Series Eyes on at the Vocational Selection - Part 1: I still do not know what I will become!

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If you are in Germany with your school, you will be spoiled for choice in your career and study choice. In addition to 344 state-approved occupational trainings, there are currently about 12 700 courses and subjects. How to find the right one?


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The agony of choice

Approximately 390 state and private universities promote the favor of high school graduates, and more and more new courses are being created. The old saying "keep your eyes open when choosing a career" still applies, but with the unmanageable range, it is difficult for school leavers to steer the view in the right direction.

Because when the graduation is within reach, then a question is inexorably closer: "What do I do afterwards?" Everyone does not realize that they can not avoid answering them.

11% has no idea

And yet quite a few students have not yet found a suitable answer just before the Abi celebration: 11% have not yet dealt with the subject of study and professional choice six months before the end of the school year.

Barbara Knickrehm, professional counselor for high school graduates at the Arbeitsagentur Herford, advises students to catch up with themselves before you can be confused by the many possibilities:

Just do not hurry around the Internet

"Planlessly surfing the Internet looking for a suitable job or study or a self-assessment right from the start does not help much, so it's better to take an honest look at your own interests and abilities."

The first question here is the question of the subjects that particularly concern you. This includes, of course, the activities that are fun and have the impression that they are going well. But also the experiences, which are exciting in the school day and in the private sector.

Sharpen your eyes

One could regularly keep a diary into which she enters her observations. For example, she could write down what she likes to talk about, which books, newspaper articles, and magazines you read with pleasure, which pages you particularly like on the Internet or what she is watching on television with enthusiasm.

In the course of time, her eyes are also sharpened. Above all, you should write down what tasks, what topic is so fascinating that it loses all sense of time; because these are usually the things that really interest you.

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