, compare January 09 with January 2010. Even in 2009 one has tried with artificial pursuits not to send too many MINT-Abgänger into the unemployment. In Baden-Württemberg there is a short-time working model for graduates and in Bavaria a MINT bridge. However, the programs are only small and conditional.
    Also many experienced engineers are in short work, especially in the construction area.
    From my FH in RLP, after graduating in Mechanical Engineering in March, 2009 until the beginning of December, 2009 including myself DREIVIERTEL have been jobless. Through a professors exchange, which in turn have contact with former students, something can be easily determined. The reason why cries continue to be "cried" is that if the crisis should end sometime, one wants to have a broad base of fresh offspring directly from the colleges. The previously consumptive graduates do not want the industry. A similar situation existed at the beginning of 90er, only with the difference that also the permanent employees were thrown out there. Today you try to keep people as long as possible, only for newcomers or recently dismissed people, it looks bad. For example, Siemens has reduced the number of tenders for STEM positions by 80%, but they continue to talk about shortcomings. There is a flaw in those when the applicant / job ratio is not 1000: 1, to say the point.

  98. Mark Brandis

    One problem with this discussion is that there is no real interest representation for the workers' side of the engineers, computer scientists, etc. In this way, the employers' perspective is practically always presented in the media. But if you only rely on the information on one side, you miss the other half of the truth. In this respect, my praise to you, that you want to look at both sides of the medal.

  99. Simone Janson

    I see, we are slowly approaching an informed discussion - Thank you, gentlemen!
    @ Peter Meier: Again, a little less polemics and a little more objectivity of the discussion would be good. Maybe then the "other side" would like to say something about the topic?
    I appreciate your call for more initiative, independence and entrepreneurship. As a self-employed person - and that may be a matter of perspective - I am not convinced that today you can expect permanent jobs, in any industry whatsoever.
    @ Mark Brandis: Your arguments sound logical - but ultimately it's just assumptions, I think.

  100. Mark Brandis

    The shortage of skilled employees is not as great as the employers like to claim.

    Evidence for this thesis:

    1.) Many engineers and computer scientists are not directly employed

    If it is claimed that engineers and computer scientists are so urgently needed, then the employers would have to offer them in any case permanent permanent positions, right? But is not so. Many positions in the big companies are only occupied by service providers. Actually, this is due to a mistake in accounting law: Personnel costs for external employees are not recorded as personnel costs, but as investment costs (CAPEX).
    Nonetheless, as an employer, you can not argue on the one hand that you are in dire need of skilled labor, and on the other you are not willing to do it in a "real" job. That is a logical contradiction.

    2.) Salaries for professional staff have fallen

    In the fundamentals of business administration one learns: If a good is scarce, and the demand for this good is high, its price increases. Therefore, the salaries of the so-called skilled workers would have to be constantly on the rise, right? But they are not.
    Even the VDI, which is generally more likely to be employer-friendly, indicates that the salaries for engineers have decreased by about 4% in recent years. This is in blatant contradiction to the supposedly serious shortage of specialists.

    3.) More women in engineering: where is flexibility?

    Does not one hear everywhere that one would like to have more graduates in the technical subjects? But what if an engineer wants to start a family someday (many want that). Would not she then need an employer that will allow her a flamboyant return to work? Exactly, she would need that. At one point, you can guess in which area this flexibility is almost non-existent: in engineering. It is almost taken for granted that working full time as an engineer. How, there comes a graduate and dare to ask for alternatives? Well, then you tell her off and instead hire a man instead. Even if the percentage of female graduates in technical subjects is low anyway, their share in the profession falls even further within relatively few years. So much for "promoting women".

  101. Peter Meier

    > Do the graduates expect too much from the companies?

    Rather, the companies expect too much from the graduates.

    But clearly, with such a massive over-offer - all the work has long since been outsourced to Cina, also the development activity - one can afford it, the companies say.

    Clearly, German academics who have been working in large companies for 30 years deserve a lot, perhaps more than their development activities, but blocking any new hires is not a good idea of ​​the companies. If you want to do something as an academician today, you have to become self-employed in special areas, and if successful, the big corporations buy him his company.

    Quite for a few EUR, but still cheaper than the whole to pay, which have nothing slaughter invented and developed to market maturity.

    Stupidly, you slow down in this geizge kind of development, small businesses have no capital and therefore can not handle big things. In addition, the selling price of most small companies is far too low "hach, one million" than the risk of not having found anything, would count.

    My tip to unemployed academics. Do something yourself. There is an infinite amount of what needs to be developed. And then the established corporations blow away. Look on Google, just because the established Altavista and Yahoo did not want the Larry Page, they have now swept away. Just because Siemens did not want to make its cell phones freely programmable, Benq Mobilfunk is now broke and Apple's iPhone the benchmark. I know it's hard to stay afloat without income. Take Hartz4, the risk of being mediated is low.

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    RT @SimoneJanson: Discussion desired: The fairy tale of #fackraeftemangel when theory meets reality

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