{Replica} skills shortage vs. Employer branding: lies have short legs!

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The discussion in the Skills shortage is still in full swing and still is not clear: Is it now or not? Of course, one thing is clear to me: If HR marketing was more personnel-seeking than marketing, then this discussion probably would not exist.

{Replica} skills shortage vs. Employer branding: lies have short legs! {Replica} skills shortage vs. Employer branding: lies have short legs!

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


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Some can not pay anymore

Yesterday Thorsten zu Jacobsmühlen did a pretty good, detailed job on Blogaboutjob Article posted on the subject of skills shortages. This is especially good because he tries to look at the topic in a differentiated way and also to take the employer side into account. I think it's good, even if I don't share his opinion - unfortunately, Thorsten has not yet released my corresponding comment with a few links.

Thorsten also makes it clear that for many companies there is simply no higher fee and that one prefers to keep searching for months because one cannot afford someone like that to be expensive:

Even if some companies have to pay more than they wanted because of location or employer attractiveness, there is often not the reward that many dream of just because the company has been searching for 6 months. Many of the companies just can not pay anymore. Since you are at the end of the flagpole long ago arrived. I have myself experienced some poker rounds, where young, highly qualified engineers sat at the negotiating table and were amazed that the potential employer eventually said they had to do without and would rather search further.

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Companies must be selfish - but ..

From an entrepreneurial point of view as a self-employed person, I can fully understand that a company is not a welfare organization, it is good for its employees with permanent contracts of employment and social security, but must first think of its own progress. That's right. If the company is intelligent, it also thinks about its employees, treats them well and benefits differently from their innovation and motivation

Less intelligent companies treat their employees badly, like idiots and underage children - and then they are surprised that they do not work as expected. And that often starts before the hiring!

Bad Employer Branding

After all, companies today are not just looking for personnel; they want to present themselves as an employer brand in order to attract the best candidates. So marketing, often completely inefficient and meaningless (as the example Telekom shows up to now), and that means above all one thing: you make yourself prettier than you are.

For marketing people (for the PR industry, by the way, this is also true), this is a part of the everyday business and it is not noticeable anymore, yes, it is simply advisable to believe nothing more. This is quickly cynical and you are completely irritated when people then do what the goal of the marketing action was: you believe one.

How stupid are they?

That's where the problem lies: the potential employees literally take the staff marketing frenzy literally. Just because companies present themselves on Twitter or Facebook Super-Hipp, they are actually just as conservative. How dumb are potential applicants that they think it's different?

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And so it is with the shortage of skilled workers: In marketing jargon, lack obviously means nothing other than "We are afraid that we will not find the best applicants". Hordes of idealistic high school graduates and students, on the other hand, believe that they will get a secure, well-paid job with their degree - and look into the tube irritated afterwards.

How it sounds in the forest ...

Do you really wonder if the frustration behind you in various forums, on pages of newspaper or blogs like this one unloaded. But there is also frustration on the part of the company: personal marketing does not mean simply chasing applicants for a product and then letting them move on their way (as many companies are still thinking of selling).

No, you have to live much more with the people, if they become employees. And how can that be done with applicants and employees who have completely misconceptions about their potential job and are disappointed because their expectations have not been met? And who then do their job unmotivated and dissatisfied and so certainly do not perform well?

Honesty is the best

Would not it be better from the outset to show people a more realistic, honest picture? One with which they then know what to expect in the company? So that we can easily save such discussions in the future?

Or is it true that companies prefer to fool potential employees and, conversely, expect the same from their applicants, as I once wrote here in a heavily discussed post?

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  2. Simone Janson

    Hello Karen,
    which in turn is currently a very sensitive issue in Germany. Reason: Sarrazin. He personally brought me to the palm so much that I would like to say nothing about immigration.
    I suppose such opinions / policies have a similar background.
    Greeting from the snowy Berlin

  3. Karen


    I have just read on the Internet an article that the immigration of workers is to be released. As a result, the graduates of the universities have no chance of entering the profession. I do not understand politics at all in Germany at all. Thank God this is no longer my problem.

    Many greetings from Rovaniemi (although cold, but very nice colleagues)


  4. Simone Janson

    Hello Karen, thanks for the help.
    I would also like to write something about it that foreign countries laugh at us ... something as an argument is always good, I think.
    As a consolation: yesterday it was so cold that I got a headache and snowed it too. Only there is still a few hours of daylight here ...
    Still a nice time.

    Simone Janson

  5. Karen


    the quote was on the company intranet. I try to get the link. It may take a while. At the moment I am temporarily in Finland, Rovaniemi,
    added. Cold and dark.



  6. Simone Janson

    Hello Karen,
    this is actually addressed to the personnel - a plea for a more honest personnel marketing, so to speak.
    What I wanted to know in the last post: Do you have a link to what the foreign press writes about the absurd topic?
    Thank you

  7. Edusys AG

    RT @simonejanson: # Skills shortage vs. #Employer #Branding: Lies have short legs!

  8. Karen


    a big compliment for the article. They describe the situation, how many of us had to get to know it in Germany. For many there remains only the way to neighboring countries to companies that treat their employees as people.



  9. Simone Janson

    RT @N_newcruiting: how true: RT @SimoneJanson: expert deficit vs. Employer Branding: Lies have short legs!

  10. Nina Kalmeyer

    how true: RT @SimoneJanson: Experts' v. Employer Branding: Lies have short legs!

  11. Lars Hahn

    RT @SimoneJanson: Freshly blogged: Skills shortage vs. Employer Branding: Lies have short legs!

  12. persofaktum_LS

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  13. Simone Janson

    Freshly blogged: Skills shortage vs. Employer Branding: Lies have short legs!

  14. Competencepartner

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