Specialist deficit, which affects all of us directly: the elderly as a marketing gag?

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We got up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® very violent over the (nonexistent) Skills shortage discussed, on this topic, I will be seen tonight on the ARD. An area in which there is really a shortage of skilled workers was dealt with comparatively little: care for the elderly.


Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb.


Care for the elderly - the only real shortage of skilled workers?

Already, the situation in many nursing homes is unreasonable: too little workforce, but more and more to do. Nursing home care could be a real future profession - if only the lousy payment would not be.

The discrepancy between the hard work and the barren wage as well as the increasing life expectancy of the population also lead to the fact that the care of the elderly is treated as a secure shortage job - junior staff urgently sought.

New laws have to come

But what if workers have to work but the job does not change? Well, it makes him more attractive - Altenpflege as a marketing gag, so to speak.

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And that by simply merging several professions that are said to overlap considerably in terms of content. This is how you can read in a key points paper of the federal state working group "Further development of nursing professions":

The cornerstones

Out of the coalition agreement for the 17. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, responsible for the provision of care for the elderly, and the Federal Ministry of Health, responsible for health and nursing education, as well as for health and pediatric nursing education, are planning to modernize and bring together basic nursing education.


The geriatric nursing education, health and nursing education and health and child care education are combined into a generalist nursing education and regulated as vocational training in part 1 of the law.

Reasons for the project

The reasons for this project can also be found relatively openly in the "Eckpunkte-Papier". The measure is primarily aimed at the feared Skills shortage counteract:

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The labor market in the service sector Nursing requires the flexible and universal use of nurses in times of demographic change. The differentiation of nursing professions by age group no longer corresponds to the state of knowledge of nursing science.

The combination of nursing professions increases the attractiveness of the vocational training for young people. The employment and development opportunities are improved over the entire period of the working life and thus also the individual professional satisfaction is strengthened.

Care for the elderly as a marketing gag?

In the text of the text: On the other hand, the number of possible emergency forces (I express this at this point deliberately) should be increased by creating a broader base of flexibly deployable specialists.

On the other hand, by merging with supposedly more attractive age groups the profession is to be made more attractive by the back door. Old-age care is almost a marketing gag.

Resistance to this project is stirring now. The Aliens Care Alliance launched an e-petition against the bill in June and put together all kinds of material on the site.

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Experts' self-made

So writes about Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Sahmel from the Department of Nursing Education at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen:

“Elderly care is not nursing. Working with the elderly means maintaining and promoting the quality of life within the scope of existing opportunities. ”

One must ask oneself whether the Federal Government makes the practical deficit, which it really wants to prevent, practically by itself by means of this law.

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  1. Amalia B

    It is important that a profession in which labor is lacking must be made more attractive. Old-age care is a physically demanding profession, which is hardly adequately remunerated. If you want to bring more people into this field you have to create appropriate incentives.

    • Simone Janson

      Love Amalia,
      I agree with that. But as someone told me recently in a discussion: Operators of old people have hardly any disadvantages of unmotivated or missing staff and are therefore not under tension. Unfortunately true.

  2. Armin Fischer

    Correct. Nursing is not a nursing care!

  3. Carolin Krahmer

    #Old care as a marketing gimmick? # Skilled labor shortage #Professional professions

  4. Carolin Krahmer

    #Old care as a marketing gimmick? # Skilled labor shortage #Professional professions

  5. Martin Gaedt YOUNECT

    RT @matsblog: #Professions make it more appealing? Is that enough?

  6. Martin Gaedt YOUNECT

    RT @matsblog: #Professions make it more appealing? Is that enough?

  7. Mats

    # Make jobs more attractive by merging the #exercises? Is that enough?

  8. Human & opportunity

    RT @jobcollege: Shortage of skilled workers that affects us all directly: Elderly care as a marketing gag ?: We have ... # B ...

  9. Competencepartner

    Shortage of skilled workers, which affects us all directly: Elderly care as a marketing gimmick ?: We have ... #profession #education

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