8 Tips from 8 Experts on job search from 45: Emphasis on skills and strengths

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Last week, we discussed the opportunities of older workers in the labor market in two blog posts here. The result: older workers still have good chances - if you follow some tips. 8 tips from 8 Experts to search for a job from 45: emphasize qualification & strengths 8 Tips from 8 Experts for job search from 45: emphasize qualification & strengths

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Strengthen your own strengths


The network career experts had asked their members whether it would be more difficult to find a new job on the labor market from 45. The unanimous opinion of the experts: older workers have to play their strengths. These are, for example, in management positions or in jobs with customer contact. Customers did not always want to have younger contacts, but those who were similar to themselves.

And the experts advise that since lifelong learning and thus continuous development has become the benchmark in many professions, all those who work in this way become more and more valuable in the market over the years. In teams, a "senior" member can bring peace and professionalism.

8 Tips from 8 Experts: How to find older workers a job


  1. The outplacement consultant Petra Perlenfein says: "Employees in this age reflect their strengths and values ​​more consciously and clearly. You have strength and motivation to start a new job, feel a bit more independent. "
  2. Martina Bandoly, a career consultant and former manager, says: "Professional success is not a question of age, but of your own trust in yourself!" Personal consultant Franz Peter Staudt, one of the experts who asked the question about the difficulty with 45 + "jein "Has answered:" Yes, it is difficult if they are unqualified jobs. There, the chance is rather low and no when it comes to competencies. This can not be brought by any university graduate, however good, since one can only work through the "practice". Especially in project and consulting work, I would always prefer a qualified 45er. "
  3. Personnel consultant Petra Pflanz is certain: "Employers know the qualities of older applicants. I have enough examples among my customers. "
  4. Lawyer and business coach Anja Gerber-Oehlmann gives the tip: "Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about your own marketing (at an early stage), to maintain your networks and to be up-to-date in every way!"
  5. Career coach Ulrike Zecher recommends: "Forget the digital application process. Put your energy better in a job application blog. Promotes your visibility and strengthens self-esteem. "
  6. Personalleiter Gilbert Dietrich says: "Since life-long learning has become a benchmark for many professions, all who work in this way will become more and more valuable in the market."
  7. Coach Gudrun Happich is certain: "Candidates 45 + have no problems finding a new job or staying old when they consistently ask the question: Who am I? What I want? Where and to whom do I bring the most benefit? Because when you have developed and / or found your ideal position, you develop the highest performance with passion and ease and are the most valuable person with the highest benefit for every employer or customer. "
  8. Professional reorientation expert Bernd Slaghuis also gives the 45 + candidates the advice: "Be in your company Application authentic and do not hide your age. On the contrary: actively identify which valuable benefits you bring to the company compared to a younger candidate. "

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  1. Helena

    Hello Simone and thanks for these eight expert tips on job hunting. Especially the hint with the forming of networks I find particularly important. My husband also wants one find a job and just looking. I'll show him these tips here.

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Helena,
      Thank you, that makes us happy that we could help!

  2. Martha

    I'm from your own bad experience not at all your opinion. From 45 on the job market, you simply have no chance. What a stupid, misleading post.

    • Simone Janson

      I am very sorry to hear that. But there are a number of counterexamples. Maybe you just have to try again?

  3. Thaddeus Czerwinski

    Good grades and speedy study - that's what career counselors and HR professionals always recommend to find a job. What is often concealed and people then just remember at the latest with 45: Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer guarantees to find the right job these days. There you should start with your blog.

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