5 important tips for the start-up in the study: Do it like Christian Lindner?

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Just last week, a contribution on the entrepreneurial steps Christian Lindners went viral at school. And even if today's FDP chairman does not get away with it, the video shows a current trend: More and more start-ups start young, in part still studying. But what do you have to consider?

5 important tips for starting a business during your studies: Machs like Christian Lindner? 5 important tips for starting a business during your studies: Machs like Christian Lindner?

Here writes for you:

Niels van Deuren is founder and CEO of Housing Anywhere.


Students have advantages in establishing

Apprenticeship years are not men's years - they said earlier. Nowadays, some turn their mark during their studies and become their own boss in the self-founded Company, Although this step represents a great challenge in addition to seminars, assignments and exams, students are increasingly choosing to do so. In fact, student enrollment status and campus life offer some benefits when starting a business - especially when you are burning for an idea or have discovered a gap in the market early on. This includes:

  • As a rule, students can allocate their own time and have a lot of space to work on the business plan and the product.
  • In addition, many universities now offer seminars or special consulting for founders.
  • Of course you can also present your idea in one or the other course and first honest feedback from fellow students and Professorget it.
  • If the business idea is, you should not be irritated by too much input and follow your own vision - and then make it easy.

The 5 most important tips for starting a business in your studies

But how does it go, make it simple and follow your own vision? To ensure that the procedure does not become too blue-eyed, I have brought together the 5 most important tips for student entrepreneurs from my own experience.

  1. Find the right employees and partners: One of the biggest challenges on the way to becoming your own company is to find the right co-founders, as well as programmers and other experts who can implement your idea. Because even though you really want to build a Ferrari, you have not even nearly the money for a used Polo. It is therefore important to convince others of their own ideas that they work without salary and yet with the same zeal and enthusiasm. The good thing is that many students are looking for ways to try out outside of the seminar rooms and gain their first work experience. If the idea and the concept are convincing, you will soon find fellow combatants at the university.
  2. Burn for the idea and infect others: The prerequisite is that the founders can burn for their own idea and thus infect others, because no one would miss the chance to work on the next big thing. That this worked we saw on Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin first revolutionized Harvard and then the whole world with their idea of ​​an overarching social network.
  3. Use support programs for students: In addition to advice or start-up seminars, many universities now also offer their own support programs for students. In addition to their own university, there are many other ways for students to get financial support for their own idea. Various scholarships exist throughout Germany, such as the EXIST start-up scholarship, but also at country level, various funding programs provide financial start-up assistance. In addition, there are numerous start-up and startup competitions in which the focus is often less on prize money than on media attention and, not least, on connecting with investors.
  4. Investors find: But also incubators of large companies are looking more and more at the universities for innovative ideas. In addition to the product and the business plan, many investors are also concerned with what is going on with the company after graduation. After graduating, the founder concentrates fully on his own company or, with an appropriate salary, he rather places himself in a made nest. Here, investors should also be convinced with long-term plans. Overall, young founders do not have to hide nowadays - the range of support is very large and the big companies and important investors have already recognized the potential of the universities.
  5. Keep the risk manageable: One of the greatest advantages of early start-up is certainly the low risk. As a student you are usually still relatively unbound and does not have to provide any family. Since you can calmly try also times. If the idea is not convincing in the end, you have to declare insolvency in the worst case and, if necessary, move into the parents' home again. The risk tolerance among students is usually greater for this reason: no major loan has yet to be paid off and the monthly fixed costs are manageable. And finally, in the end, in addition to studying, it is also important to try to develop visions and to gather important life experiences.

Here again the video of Christian Lindner in full length:

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    5 important tips for starting a business during your studies: Machs like Christian Lindner? from
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